Religion: The New Colonialist

Religion being originally introduced to us by foreigners in the name of colonialists first of all came as an instrument of civilization little did we know that it was an investment strategy implanted by the colonialists to control us even long after they had gone. Religion currently has been converted to the opium of the masses like take a critical look and observe our country Nigeria today, we are no longer divided by culture or tribe or political ambition rather religion. The two major factions being Islam and Christianity but at this point I'm not going to delve into Islam as I'm not a fan nor a critic of that religion rather Christianity which I'm a fan and critic of.

Everyday an average Nigerian wakes up, he/she 'prays' at least once a day, but come to think of it,  what are we actually praying for?! Money?! Life?! Surely we can never have enough of those but then does that call daily prayers or daily effort?! We all know the answers to these questions but really this truth and answers will never be accepted nor voiced out. Yes there is need for us to worship our creator, burden Him with our problems but then without more daily effort you'll still remain as you are with no improvement.

The so called 'Shepherds' of today's churches and orthodox churches be turning the church to business where they make billions of money from without a thoughtful conscientious attitude to the plight of the masses. Why?! The masses continually fall victim to the greedy ambitious vultures without questioning their decision. Why?! I'll give you an answer... The investment of the whites colonialists are now yielding profits for them! Every single day the country keeps on getting worse and is being plunged into a state of utter destruction. What solution has been offered  by our leaders if not that we should keep on praying for the country?! With every new incident in the country we all go to to social media platforms and trend hashtags #prayfornigeria #prayfor this #prayforthat. Like seriously?! We all need to awaken to the fact that prayers is just to let our creator know our problems so He help every decision we make towards our efforts to solve such problems work out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we all should quit religion rather we should control religion as it would most likely destroy us in the nearest future .

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  • My dear you are right, the way that people go about their religion nowadays is so discouraging. Religious consciousness in Nigeria today is about to control peoples entire life and the most annoying part of it is the selfish purposes by which they go about it. Everyone has to wake up to the reality of this religion.

    - Chinwe Okeke - 2019-11-26 16:37:55 Quote

  • Actually what you just said is true cause the religion today is turning to another thing if I should say it is turning to a business centre where any businessman who want to maximize his business jump to forgetting the implications or punishment he might receive from God .. when you take a look at christainity and Islam you will see this two names now cause real separation in Nigeria .. Even when you take christainity as a case study you will come to see there is also diversity in Christainity which all of us christains claim we are imitating God without follow his laid down rules.

    - Okororie Eberechukwu Chidera - 2019-11-29 03:32:19 Quote

  • This Religion of a thing has truly cause more harm than good. You see men of God living large and their member are suffering, and this member won’t for once stop dropping money at their various house worship because it has been instill on them to do so as to receive bountifully from God. 

    - Balogun Temitope - 2019-11-30 07:47:34 Quote

  • All these are the colonizers  handiwork. They raped us of our culture and gave us theirs, just for their advantage and we nonchallantly accepted it.

    The improper knowledge of these foreign cultures brought about the mismanagement.

    The truth is that religion will always divide us unless we go back to our indigenous aesthetics culture where love abids on every home.

    - Olasoji Boluwaji - 2019-11-30 10:13:16 Quote

  • This is bitter truth. I will say our main problem in Nigeria is religion . religion has done more harm than good ,the worst is in christianity where hatred is the order of the day among various church groups. in christianity we have various church groups with different doctrine and idiology fighting each other's believe yet they claim to serve the same God. 

    - Johnbosco Chikwuorom - 2019-12-01 22:52:38 Quote

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