Rehabilitation Center For The Disabled; Is It What It Used To Be?

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In our midst today, we have children, adults, men and women who are mentally retarded. Some of them are lucky enough to have someone take care of them, a roof over their head, food and clothing for them while there are some who roam the street without adequate care, but what difference does it make when they are actually not getting the exact type of care they need regarding their condition.

Some parents who happen to have a mentally retarded child in their care try as much ugh as possible to provide the child with all the care he needs so that he doesn't feel abandoned, or hated but then, because there is a special care they need, the government has created a programme that cares for people of these category; it is called a Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled.
Before we move forward, we must know that there are rehab homes for drug addicts (that are on their way to recovery), there are rehab homes for prisoners( after they are released) but our main point of focus is the rehab home that specializes in the care of the disabled.

Now, the rehab home for the disabled persons is a school, where they enroll( and if admitted), will be taught how to certain things like shoe making, Hair making, bead making, poultry farming, fish farming, pig farming, tie and dye, and lastly, western education is not exempted too.
These programmes mentioned are originally the initial plan of the government for these extra-ordinary people but it is a shame that these things have failed.
We will discuss some things that I observed during my trip to a rehab home for the disabled in Ibadan, Oyo state.

* Accommodation- The situation of accommodation in the rehab home was nothing to write home about; the buildings were old, unprotected, decapitated and dirty. The main doors to the hostels were old and tired such that a kick would tear them off the frame. The rooms were not well ventilated and it crawled with various bugs that could harm a man Seriously. The floors had broken up and odours of unkempt body and clothes filled my nostrils as I walked through their halls.
Speaking of their Toilets, it's hell-on-earth, every item that should help the passage of water had rusted and nothing worked anymore, it's best we don't talk about the huge pile of feaces that loitered the ground.

* Feeding- While I was there, I happened to witness the kind of food they are and I just say in all honesty that it is inhuman of the wardens taking care of these people. The meal they ate that day was combination of Eba filled with bumps of Garri and ewedu only, no stew, no meat. I wanted to talk and challenge the people that brought the food but unfortunately, I was not in the right place to do so. The sorry part was that these kids ate the food innocently, they had no choice. The plates in which they ate was dirty and so was the water they drank after the meal, not to talk of the amount of the food that definitely can't fit into the cover of a pen. I believe this is not good enough and needs urgent attention.

* Insecurity- I was also privilege to overhear some issues of break-ins by their from the surrounding neighborhood. I was surprised and shocked to hear that the place had no security to ward of perpetrators of evils that have come to cart away items, machines that the government has placed in the facility for these people to use.
Also, since the home is for both female and male persons, there are cases of boys impregnating girls in the watch if their hall wardens for that matter! How could such thing happen in a place where there are grown adults that oversee things? But then, the shocker came when I heard that one of the girl got pregnant for a male warden, that was when I realized that the programme was no longer what it used to be anymore.

These are the points that I was about to note during my last visit to a rehabilitation home for the disabled home in Ibadan. I hope the governments gives a urgent attention to the betterment of the program.

Rehabilitation Center For The Disabled; is it what it used to be? - By Precious Ofodili - 2020-01-10 00:01:53

The problem we have always had in this country is maintenance culture 

We start well with ideas once the people who pushed it leaves office or are no longer there to coordinate things fall apart...its saddening to see such happening. 

These people deserve all the best care they can get