Ripped Jeans: Madness Or Fashion Sense?

In the fashion world today, there are so many trends and ideas which have evolved over time. The way the people in the 20's dressed isn't the same way we in the 21st century dress. But there are now some line of dresses nd dressing or in quote "FASHION" which is being Carrie out and manifested in our time and generation that makes me wonder, is decency now a crimson thing of the past

When I mean ripped jeans,I'm talking about jean trousers that are either cut or torn at both knees or one, at from the right down to the front of the leg or below the b€ttocks. Or let me say it's like patches or holes in a jean trouser. Even ordinary trousers can be ripped and it is now worn by men, women, children and a few (but hardly) elderly people.

But what does this actually connote, I really don't seem to comprehend it's essence and yet most people or everyone wants to purchase it and get it and it's actually at high demand. What about the morals we were taught that your clothing defines who you are or your clothing should be that which is moderate, decent and covers your nudity. But it is upside down now. 

What exactly is your opinion on this, Madness or Fashion Sense?

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  • Well, indeed this ripped jeans is becoming a norm in the society but i don't see it as fashion but rather mere madness. Why buy something that's torn with your money? Who does that? But the society of today is a very funny place and people accepts things that are very funny. But i maintain my stand, ripped is more of a madness than fashion.

    - Nwakamma Uchechukwu Abel - 2019-12-02 05:30:00 Quote

  • First and foremost,I believe everyone has the right to dress the way he or she like,but the concept of wanting to wear torn clothes is just puzzling.few years back,wearing torn clothes were seen as a sign of madness but today,it is seen as fashionable.It might be down to "Fashion Evolution",But fashion should have evolved forward and not backwards.i just see ripped jeans as a pointless and irresponsible way of opinion though

    - TERVER Anshom - 2019-12-02 07:37:07 Quote

  • I believe it's madness, why should we dress in torn clothes. If we are dressed in torn clothes, then that implies dressing like a mad person which simply imply that the person is mad.

    I believe we should know fashion from madness and we should start with our selves.

    - Yusuf Khadijat Omotunde - 2019-12-02 08:32:29 Quote

  • For me, I never see ripped jeans as madness because it all depends the person wearing it. We all have different opinions towards something, other people do see it as madness while others see it as a normal fashion sense. Left for me, I see it as a normal fashion sense. It is a matter of choice if you want to wear it or not. 

    - Jethro Joseph - 2019-12-02 08:33:27 Quote

  • Well, people with different mentality about certain things. Some might say it's fashion and some might say it's immorality but to me I'll say it's useless going to the market to use your money to buy a torn cloth all in the name of fashion........... It's madness people

    - Prince Pat - 2019-12-02 10:02:19 Quote

  • i will call it madness because a normal human being and one that is from a good home or background would not dress that way. There is a saying that the way you dress is exactly the way you will be addressed. Putting on a rippled jeans does not make one beautiful or handsome and also people will label the person a bad boy, girl or not from a good home. Some of this students or children sometimes wore it without their parents consent, while some parent bought it for their wards. When one dress abnormally then it is not a fashion but madness.

    - Tobi Dare - 2019-12-02 10:09:56 Quote

  • Its all dependent on the individual  putting on the ripped jeans..  For instance I don't really fancy it but another person might love it so as regards to whether it is fashion. Yes it is a fashion trend trying to show ruggedity in clothing that's why jeans was initially used. But for others materials I can't say for those ones

    - Emeka Odudumadu - 2019-12-02 10:35:55 Quote

  • Its called madness when the jean is ripped to an extent which is not suppose to cause I see no reason why someone would wear a jean ripped to the a3s when u can actually get one that is just a slight cut  I believe fashion comes with morals too 

    - Eno Endurance - 2019-12-02 10:38:20 Quote

  • They normally say dress the way you want to be address, Some people just like those kind of madness dressing and you will be thinking they are corrupt. They are not, some is just for fashion, some of them is what they grow up with and while some is the kind of place they are living. 

    - Latifat Lawal - 2019-12-02 10:42:22 Quote

  • Clothing is worn to cover one's nakedness but with the trend of fashion it has gone the opposite direction as sensitive body parts are exposed and all in the name of fashion. Jeans patched with at the knee and below can be accepted but exposing one's laps is morally unacceptable. I love fashion but for the sake of morals I believe one must not go always with what is trending in fashion.

