Shocking!! A Boy Was Killed By Thunderbolt After Eating Stolen Egg In Ekiti

An unknown boy and his friend went out to steal egg in a mountain at Emure Ekiti community, after chasing the hen that was in a hatching process, they took the egg and fried it but unfortunately for the unknown boy a thunderbolt struck him after eating the egg but his partner was saved because he has not eaten his own part.

Report claimed that the people of Emure community in Ado-Ekiti has being in shocked since this incidence and they are set to appease the gods of thunder to save the second boy's life via worship.

What can really be the reason for this thunderbolt and is it by appeasing the gods of thunder will the second boy's life be saved?

Lets hear your thought

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  • Stealing shouldn't be in any way the solution to hungry but rather persistence hardworl, just as the saying goes no food for lazy man, i just want everyone that pratices theft to learn from this incident that not all what you see you steal.

    - Kehinde anthony - 2019-08-31 16:47:04 Quote

  • An immediate action should be taken in other to save the other boy's life, and this can be done with an aggressive prayers because no situation is too difficult for God Almighty to handle

    - Sunday Imoudu - 2019-08-31 16:49:51 Quote

  • Serves him Right, this should serve as a warning to others that stealing is bad . And his parents should try their best to provide basic things he needs. To be killed by a thunderbolt for eating stolen eggs is such an embarrassment on any family's name

    - Okoye Stanley Chinedu - 2019-08-31 16:49:59 Quote

  • This is  terrible news to the family of that child. More reason why parents should properly monitor the whereabouts of their children and should also indict moral lessons in their children so they will know how to behave themselves in public 

    - Oso samuel - 2019-08-31 16:50:33 Quote

  • This is to show that even some gods  don't tolerate nonsense..stealing is bad and the boys went as far as stealing from the mountains...apeasing the gods demand some outrageous sacrifices which can also be a detriment to the people of ekiti native society. 

    - Uchenna Churchill - 2019-08-31 16:51:51 Quote

  • Maybe the owner of the hen has placed a curse on whosoever wil try to steal the egg of his hen and maybe the owner is a traditional worshipper and the only remedy to the second guy situation is by appeasing the gods, children and youth should also be careful of what they will be taking outside

    - Ojo Boluwatife - 2019-08-31 16:55:50 Quote

  • Maybe the owner of the hen has placed a curse on whosoever wil try to steal the egg of his hen and maybe the owner is a traditional worshipper and the only remedy to the second guy situation is by appeasing the gods, children and youth should also be careful of what they will be taking outside

    - Ojo Boluwatife - 2019-08-31 16:56:03 Quote

  • At least what happened clearly shows us that it doesn't pay to be a thief. The boy recieved punishment for his offence. That alone will teach that his friend the lesson je needs to learn.

    - Chidinma Nebeolisa - 2019-08-31 16:59:22 Quote

  • I feel for the boys parents, loosing their son because of egg, it's just so sad. On the case of the other boy, i think if there appise the gods, he might be free, cos i see it as a sign of warning to him.

    - Victor Ukoje - 2019-08-31 17:01:17 Quote

  • This is very mysterious and pathetic. It is only Almighty God that can save the other remaining boy not by appeasing the gods.they should look for real men of God to pray for him

    - Okhe Moses - 2019-08-31 17:01:18 Quote

  • It so painful such occurrences happen in this part of the world.It is measure of punishment,but this is way too much for a young naive child.I don't think anything would happen to the other child,since he had not eaten out of it.If he was to be affected he would have been dead by now.

    - Michael Eni - 2019-08-31 17:02:28 Quote

  • As the report has said that the egg was a stolen one, to my own point of view, the thunderbolt may be a result of the work of the egg owner, we are in nigeria where anything can happen, the thunderbolt is definitely caused by the egg owner with the use of traditraditional power. 

    - Akindele Felix Akintayo - 2019-08-31 17:03:25 Quote

  • This is mysterious fah. I’m still in shock myself, how come?, however a drastic decision should be taken to save the other boy’s life oo. He should be taken for prayers and prayed for not to appease to any god but to the almighty God to save the boy’s life ooo. Wonder shall never o.

    - Anuoluwapo Awoyomi - 2019-08-31 17:06:36 Quote

  • God of mercy. I never knew stuffs like that still exist. The other boy can be save through prayers. Appeasing the gods will be a waste of time besides there is nothing our God can't do.

    - Onwukeme Juliet - 2019-08-31 17:07:19 Quote

  • This is not about appeasing the god of thunder. They should look for a real man of God to pray for him. This is so mysterious and talking about thunder, is not a child's play.

