SARS And The Nigerian Youth

As we all know, SARS is an abbreviation for Special Anti Robbed Squad. This body of recently is now serving as a killing or harassing agent to Nigerian youth which is not making the youth and parents of innocent murdered kids happy as they are now campaign and shouting to the government to End SARS.

But this body SARS has it's advantages to the nation because it has helped to stop cutting of indecent hairstyles,dyeing of hair with different colours by youth,sagging of trousers and many other indecent acts practiced by most Nigerian youth.

The part where this body started getting it wrong is that some of the officers start harassing people when they see them and invading their privacy all in the name of SARS and even though they're found innocent, they still charge such a person before he or she can go Scott free which is not supposed to be so. They also tend to kill youth and dump them at street corners when they fail to comply with them.

How do you see this matter?? 

Share your experience with us..


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  • This is really getting out of hand. Here I am now SARS do disturb, they do come here on daily basis to arrest people, even arresting the innocent ones which know nothing about anything. The whole problem of the matter is that the do come at night time only.

    - Nwosu Vincent - 2019-09-26 05:35:29 Quote

  • SARS is a good body but like other governmental establishments, they have been compromised. Some people use them as killer squad. SARS have long left their calling. I won't support removing them because no matter what they are still much useful. I suggest they are sanitized to flush out the corrupt police out of the system. This will help return the organization to its original blueprint.

    - Oletu Cornelius - 2019-09-26 05:45:49 Quote

  • My encounter with them was quite tough... They stopped me and said " guy we no say you dey hustle" I was like haha. They collected my phone but found nothing. I was almost slapped that day on top of a wrong accusation of YAHOO.... 

    - John Adeyemi - 2019-09-26 05:50:11 Quote

  • SARS-Special Anti-Robbery squad was created as a fraction of the NPF to tackle and curb criminal activities that has more intelligence. The SARS was created with a good motive to reduce crime. But the personnel being recruited into the SARS has carved for themselves another objective to make a living out of hustling boys. The FG should just put an end to this people before things go out of hands.

    - Ridwan Salaudeen - 2019-09-26 05:57:49 Quote

  • Those SARS operatives are seriously hypocritical.They claim to be curbing indecency in the society,but a closer look reveals that they only check on the poor masses.

    Our celebrities still sag,they still dye their hair and do so many other immoral things, has any of them ever been arrested??and if they are arrested what and what are the laid down punishments for such acts..

    Then again,on the killing of the poor masses,these SARS operatives have turned out or are still on the process of turning out to be what they should be protecting us from..The government really needs to look into this matter and offer a lasting solution to this because they are no longer serving their purpose in this country...

    - Emmy Rex - 2019-09-26 06:14:01 Quote

  • Our security personnel are compromised,  corrupt and lacks discipline.  All youths should also desist from illegal means of getting money, if they stop you and you are clean with no evidence on you, I'm sure you will be allowed to go free, youths should stay away from fraudulent acts as well.

    - Adegoke Olaposi - 2019-09-26 06:31:54 Quote

  • This is totally getting out of hands.the sars are not scared of any thing because the power given to them is so much,i think they should find something to do about this before it gets to where the country would have no rest

    But i believe is just that they haven't kill any of the politician's child thats why they haven't do anything about it

    - Idiris Opeyemi - 2019-09-26 06:35:43 Quote

  • SARS has not respect for our human rights, I won't say we should end SARS instead I'll say SARS should forcus mainly on what they are meant to do, they are called special anti-robbery squad,  we tend to forget what the word "special squad".  They are supposed to be the ones the Nigerian police call on when a robbery case has gone extreme or if there is a case of kidnap and it's seems impossible to solve that's when they call a special squad where in this case happens to be SARS. Instead of for using on the actual work they are meant to do, they prefer doing the work of EFCC, because its not their responsiblity to go after yahoo boys or to shop you on the road to invade your privacy on your phone, now they take it to another level of killing. I think the government has to make SARS  do their rightful job. 

    - Prince Nnaji - 2019-09-26 06:39:07 Quote

  • really this people are killers' not longer Sars last weekend on my way to watch football match with my girlfriend this people stop us on the way insult us harass us nearly slap my babe after beating me up,if Nigeria don't stop Sars we the youths must stop them this is getting out of hand.

    - Nwaonye Kingsley - 2019-09-26 06:39:20 Quote

  • I have never had any formal experience with SARS and I am not hoping to have any with them in the near future. However, from the stories I ve heard both online and kfflin within the neighborhood, the infringe on people's right and in most cases may even make one comply to agree that he/she committed a crime they didn't, just cux those unlucky one's are closer to the link or evidence leading to the crime. 

