Religious Fanatics - Friend Or Foe?

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Nigeria is a country well known for its domination in the religious communities with many prominent figures in both Islam and Christianity being Nigerians ,

Nigeria has some of the largest Christian communities in the whole world for example The Redeemed Christian community headed by pastor adeboye e.t.c. Nigeria has more Muslims than Saudi Arabia the birth place of Islam...(75million) to (22  million).It is also know that the largest church auditorium is located in OTA Ogun state Nigeria and is owned by winners chapel.

All those above mentioned facts are wonderful and mind blowing and they also help illustrate how much Nigeria and her people are deeply involved and rooted in religion....this brings me to my main topic....

According to Wikipedia Religious fanaticism is uncritical zeal or with an obsessive enthusiasm related to one's own, or one's group's, devotion to a religion – a form of human fanaticism which could otherwise be expressed in one's other involvements and participation, including employment, role, and partisan affinities.Many of the religious in Nigeria take their faith to the extreme , some might see it as a good thing while some like me see it as a foe....many of these religious fanatics often do evil and wicked things all in the name of religion.. For example.. I bordered a bus at wetheral road owerri yesterday and the bus stopped to pic up a lady wearing the lords chosen T-shirt with a head tie tied on her head holding a bible, immediately she enter the bus she had this discriminatory look on her face and she didn't bother to talk or say a word to anyone on the the next bus stop a lady with her new born baby wanted to board the bus ,the religious Lady was told to adjust for the mother to enter she was reluctant to adjust and move closer to a young lady seating close to her asif the lady was unclean or unholy ..everyone in the bus pleaded with her to adjust but she was adamant and stiff necked to the extent that the mother and her new born baby almost fell out of the bus about to move....this brought down heavy critism and shouting on the woman who was busy chanting and shouting God forbid and blood of Jesus while the mother left angrily....

This infuriated me..what if that woman and her child were harmed what would she say..many of these religious commit sin, wickedness and cruelty all in the name of religion.... And it cuts through Islam and Christianity... In islam we have many religious killings instead of promotion of peace and unity.....

What is your opinion on this topic and have u had an experience with any Religious Fanatic....

Religious fanatics - friend or foe? - By Ayomide Omotosho - 2019-11-05 10:42:25

As a citizen of this blessed country, it's no lie to say that religiousity is one of our major problems. It takes us back and forth like a tug of war, distorting our decisions as a whole. 

Religion is another ball game on its own and should be played accordingly.


Religious fanatics - friend or foe? - By Fume Egbewo - 2019-11-05 11:19:08

I don't even understands anything in this country anymore, with the rate of bad things happening in the country I will say religion are not helping in any way, I don't know about Muslim but I am certain none of the religion in Nigeria promote deceit or any form of immorality, religion has been a problem to us all 


Religious fanatics - friend or foe? - By Obot Diana - 2019-11-05 12:30:53

Nigerian are highly religious, have seen the most outrageous events take place in different places of worship. I'm a Christian I love God but rather I prefer to be spiritual and not waste my time of religion. It's one problem we have in this country and I hope we curb it someday


Religious fanatics - friend or foe? - By Noble Anthony - 2019-11-05 12:53:33

All what you have say is true, in Nigeria we can see what is happening between Christian and Muslim. Christian been massacre by Muslims, in Christian now, one is been hated between of the church he/she attend, which is not helpful, one denomination to another, it's a foe and it has to stop.


Religious fanatics - friend or foe? - By Chigbufue Anthony - 2019-11-05 13:01:05

Seriously speaking, this issue of religion has brought more harm than good. I'm a christain no doubt, but seeing the way some christain behaves got me thinking. This issue of discriminating even happens inside the church but all we do is to over look it, which is not suppose to be so. Let's not even talk about the continuous war between christains and the Islamic religion. Only God can help us. 


Religious fanatics - friend or foe? - By Augustine Adah - 2019-11-05 13:05:21

Religion should shape our life better, rather it has cause discrimination and hatred among us. All religion teaches to live in peace and harmony with every body. If you are hating on someone because he is of a different religious group, then the problem is with the individual not religion. And these can highly be influenced by the way and manner we were raised


Religious fanatics - friend or foe? - By Ezeugbana Paulinus - 2019-11-05 13:07:33

Many people are been caged in their so-called religion. They tend to do evil without having any sign of grief or remorse. They are caged into what their pastors, priests, deacon or deaconess tells them to do without thinking of it. They believe that their pastors are very holy and they are the instrument of God. So I would say that Religion is turning us against ourselves. 


Religious fanatics - friend or foe? - By Ifeoma Veronica - 2019-11-05 14:26:37

This coming is full of discrimination and intimidation,this topic is not new to anyone here . some people behave in a manner known as discrimination to other but to them and their religion it's called God's way or whatever they call it.some preachers are the cause of this problem saying whatever they want without thinking.


Religious fanatics - friend or foe? - By Nkami Elemi - 2019-11-06 16:41:02

Truth is many people follow religion and neglect the true reason why it was enacted. For instance Christianity is not just a religion but ought to portray a life reflective of Christ but what most people do most especially in Nigeria claiming Christianity I believe will even shock Christ Himself..... SMH 


Religious fanatics - friend or foe? - By Ganiyu Azeez - 2019-11-07 15:02:14

A scholar once said: Nigerians are highly religious but only few of them is godly...  

Godliness supercedes religionism as our heart are linked to God in the way we think constantly about him and fear him in our doings...  

Religionism is one of the barriers that should be lifted in Nigeria if truly we want the country to grow 


Religious fanatics - friend or foe? - By Tinuola Damilola - 2019-11-11 08:44:15

Until everyone can actually get to put aside their religious differences and get to work together as a team, we can only but expect little from the government because it is just an institution for directing the affairs of the Nigerian state and not to dictate whether a particular religion should be in place or not.