Self-driving Cars Or You Prefere To Drive Yourself

self driven cars, this are car which are created with some specifications which meet the needs of the car in order to function without any faults.they are automated engines with hubs, GPRS and many other detectors which are used as a guide to the vehicle whenever on the streets to avoid accidents and any malfunction that will cause havoc.

first of all sometimes people tend to be very bad drivers on the street, always aggressive and rough ridding. if removing human from the control pf the machine ( behind the wheels) will reduce the rate of fights on streets and accident then i think is fine by me. most especially the taxi drivers, the are the most rough drivers, the have no real training before they got their license. Automobile self drive vehicles is one of the most important thing that will change the look of this 21st century, believe me. In Nigeria today we tolerate about 40,000+ deaths on the case of transportation because the value of individual transport is very high including does struggling on big good cars for space and jam packed lorries.

i think with the introduction of self driven cars in the country, it will reduce the rate of accidents and death in Nigeria


* you don't need a drivers license

* less or zero human error

* saves money

* you can be doing other things while the car is ongoing

* wont feel tired of driving

* reduce the rate of accident

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  • I prefer to drive my self ,because you will only need a self driving car when you're tired of driving , as a beginner I would recommend you to learn how to drive first and when you get tired of driving then you can move to the self driving cars.

    - Peter Rapheal - 2019-12-20 01:24:45 Quote

  • As for me I don't think it's safe because it can be hacked, what did you call it SELF DRIVING it pirates digitally it operate on codes scripts, a good hacker can break into the firewall then operate it from where ever he/she is. So I'll rather drive my car myself

    - Tolani Banire - 2019-12-20 10:54:45 Quote

  • Personally I love the idea of self driving cars not because I'm lazy to drive on my own but because some times i may just be too busy attenting to calls, closing business deals talking with my spouse, children or loved ones that driving at that moment may not be appropriate. So I personally think that self driving cars is the future of transportation.

    - ALEONOTE LIBERTY - 2019-12-21 09:48:03 Quote

  • As good as it sounds it’s also very very unsafe, I mean it opens us up to new dangers like hackers and terrorists and the likes. Dangerous materials or contents can be transported in self driving cars with no one to hold responsible when caught so I think there are as many disadvantages as there are advantage’s .

    - Ajala Pelumi - 2019-12-22 17:03:00 Quote

  • I prefer driving myself cause when a part of my car starts to develop fault I would create a time  to go for car maintenance but in a self-driving the system won't quickly notify you of car maintenance. 

    On the other hand, in case of robbery or car theft the self-driving car would automatically lock itself from being hijacked but in driving myself how would one know if his/her is being stolen unless the car alarm system goes on.

    - Akinneye Richardakins - 2020-01-02 19:04:05 Quote

  • I will prefer to drive myself rather driver by self driving cars. SDC are Digitally operated which makes it vulnerable to being hacked by enemies though the manual cars are still not Left behind by hackers but their effect are minimal compared to SDC. SDC are really cool without threats.

    - Joshua Panam - 2020-01-13 11:41:42 Quote

  • I prefer driving my self, and it is better i go to driving school, then after that I can be able to drive my self. It will help me in the sense that, when ever my car develops any fault or problem, I will create out some times and look after my car(maintenance) and discover the fault. It will reduce the rate of money spending.

    - Chuka Aneke - 2020-01-15 17:31:28 Quote

  • Self driving cars are nice and all that , but I'll still rather do it the old fashioned way, because the car being a machine technically makes it vulnerable to hackers and assassinations can be easily done without traces just by hacking the car and turning it side ways , boom!!! Car accident. 

    So therefore I'll rather drive myself

    - Nofiu Opeyemi - 2020-01-18 01:47:21 Quote

  • I prefer a self driving car because I don't have to do anything than to just open the car and also because it a machine it has a slim chance of error,  it would obey traffic law,  would not run on high speed and low accident rate... So let enjoy the jet age

    - Joshua Alogba - 2020-01-23 22:42:10 Quote

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