Should Barca Retain Ernesto Valvade Or Not?

Ernesto Valvede, who is now the current coach of the catalan giant by taking over the job at barca after luis Enrique's reign. For over four years now, he hasn't won the uefa champions league for the club. Barca, being one of the best club in europe are consistent in all competitions and are currently laliga defending champions.

Barca had lots of chances of winining the champions league title under valvade, following the defeat against Roma in the quarterfinal and Liverpool in the semi final last season. 

it was a heart broken moment for the club when they lost to liverpool by four goals to nil and were automatically disqualified at 4-3 on aggregate. Based on speculations, barca should have won the tltle, had it being they knocked out liverpool. 

should he remain at the club or get sacked?

Please, I need your opinion on this.

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  • in my own opinion i actually think barca needs a change on coach,because they have a lot of good and talented players but they are not put to proper use they have a sophisticated forward and also a good defense but still they are loosing to other clubs and not winning any titles.

    i really think they should consider pep guardiola as coach for barca and let valverde go

    - precious enoch - 2019-09-27 19:00:09 Quote

  • As a Barcelona fan, the board suppose to have scan the coach following the loss to Liverpool, VVD doesn’t have that qualification to coach a club like Barcelona. He’s the problem of the team I don’t really know what’s wrong with the president he don’t want to sack him even lossing Copa de ray cup. He mis manage the players, he don’t know how to buy players too. He need to be sacked if Barcelona wants to win the Champions League.

    - Samuel Olajide - 2019-09-27 19:05:33 Quote

  • Honestly I think he should go. He broke my heart straight two times on the same occasion and with an advantage in his hands. He has tried though but I think we are tired of winning laliga we want the champions league. But I will give him this last season. Barca for life

    - Okereka Destiny Efejeror - 2019-09-27 19:13:52 Quote

  • Honestly, I think he should be sacked. The players are not playing up to their maximum potential and a lot of talents are being wasted. He is just lucky he has Lionel Messi as a cover-up for most of his flaws

    - Tosin Ogunleye - 2019-09-27 19:15:11 Quote

  • To me they should leave that man for now because,  during that uefa match against liverpool he fielded all the necessary players that matter in Barcelona foot ball club. It was obvious that they didn't give their best because of rhe liverpool's superiority on the field of play

    - Agada Friday - 2019-09-27 19:55:49 Quote

  • Personally, i think Ernesto valverde should just be sacked but kicked and booed out. Personally I like to give a coach time and benefit of the doubt. Valverde has had both and has nothing to show for it.. In recent times hes made I obvious that messi actually lifts the team and not the other way round.. They had an amazing transfer widows in addition to such superb squad but still ends up losing to teams like Granada.

    I believe thats unacceptable for a team like Barcelona amd the plausible solution should be the sack of the coach.

    - Yusuff Abdurrahman - 2019-09-27 20:07:16 Quote

  • Football is a game of luck. In football any thing can happen. When the god of soccer is against you, no matter how much you play the game, you will surely loose. Remember, no champion for ever. Maybe, this season may be their time. I wish them good luck

    - Onwa Matthew - 2019-09-27 20:31:23 Quote

  • As long as VVD remains coach at Barcelona, the club's chances of conquering Europe again will continue to remain on doubt. Barcelona needs a coach who would be able to manage it's players effectively. Why does All pressures of the team's success have to lie on messi alone???. No messi, no chances of winning at all. It's bad. Barca needs Guardiola back. 


    - Yoroki Dami - 2019-09-27 20:55:51 Quote

  • The problem with Ernesto valverde is that he lacks the ability to choose a strong team especially in important matches. Take for instance the match against osasuna where he used Barcelona junior team to play the match and he lost. Also, valvede lacks logistics. Football is all about logistics. If you don't know the pattern of play if your opponent, you are bound to lose and that was what happened in the champions league against Liverpool last season. Liverpool understood Barca's pattern and that was why they won.

    - Emmanuel Agbasielo - 2019-09-27 21:17:23 Quote

  • You are just using the UEFA champions league as a yardstick of his achievements. Do remember he has 3 la liga titles in four years. Although I think is time he pack his shop somewhere else. His tactics are no longer working in the recent era. Just 4-4-3 all the time. Confused on selecting players. 

    - Oseodion Aziegbemhin - 2019-09-27 21:21:54 Quote

  • In my honest opinion, valverde seems not to be the problem at Barcelona, the team has always been built around a particular spectacular player like the days of Ronaldinho, xavi and iniesta, and later on Messi came to lime light. You can imagine there is nobody who shoulders the team for now as messi is becoming prone to injury. And that is more of the reason they are being adamant on getting neymar at all cost. Thanks

    - William Azeez - 2019-09-27 22:14:26 Quote

  • Firstly dis is Valverde third season with Barça not fourth

    Secondly, I think he has done a reli good job winning 2 consecutive league titles while leaving his title rivals in d dust, a cup title and 2 cup finals, 2 super cups and he has lost less matches Dan even pep guardiola and judges klopp since he took over as Barça coach

    He has lost just 2 matches in the Champions League unfortunately 4 him Dose matches were of utmost importance.

