Sharing Of Phone Passwords Between Couples And Lovers


Our mobile phones might be the only true friends we have in life, they hide our deepest secrets and thoughts which we don't want others to see. But only storing your thoughts and secrets in your mobile phone doesn't bring peace of mind, anyone can pick your mobile phone up and access your private information. So when the security of our mobile phones came into play, they became handy ranging from pins, passwords, pattern, fingerprints down to face unlock, each owner has his/her methods of securing information. 

These lock patterns are remembered and quite easy for the user and in all honesty its nice to have people ask you to open your phone to be able to access your videos or pictures or even Apps. Annoyance with certain people who just violate our privacy often occurs when someone accesses our phones without our permissions. 

Such annoyance can also come from sharing these passwords with our spouses, either wives, husbands or girlfriends and boyfriends. 

I have friends whose spouses know the passwords to their phones and it always baffles me, they say it increases trust and confidence that the other person isn't cheating. I rather not. 

I would never share my passwords with anyone even my husband, my friends have told me extensive reasons that are actually reasonable; like maybe when one passes away and access is needed to accounts and all that. I prefer to have my phone and laptop thrown into the deepest part of the ocean than do that. 

Recently my colleague broke up with her long time boyfriend when she looked through all his chats with other ladies, it seemed he was very promiscuous. Out of anger and the feeling of betrayal clouding every sense of judgement, a five(5) year old relationship was destroyed. I couldn't help but feel like it could have been avoided if these passwords weren't shared in the first place.

What do you think? Should phone passwords be shared between partners? And does not agreeing to share yours immediately mean cheating?  

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