    - Obi Juwah - 2019-12-02 10:57:44 Quote

  • Well to me it is both fashion and madness depending on how it is worn , we have different types of ripped jeans there are the ones that are stylishly ripped and those which indeed are ripped but still have material inside so as not to expose your body ,this type can be considered fashion cause the wearer is covered . Then we now have ripped jeans that are ripped to the point where it looks like rags and the ones that are ripped at inappropriate areas like your upper thigh and below bum, wearing these type of jeans is , truth be told madness

    - Agu Sharon - 2019-12-02 14:36:43 Quote

  • Well it all depend on how ripped the jeans is, some jeans are just a bit ripped and it make sense and can be call fashion, but there are some that got teared and make the person that put it on look more like a mad person than normal, that is bad

    - Afeez Abdulrahman - 2019-12-02 15:51:37 Quote

  • In this generation we are in now some people see ripped jeans or clothings as a sense of fashion while some see it as craziness . Some ripped jeans are too ripped that they expose part of the body and its not good nd should not be encouraged. Not all things that glitters is gold likewise not all fashion ideas  should be embraced or encouraged 

    - Esther Ojo - 2019-12-02 16:17:21 Quote

  • I see ripped jeans as a good sense of fashion. It is indeed a modern trend of fashion. We in today's world need to wear clothes that are in fashion and not the outdated ones. The world is becoming modernise every day. And it should also apply to our daily life especially our dressing. I love ripped jeans and I wear them alot.

    - Rizza Dorra - 2019-12-02 18:54:04 Quote

  • For sure, The way you dress is the way you are addressed i see ripped jeans as madness, you may get into different troubles if it is worn to a public attendance. i dont see any sense of fashion in it, and i plead with the entire public to oblige from it. Thank you.

    - Oladipo Idris - 2019-12-02 19:52:47 Quote

  • I think everyone has a choice in wearing whatever pleases him or her. I have nothing against ripped jeans as long as it's not in excess. There are some really fine ripped jeans regardless of what people may say. In all things, moderation is the key, so people who wear these ripped jeans should do so with a modicum of decency, instead of looking totally naked.

    - Osarenkhoe Osayame - 2019-12-02 22:47:25 Quote

  • It's just puzzled me seeing someone putting on torn clothes though an individual has the right to dress in his or her own way , but the idea of putting on this so called ripped jean made me puzzled.

    All I could conclude on is that any one putting on this ripped jean is a mad individual

    - Animashaun Fuhad - 2019-12-03 11:33:05 Quote

  • Well,i can't really say that it's madness, because what was done in the 20's is not what is done  now in 21 century,the world is really turning in in to another thing that is beyond my explanation,so lets not call it madness, because,if you can see,all those that are wearing that are very mentally ok,and normal,so it their way of life

    - UGWUOTI OBINNA - 2019-12-04 07:45:46 Quote

  • Well for me, I will say it`s fashion. People are just trying to be creative. We can`t  be wearing the same fashion with the last century`s people. It`s our world now, we need to create our own fashion, we need to live to the fullest of it. People come and go in this world and we need leave something behind for the next generation. So I will say, it`s fashion not madness but some people are just extreme in everything they do, that`s just it.

    - Alaya Ibrahim - 2019-12-04 08:23:43 Quote

  • I see ripped jeans as fashion cause the world we are in little things do affect the world changes so does everything around it and that includes our fashion.

    You can't think the current century generation wears cloths like the old centuries if that the case "nothing changes"

    - Emmanuel Hans - 2019-12-05 14:41:00 Quote

  • I think dressing in ripped jeans is nothing but a testament of madness.

    Only The insane dress in torn dresses and we may as well refer to those dressing in ripped jeans as such.

    This trending style has made the wrong impact on the youths of today as their respective idols in the nation dress in such. A change must be made.

    - Gideon Williams - 2019-12-06 05:43:00 Quote

  • I sincerely think ripped jean is nothing but just fashion.In the 21st century where fashion is one of the world's major priorities,i'll say ripped jean has just given people the opportunity to express creativity in fashion.

    People should be allowed to do whatever they want, but should remember that modesty should be applied in everything.

    - esele emionwele - 2019-12-12 13:15:01 Quote

  • Everyone wants to be woke but their eyes are closed. It is now a trend to wear whatever you want and call it fashion because we are in the 21st century and people dont even have the right to their own opinion anymore. My own opinion on ripped jeans is there is a limit to it that makes it sane

    - Caleb Osadare - 2019-12-13 11:26:33 Quote

  • Ripped is more of a fashion than madness it all depends on what everyone wants and how they want it everything has it bad and good side and they are some ripped jeans that look good to the eye and they are some that are just bad so you wouldn't want to condemn it totally it's nor about the jean it's about the person wearing it

    - John Awogboro - 2019-12-20 01:03:38 Quote

  • Some see it as fashion and some as madness

    All I know is that a responsible being can't wear that talkless of pricing it at the market.

    In this generation it's a fashion for them, mostly the young guys of nowadays and it's now famous

    Which made the ripped jeans to be more costly than a nice jeans.

    - Precious Chidiebube - 2020-02-11 08:48:54 Quote

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