Running Your Relationship With Magical Words

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Generally, it is accepted that the words of our mouths are very powerful. When issues arise, especially in a relationship, the words we speak can make or break (worsen) it. 

Without much ado, there are words that should guide us. These words are referred to as magical words. They have the potentials to calm any situation and get rid of anger within a few minutes. "Please", "Thank you", and "Sorry" or "I am sorry", are the magical words. These words so far, have been able to save many relationship from so many havocs.

Making use of the word "please" when you need your spouse's help will go a long way to make him or her do whatever you ask or want from them. "Thank you" is a phrase that must be used when you receive a favor, gift or help from your spouse. It indicates that you appreciate and cherish the efforts of one another. Lastly, "sorry" is a calming word that can quench any burning fire in terms if anger. Whether you are the one that offended or not, saying sorry shouldn't be a difficult thing for you to do. Saying sorry can help pacify any angry situation between you and your spouse. After the situation is calm you can look for a perfect time to say your mind, when it can be well understood. Don't try explaining yourself when a fight is hot. Always look for a way calm and quench it. 

Make use of these magical words today and see your relationship soar in love and harmony.

Running Your Relationship with Magical Words - By Samson Obohoro - 2019-11-05 10:00:23

Many at times we make use of these words when still in the beginning stages of the relationship. The fire is still burning strong but over time we feel the fire has cooled down. We start to think if our partner is cheating or doesn't love us again. 

But then we forget, we no longer say the sweet words we say in the beginning of the relationship. I believe if we try to continue using these words our relationship will last longer 


Running Your Relationship with Magical Words - By Justina Ikedinma - 2019-11-05 12:39:44

Some of us all of the belief that love coverth all mistakes and bears no grudges as well as is tolerant and understanding so we don't put in more efforts to add this magic words to our daily conversations with partner,we can as well call d attention of our partner to it as the latter may not see it as a big deal( necessity).


Running Your Relationship with Magical Words - By Stella Ogunmola - 2019-11-05 13:40:49

These words are magical indeed and it is good to use them at the right time 

Especially In relationship saying sorry doesn't mean you are wrong but you are willing to make it work and for the sake of peace to rain

Please is also important and so is thank you

These words melt people's heart especially if you say like you mean it


Running Your Relationship with Magical Words - By Gbenga Onabanjo - 2019-11-05 14:23:10

These words really help in relationships but then my two cents on this matter is that once it gets too much from one party, the other party may not take it seriously any more or feel entitled to it so the best advice is be moderate with such words ....but then, they help 


Running Your Relationship with Magical Words - By Sarah Oyeleke - 2019-11-05 14:37:00

Those words are truly magical, especially 'I'm sorry', it goes a long way in preventing a situation from escalating.

It's a pity that most people find it difficult to say those magical words, due to pride, stubbornness and many other things. The ability to say those words is a virtue on it's own and everyone must cultivate that habit. 


Running Your Relationship with Magical Words - By Destiny Ehidiamhe - 2019-11-05 16:31:20

This will serve as a complete sermon for a home ,if everyone in any kind of relationship would adopt these kind words we will end up building a very peaceful society,these words are some of the most powerful words in the planet because even in our work places it will also bring Peace and tranquility.


Running Your Relationship with Magical Words - By chikwendu happylove12 - 2019-11-05 16:42:49

This words actually go a long way to build up our relationship and make it grow. Basically, it is actually a magic word, making use of them won't remove any part or anything in you it would only yield. I actually observe that people find those words difficult to use and it cause alot of problem which is really bad and you don't expect anything good out of it. 

We should endeavor to take note of this, these magical words are actually magical and can melt a hardened heart. 


Running Your Relationship with Magical Words - By OGHENERUKEVWE ENEYATE - 2019-11-05 17:12:22

You are right about those words, although I understand how you mean by saying they are magical, but they aren't, they are vital words of showing remorse, politeness, and appreciations. And these words doesn't only helps with relationship you have with your partner, it also helps with the relationship you have with friends, family and strangers.


Running Your Relationship with Magical Words - By Ajiboye oyenike - 2019-11-06 10:09:50

These magical words have saved a lot of relationship today, especially "I'm sorry" despite being right, although it's tough to say it. You say sorry just to keep the relationship, to avoid fight, argument and to set things right. Another important word is "how do I make it right?"


Running Your Relationship with Magical Words - By Fume Egbewo - 2019-11-06 12:53:55

You're right about that but some of us thinks it's against the rules of a relationship to say sorry when you're wrong, most of us thinks we are entitled to anything so we don't say thank you in appreciation to our spouse which I really finds unhealthy, who's ready to keep it's relationship going should not be afriad to use those any of those words 


Running Your Relationship with Magical Words - By Edun Rapheal - 2019-11-06 14:15:48

The most magical word is sorry, because sorry calms anything down... Also saying sorry doesn't mean u are wrong, saying sorry means you value your relationship more than your ego.. so say sorry anytime your spouse is correct or wrong... If he is wrong u can correct him later. Thank you 😊


Running Your Relationship with Magical Words - By Cynthia Omozejele - 2019-11-08 03:00:50

Everything can be improved or worked on. Some persons find it hard to say these magical word, pride is a major factor, but we all must learn humility and say these words cos they make life beautiful and avert problems from happening. A teachable spirit is one ready to learn, admit mistakes take correction and even make excuse for others.