    Nevertheless, they have helped in tracking down highly discretive missions and are veryresponsive in aborting crime once they are given a distress call at the right time. 

    Some people do say; "The fear of SARS is the beginning of Wisdom". 

    - PETER MMADUEKE - 2019-09-26 06:44:31 Quote

  • the first time Sars was doing a good job stopping many bad acts but now dey have changed I when to watch football match last weekend with my girlfriend they stop us on the way harass us beat me up even trying to slap my girlfriend in front of me I hate Sars

    - Nwaonye Kingsley - 2019-09-26 06:48:13 Quote

  • In Nigeria now this is the order of the day. How do you go about doing is chasing after youth doing random checks on their phones and devices they are meant to be going after arm Robbers because that is what they are called special anti-robbery squad. They rather go after use than going after their primary obligation which is not meant to be so.

    - Nicholas Usiahon - 2019-09-26 06:55:18 Quote

  • My people this us wgst we need to sit down and talk about. Because killing of the youth is not what the government told them to do. I don't even know what is going on in Nigeria. Because how can SARS we be asking for someone phone. I thought that is the work of efcc. They are the one who suppose to fight for this not SARS. Please this need to comes to an end in this country

    - Olamilekan Joshua - 2019-09-26 06:59:28 Quote

  • If u haven't falling victim or maybe ur close person haven't fallen victim u won't understand how it hurts, this SARS should end cuz they are not helping matters, they are increasing what the crimes they should have ended, plz end SARS,.... I no fit shout

    - George Goddy - 2019-09-26 07:37:55 Quote

  • There are ways of doing that without killing or doing it illegally they are doing all this things illegally though they helped indescent dressing or hairstyle but if they do it legally without killing the parent will even be happy, the society will be happy with but i think tjey have their own reason for doing it illegally  which is best known to them

    - Ebenezer Oyedele - 2019-09-26 07:55:37 Quote

  • Although the vision of this SARS body was a good one, their activities are now getting out of hand. They are starting the harrassment of innocent youths in the society and this could also ignite provocation from the community. I feel they should be cautioned seriously and if they don't adhere to the caution then they shiukd be stopped 

    - Oluwatobi Adebara - 2019-09-26 08:20:18 Quote

  • To me I think SARS should be banned because they are now causing more harm than good in the society. My own experience with them would never be forgotten. They stopped the try cycle I was in and asked me to alight from it. After searching me and seeing nothing, they asked me what am doing for a living that will make me to be using iPhone 8. To cut the story short I was slapped severally for arguing with them. It took the call of my uncle to salvage the situation.

    - Onekeneke prince - 2019-09-26 08:24:44 Quote

  • SARS have been unfair to  Nigeria youth, they keep disturbing the Nigeria youth for money.... SARS are corrupted to the extent that they will be collecting transfer from Nigeria youth

    They harass and embarrasse innocent youth... They are problem giver they pound problem.... 

    - Mabayoje Gideon - 2019-09-26 11:54:31 Quote

  • SARS or whatever they call them are not doing what they are asked to do, they ransack people of their money, corruption is their day to day routine, they are like threat to people and people can't move freely on the street because of their nonchalant behaviour towards civilians. 

    - Michael Abioye - 2019-09-26 12:49:58 Quote

  • I dnt really understand what Nigeria is turning into how can you be judging a person just with his/her hairstyles, why?  Is really bad. Sars embarrassing people any how and any where.. Its really getting out of hand seriously. 

    - Charles Innocent - 2019-09-26 12:52:33 Quote

  • This issue of SARS harrasing youth is now becoming unbearable, most innocent youths has lost their life through SARS.

    i think there is a need to stopping it or the government sholud limit their operating systems.

    - Adebayo Owoniyi - 2019-09-26 12:54:09 Quote

  • This thing of SARS is becoming another thing entirely.... All they know how to do is to collect money from the civillians..

    The citizens are no longer having the freedom if movement and they are now causing more harm than good in the society..

    I think this SARS should be banned before the issue gets out if hand

    - Raymond Adefemisoye - 2019-09-26 12:58:01 Quote

  • My encounter with SARS was not nice..  I was in a taxify going to see a friend when suddenly we were stopped on the road and they asked for the driver's papers and he showed them all was complete next thing they said I should come down and show them my phone I brought it out and the searched everything my whatsapp, messages and account balance they said they didn't find anything but they know I'm a yahoo boy I was amazed on how the situation of this country has become so bad that the SARS now assume guys who are yahoo and those who aren't... They cracked the screen of my phone and they delayed me to the extent that I couldn't get to where I was going and I had to pay the taxify extra money than what I was supposed to pay.. Since then I have come to the conclusion that SARS just isn't a government organization it's a killing organization that kills and destroy the lives of youths who they say are the leaders of tomorrow.

