Self Remedy For Typhoid Fever Treatment

I had a friend of mine who was suffering from typhoid fever and I recommended these treatment. Today he uses it without asking for my help nor seeing the doctor


Here are the remedies:




Pineapple peel

9 pieces of lime

2 big size of orange 

lemon grass leaf

2 big size of ginger 

10 small pieces of garlic

5lipton tea bag and pap water (omi dun in yoruba)


Wash thoroughly all ingredients and boil all together. 

Dosage: Take as warm tea one cup before breakfast and one cup after dinner for 5 days.




Every Morning Drink Before Breakfast Juice and Drink once daily



Back of pawpaw tree, roots of paw-paw tree, dry leaves of pawpaw and ginger


Peel few Back of Pawpaw Tree, Dig Out Few Roots and Get Dry Leaves and Boil Together for 30Mins. 

When Warm, Drink A Wine Glass An Hour Before Breakfast and Also An Hr. Before Dinner for 5 days. 




Paw paw leaves




Wash the paw paw leaves well

Peel the skin of garlic and ginger and rinse

Pound the paw paw leaves with the garlic and ginger together or simply blend all

Use 3 cups of warm water used to filter the mixture

Sieve out the mixture & allow to cool

Note: do not add too much water. Add a few cups to get the bitter taste of the tea

   Drink 1 glass cup before breakfast and after dinner


Try and thank me later

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  • The following can also help in preventing typhoid:

    Always wash your hands before and after eating. 

    Keep your environment clean and tidy 

    Make sure you wash your fruits, vegetables etc very well before consuming. 

    As for water, which is one among the major means by which typhoid is acquired should of high clean, and boil where necessary, before drinking. 

    - UmarFarouq Zubair - 2019-11-23 10:26:47 Quote

  • Well this is very important to note. All the mentioned above have a medicinal value, like that of ginger and garlic are highly medicinal their uses are very vital to our food. Even doctors do recommend it but must not be taken to much to avoid over dose and they are strong antibiotics. The above is a home remedy for typhoid fever. It may or may not eradicate typhoid completely. But it worth doing. I will try it at home. Also I will advice those taking it to take a blood capsule every night because this is an antibiotics and needs a blood capsule. Thanks for this a good information.

    - Emeka Arubalueze - 2019-12-06 05:41:08 Quote

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