    - Albert Emmanuel - 2019-08-31 17:08:50 Quote

  • Looking at the story line, the hen can never be an ordinary hen or it could be that the owner of the hen has put the thunderbolt in the first place and for the fast that the two boys are running after it doing its haunting period is another thing to consider. Also too save the second boy life an immediate action should be the next option. I will also advice other child that stealing is not good and it not the best option to hunger.

    - Idris Owolabi - 2019-08-31 17:09:10 Quote

  • So painful. Can I say, may his soul rest in peace now. 

    Though, this will serve as warning to others, I don't support this kind of judgement. Hope they do the needful to safe the other guy.

    - Michael Oluwaseun - 2019-08-31 17:10:17 Quote

  • Very pathetic. But it will now serve as deterrent to others,  especially those who engage in such attitude.  But it just obvious that the hen is ordinary. People should desist from taking what is not theirs

    - Udeh Chibuike Francis - 2019-08-31 17:12:24 Quote

  • Like seriously this is so heartbreaking.......for the boy to proceed to steal an egg!! egg for crying out loud not even a's high time we stopped all this evil acts of ours.......parents should endeavor to raise their wards in a Good fearing seriously I see no blame on the hen's owner.......the other boy as reported should be helped and the face of the owner be sought for the necessary rite...

    - Faith Olamide - 2019-08-31 17:14:16 Quote

  • The owner of the hen must have done some serious charm to the hen. Let the people find the owner and ask him for ways to appease the invoked god

    - Gbola Raji - 2019-08-31 17:15:29 Quote

  • What a tragic way to terminates the life of a potential president of this nation. In as much as stealing is not right, taking a human life is too much price to pay for his sins.

    - Eyen Jemibogho - 2019-08-31 17:22:12 Quote

  • Well for I think what the boy did was wrong and I think the hen was to use for a particular purpose that's why he was struck by thunderbolt

    - Oladele Segun - 2019-08-31 17:26:42 Quote

  • The egg must be a sacrificial egg not an ordinary egg so they should go ahead appease the gods of the thunder if they still have people who does that

    - NDUKA STANLEY NWACHINECHERE - 2019-08-31 17:26:47 Quote

  • The boy might have been doing it before. So the owner maybe a traditional worshipper then enforce the gods to watch the bird and it eggs .The solution they can also adopt is to go to the place seek for the owner and much importantly plead with the gods

    - Akanmu Elijah Adebanjo - 2019-08-31 17:28:12 Quote

  • Seeing a youth  die is really not a good news but I think this should serve as a lesson for us youth to always be content with what we have. and on my part I think the best way to appies the god is to look for the owner of the hen and beg him or her for forgiveness

    - David Akwe - 2019-08-31 17:28:37 Quote

  • Such a tragic news. Actually it taught us alot of lesson

    It taught us not to steal what's not our 

    Actually only God and prayer can save the second guy since he has not eaten the egg

    - Olawuni Adijat - 2019-08-31 17:31:05 Quote

  • This is real tragedy but why would a boy steal an egg?

    I think we should look into the boys history to find out what made he commit such act in order to prevent it from happening again does he lack parental care, was it peer influence etc 

    - Solomon Nganwuchwu - 2019-08-31 17:33:42 Quote

  • Maybe it is a taboo in their land for somebody to chace out a hen that is hatching egg.

    I believe that appeasing the gods of thunder will make the second boy not to die

    - sabastine Johnson - 2019-08-31 17:33:46 Quote

  • Well what the boy did was wrong but for a thunderbolt to kill him instantly it is probably because it is a taboo in his place or maybe the egg belongs to a man of God or even a winch who has done something you know to kill him

    - Nnamani Josh - 2019-08-31 17:48:42 Quote

  • Stealing is not good but shouldn't have been done to the innocent boy he might be hungry and no one to help him so I guess that was what pushed him to do that 

    - Gansallo oluwaeyi oluwatosin - 2019-08-31 17:50:25 Quote

  • I think the gods punished him for eating their sacrificial but maybe he can be saved though, at least next time he won't try it again...this is the real life experience of 'thunder fire you', lol...

    - Onyedikachi Ngwu - 2019-08-31 17:52:00 Quote

  • The owner of the hen has to be called to bar, no need of appeasing the God of thunder, just because of an egg?  Not even the hen, what of he now stole the hen, the sky would have fall on him..

    - Owolabi Ridwan - 2019-08-31 17:52:10 Quote

  • He might be safe otherwise they both stole together eating the isn't why thunder struck the other, it's was just grace and on the other hand a lesson for the other boy.  Stealing is stealing whether you use what you stole or not. 