    - Eniola Ikobayo - 2019-09-26 15:03:50 Quote

  • indecent hair or dressing is not the purpose for the creation of SARS so I don't know how that is an achievement. I may be wrong but I don't think there is any part in our constitution that talks about the type of hair people should keep. As far as I am concern SARS have derailed from the reason they were created and they are now causing problem for youth. They make it seem as if dressing on latest  fashion wear is a crime .in my area just wearing a nicker  black top and keeping beards makes you a yahoo boy. It's that bad 

    - Okereka Destiny Efejeror - 2019-09-26 16:27:02 Quote

  • SARS should do their job and not over do it. Imagine,I'm a young boy staying at home waiting for admission, anytime I go out to visit my friends, my journey will be cut short by SARS. The questions they ask alone are so harassing. They will ask if you are working,if you say no and you are looking good,they will arrest you of Yahoo aka 419.

    - Bardi Charles - 2019-09-26 17:45:42 Quote

  • The issues of the SARS is getting worst everyday as a youth you can't wear a better cloth use a good phone its high time our government should stop the action of this anti robbery squads and worst part of it is that if they heard there is robbery attack in one area they won't go but tend to chase a yahoo boy from Ado to Lagos

    - Oke Olawole Luke - 2019-09-26 18:14:07 Quote

  • I have not really had an experience with SARS but I believe all you have said is actually happening. I think that the government should monitor the activities of the SARS in order to curtail their actions, in this way everything will be flowing well in the society. 

    - Okafor Chigaemezu Ifeanyi - 2019-09-26 18:26:16 Quote

  • The police/SARS is meant to protect the people has become the one tormenting  the masses that body should be banned before things  get out hand because the masses may revolt.

    - Akume Emmanuel Aondofa - 2019-09-26 20:04:18 Quote

  • This is really a good topic that even the government should discuss on, yes the body "SARS" has an advantage which also has a disadvantages, #1 what are arm robbers called ?those are some group of people who take what does not belong to them, in both way they choose to take it from you (soft or hard)may even result to the lose of one's life. #2 what are kidnappers called? This group of people also have similar things with the robbers, this people when they get hold (kidnap)you  they will be requesting for money before they let you go scort free. Same as the SARS, SARS is like a know criminals been approved by the government though they have some good side, so my point here is the body SARS should come to an end, we have many law enforcement Agencies here in Nigeria that are capable and has a good way of handling things, and not the so called SARS that just keep on wasting the life's of our youth thanks..

    - Prince Ezinwa - 2019-09-26 20:31:57 Quote

  • This is a ticking bomb the government needs to wake up to. They have no regard for fundamental human rights and the rights of citizens. In my opinion both SARS and the NPF needs to be reformed.

    - Toritseju Omosivwe - 2019-09-26 23:22:41 Quote

  • If only Nigeria has good leadership, then we wouldn't need to have such discussions about such problems. We wouldn't have to bother about people who have been empowered by the govt. such that they have lost sight of their purpose and instead prey on people's errors for the sake of saving their own pockets.

    - Bright Fred - 2019-09-26 23:32:12 Quote

  • In my neighborhood, due to the activities  of some area boys in the area, we always witness arrests each adding day, and having an eye contact with them alone will put fears in you. They are also doing community policing well 

    - James Brown - 2019-09-27 00:17:21 Quote

  • This so called SARS has done a lot of harm to youths. They don't longer do their job,they just try to bully anyone they see and also invade any one privacy. They are ready to do anything in order to implicate for you to give them money. They don't perform their duties all they do is to keep watch on any youth that dresses well and uses big phone .

    - Abolarin Deji - 2019-09-27 00:29:19 Quote

  • Indecent dressing and haircuts is not the problem of the country. It's a free world and one should do whatever please him. They should channel their actions to the major problems of the country and let innocent youths be. Not all criminals have dreadlocks

    - Kingsley Onyebuchi - 2019-09-27 00:35:08 Quote

  • There are ways of doing that without killing or doing it illegally they are doing all this things illegally though they helped indescent dressing or hairstyle but if they do it legally without killing the parent will even be happy, the society will be happy with but i think tjey have their own reason for doing it illegally  which is best known to them

    - Abdulganiy Idrees - 2019-09-27 04:45:42 Quote

  • SARS has done a lot of good things in the past which helped to reduce indecent attitude in our youths. But on the second hand,some of the officers have recently moved into harassing youths including innocent once,which is not good. 

    - Francis Chioma - 2019-09-27 05:07:16 Quote

  • This is really becoming out of hand. Here I am now SARS do disturb, they do come here on daily basis to arrest people, even arresting the innocent peolple which know nothing about anything. The whole problem of the matter is that the do come at night time alone

    - DOLIPOP DOLIPOP - 2019-09-27 06:19:42 Quote

  • SARS operation in Nigeria is always barbaric and unfortunate, they operate more than their legitimate power.