    - Charles Abia - 2019-08-31 17:53:49 Quote

  • Why is it that these thunder bolt guys don't have an atom of mercy in them

    They just killed somebody without even punishment or something else, this is really bad. Yes the boy did something bad, but all he stole was an egg. Please people should learn to have mercy 

    - Emmanuel Otuagha - 2019-08-31 17:56:40 Quote

  • The two boys didn't do the right thing for stealing an egg that didn't belong to there family, it has happened we can't change it we try & teach our children not to take what didn't belong them. 

    - Augustine Kachiro - 2019-08-31 17:59:06 Quote

  • Yes ! The god of thunder visited the boy. Maybe, the hen was a gift to the shrine and as such,no human being is expected to take or eat the bird. They should go ahead and appease the god of thunder before it kills them all

    - Onwa Matthew - 2019-08-31 18:02:34 Quote

  • Thunderbolt don't just kill, is either you are a victim knowingly or not, but what i have to say is may God save us all, because we don't know either the seller of a goods steal it or not, my condolence y the boy family. 

    - Solomon Michael - 2019-08-31 18:07:19 Quote

  • This is so sad and painful,am just imagining what would be their excuse,probably they will claim its hunger. Meanwhile,can those stolen eggs quence their hunger? Absolutely No!

     This will serve as lesson to others not to take what isn't theirs,the hen owner may have charmed his/her farmland/produce.

    - Adeshina Adewale - 2019-08-31 18:09:30 Quote

  • Yes! The thunder has accomplished its assignment and at a right time. Things as this rarely happens this days, but when it happens it drops a whole lot of lessons for the living.

    - Stanley Uzoma - 2019-08-31 18:09:33 Quote

  • Oh my God, I don't think this is still exist in this world, but stealing something is really bad habit , by stealing small thing can turn them something else like robbery. So this will be a lesson for other 

    - Sodeeq Nurain - 2019-08-31 18:10:17 Quote

  • It might be a sacrilege for them to eat that just as they said every state has their own culture. And since the thunder didn't kill the second boy it might be because he has not eaten his own egg so they might be something to do in other to appease their gods.

    - Ani Chinweokwu .G. - 2019-08-31 18:18:18 Quote

  • really surprise, do things like thus still happen? It could be that a god was attached to those eggs or the owner of the egg consulted a deity because the eggs was stolen, but what ever it is, its really a sad incidence.

    - Lucas Lucas - 2019-08-31 18:20:49 Quote

  • This is another proof that they are powers and principalities in this wicked world! May God save us from the hands of the evil doers but this does not justify the reason why the boys stole

    - Isaac Oluwole - 2019-08-31 18:21:45 Quote

  • I believe this is just a mere coincidence. People are just being superstitious. The boy who was struck by the thunderbolt happened to be int wrong spot and was coincidentally eating an egg

    - Chukwudi Chukwunta - 2019-08-31 18:30:18 Quote

  • i dont know is it only me that doesn't believe in all this superstitious beliefs.but anyways the gods of that land should be appeased or they should find out what really went wrong.

    - akpanuwa Udeme - 2019-08-31 18:33:04 Quote

  • Maybe the source for the thunderbolt is differ from what it seems, because it not just him, if the thunderbolt should be for the initial reason, why not strike them both. 

    - IDRIS ABDULHAFEEZ - 2019-08-31 18:42:29 Quote

  • It's either the owner of the hen had seeked the striking of the god of thunder on any one whoever steals his hen's egg, maybe it wasn't their first time stealing the eggs, or it's a taboo to steal anything on that mountain. Which ever way, appeasing the god of thunder would prevent further strikings.

    - Kehinde Oladipupo - 2019-08-31 18:43:46 Quote

  • Well I would say that no one knows what the boy has gone through. It's sad that he went to steal an egg but people are also wicked why will you want someone dead because of egg. God will judge everyone

    - Ajayi Oluwasegun - 2019-08-31 18:48:39 Quote

  • So heartbreaking..... I pray the second boy too will not die. I think maybe because they chased the hen off the hatching. Or maybe the mountain they went to is forbidden for children or the owner of the hen is a traditional worshipper or it the hen has been set there for the purpose of bring someone to use as ritual

    - mojisola Adeyemi - 2019-08-31 19:02:35 Quote

  • I think the boys shouldn't have stolen it at the first place but I think it could have been a taboo or mystery of the community. And the only way out of the situation is to follow the traditional Process to save the second boy life 

    - Emmanuel Akabuogu - 2019-08-31 19:02:47 Quote

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