    Although,they are doing good, better still,F.G should limit there power before it get out of hands .

    - Ozidiah Isaac - 2019-09-27 07:16:53 Quote

  • this is really bad.sars is not doing good than harm to our youths,the worst thing is that they wont allow you to walk freely as stated in the constitution,but rather harrasses you whenever they sees you on a good car,telling you that you're a fraudster(yahoo boy) I think the government should checkmate this sector.

    - Roland Ogbariemu - 2019-09-27 09:17:12 Quote

  • I've not have any experience with the SARS but I feel their harassment to people now is not just right and the government should give them a code of conduct on how they should do their work properly without invading other people life.

    - BITRUS SALAMA BARAYA - 2019-09-27 09:59:03 Quote

  • Nigeria Govrrnemnt should cancel SARS, they are not doing what we know to be doing anymore. I have an experience with SARS, after they stop the bike we were just told to go into their bus and we were taking to the Station. After they ask different questions about been involved in Internet Fraud but they couldn't prove that, we were forced to write statement at going point telling us what to write... then told to call anyone that can come to free us, when my mom came they told my mom that I'm been arrested because they are raiding the neighborhood and I'm not clean, they wants to know if I'm a cultist and after they can't prove it, we were still ask to pay 5,000 before I can go home or they'll lock me up.

    These are things that the Nigerian Government needs to look into and stop this SARS to stop harassing we the citizens 

    - Olaniyi Mustapha - 2019-09-27 10:07:42 Quote

  • This issue of SARS is now so unbearable with the way they harass people and kill the citizen they are meant to pretend but in another case I think we also need them in our society to stop all sort violence and other crimes but I think the government should look for a way to stop them from harassing. 

    - Agunbiade Victor Oluwatimileyin - 2019-09-27 10:11:44 Quote

  • The body is named Special Anti-robbery squad not a disciplinary committee or an investigation task force. The idea of scouting for internet fraudsters is really not their job. We need to have a properly regulated force system in this country for us to move forward.

    - Ndukwe Ikechukwu - 2019-09-27 10:31:49 Quote

  • I have not had any unfortunate experience with SARS to the glory of God. I think we should be more cautious with the way we dress so we dont look like their potential targets. God will continue to protect the innocent ones. Amen

    - Victor Oladele - 2019-09-27 11:02:59 Quote

  • I haven't heard an encounter with SARS but I feel that youths should  stop implicating themselves through indecent dressing, indecent hairstyle and compromising body language both guys and babes

    - NDU-ELUWA CHIMELA - 2019-09-27 12:12:36 Quote

  • Sars are really trying in nigeria youth

    but the sars are not doing well anymore because most of them are armed robbery collecting of money from people using there post to earn money from people which is not suppost to be,youth are now running away from sars which is not support to be ,so most sars are disperate

    - Ajayi samson oluwaniyi - 2019-09-27 12:41:17 Quote

  • I believe SARS needs to be reminded that their main objective is to protect lifes and property and not otherwise. The way they go about harassing innocent people is not always the best. Even if they want to search someone for any reason they should do it politely and not as if to say the person is a wanted convict.

    - TOCHUKWU KINGSLEY OKOYE - 2019-09-27 15:04:30 Quote

  • This is very sad, i am a computer programmer or developer, and most times i go for classes, i always go with my PC (laptop) and i use a MacBook Pro PC and i also use a very good phone and as i was on my way home, i was blocked and behold! It was SARS and they embarrassed me that day saying I'm into fraud. After explaining what i do, most of them couldn't even understand what a programmer is. In a nutshell SARS aren't doing their work i mean you can't just see someone and conclude that the person is into fraud that's so embarrassing. I don't know what my country has turned into. May God just help us

    - Veneshay Moses - 2019-09-29 13:36:10 Quote

  • SARS should always be reminded that their full meaning is special Anti- Robbery squad.

    Nothing like youth squad. But why did they always faced we youth. We can't use big Phone again, we can't wear latest clothes again. Once they open your account and find out that there is money in your Account. They will ask for without doing fraud. We plead to Nigeria Government to orientate them back about their. All what they are doing doesn't concern them at all.

    - Oyekola Olamide - 2019-09-29 23:11:00 Quote

  • It's true that they have changed most of the youths from indecent dressing and characters, but there is this habit that they formed, if they see any youth with any expensive thing they would start harassing that person that the person is a Yahoo boy or girl (mist especially the guys), and that is very bad of them.

    - Isomkwo Clement - 2019-09-30 00:30:18 Quote

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