    With time wounds heal, he's doing a reli gud job and the board of directors at Barça know dis even Messi and Co knows dis Dats y he always has deir support

    - Ebuka Onumonu - 2019-09-27 22:16:50 Quote

  • Barca should try another coach. Barca use to be in form always but lack of better coach make them loose some important match. Considering those 2 last champions league match, they are at the point of winning but due to there relent, they lost both match

    - Abiola Joseph - 2019-09-27 23:30:03 Quote

  • Valverde is a terrible coach if we’re being honest. He’s picked up where he left last season, struggling to win games even with the quality of players at his disposal. It’s a shame really that Barca can’t conjure a win run without Messi. If their coach was class, this would have been an easy thing to be honest

    - Emmanuel Korodele - 2019-09-27 23:35:09 Quote

  • Honestly speaking I think this Man should go... For the first time in 10 years Barcelona haven't started a season so poor like this... Starting up a season with 2 defeats, 3 wins and 2 draws... And never won an away match this season... 

    Valverde for me doesn't have that tactics to build up Barcelona much stronger... If not for Messi I fear where Barcelona would be in this time 

    - Egeonu Wisdom - 2019-09-27 23:47:44 Quote

  • As for me I don't  think that val varde is an experienced  coach so far, he need to learn more from colleagues like pep guadiolar, Luiz Enrique, Jose mourinho and other elders in coaching like sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene wenger, anceloti and others. 

    He's a kind of coach without action, coach need to be smart and have action to ginger his player on pitch and also he need to know how to make use of player in their respective position of playing not that he will be using player anyhow or anywhere which may not favour him in winning the match. 

    - Yahaya Solihudeen Ajiboye - 2019-09-28 01:11:23 Quote

  • The coach has did his best so far but his pattern of game doesn't work for the team anymore, so it's better for the club to just let him go before it's will be too late. A new coach should be considered because Barcelona are really looking their changes of winning laliga this season, so the sooner the better.

    - Absolom Turaki - 2019-09-28 05:43:11 Quote

  • Ernesto Valverdy is certainly not the best coach for Barcelona. I have been a Barcelona fan for quite a while now and i have observed how both previous managers and players have made decisions. It looks like Valverdy is not very observant, or maybe he has personal issues with players. He should be sacked and replaced with someone who has better sights on the happenings in the field.

    - Drumline Daniel - 2019-09-28 07:20:43 Quote

  • To me they should leave the coach so far his still winning trophies, he won the laliga last season and unfortunately he didn't had chance of winning the champions league, but i can still say he's one of the best coach barcelona have had and he's giving all his best

    - Rahman Salvador - 2019-09-28 07:52:15 Quote

  • Ernesto Valverde is not up to standards as a Barcelona coach. He doesn't bring that fierce attack to Barcelona football like Rykaard and Guardiola. I believe Barcelona should not retain him after this season.

    - Daniel Odjegba - 2019-09-28 08:26:03 Quote

  • I don't think Barcelona should retain him... He is not coaching Barcelona up to their standards.... Barcelona are la liga champions... But they have not been doing well this season... The coach is not leaving up to expectations... I don't think they should retain him

    - Favour Onyenibedi - 2019-09-28 08:57:40 Quote

  • As a Barcelona fan,football lover and player I think valverde should be given the grace of this season and see what is gonna happen ,For that loss of champions league semifinal against Liverpool last season wasn't the coach Buh the players.. Even the captain said it himself.,Buh that has gone we need to focus on the future

    - Ademola Adewale - 2019-09-28 10:01:46 Quote

  • Enersto Valverde should be sack as the Barcelona manager. The man have made Barcelona lose two champions league titles. If he were to be a Chelsea coach, trust me he would have been sacked for losing the champions league march against A.S Roma in 2018 season. Enersto Valverde don't know how to use players, therefore have to be sack as Barcelona manager.

    - Victor Ukoje - 2019-09-28 10:03:52 Quote

  • All what Barca need is change of coach because the present squard possess skills, strength, tactics and experience needed for a club of barca pedigree. New coach will used all these to his credit and barca will rule again. 

    - Emmanuel Olla - 2019-09-28 10:40:24 Quote

  • Valverde doesn't have the requirements to coach a great club like Barcelona. I don't even know where he popped out from. He is misusing those brilliant players and losing matches that he could have won by just fielding 9 players. He must use this season to amend his mistakes by winning the Champions League or else, he should be given the sack letter.

    - Daniel Joseph Obianusi - 2019-09-28 11:04:40 Quote

  • The truth Ernesto is not capable of handling Barcelona, I see no reason why Barcelona being one the best team in Europe would keeping the coming short of winning the champions league with tragic dramatic comebacks. I say we need Pep

    - Kabiru Sadiq - 2019-09-28 11:16:09 Quote

  • Yes I believe valverde should be replaced as Barcelona coach. Truth be told Barcelona players need a lot of motivation. Why they lost against Roma in the quarter final and Liverpool in the semi final was they are already thinking of moving in the finals in there minds which there motives in the 2nd Leg dropped because they feel they have qualified with there 1st leg result. Valverde is not really intelligent when selecting choice of players. 

    - Akinyemi Tosin - 2019-09-28 15:17:04 Quote

  • Yea he should be replace because for me I think is time is up with Barcelona, let me say most times he make wrong selection of players and he has turned barca to a team that other team don't fear playing them anymore even look at this current season he's already having a poor start to the campaign

    - Adegbemileke Alex - 2019-09-28 15:59:03 Quote

  • The board of barcelona should kindly tell the coach that he should up his game or kindly leave the club let another coach come in. It is not easy starting the team on a strong note neither it is not hard losing all the time. He has to decide or else he can look for another club he can coach.

    - emeka ofuonye - 2019-09-28 15:59:59 Quote

  • Honesty i really want them to like fas fast but the  issue is there is no replacement for him....if barca sacks him now there is no good coach currently in the market... The club just have to change their balance and realise that some players will not always be with them....

    - Goodness Oluwafemi - 2019-09-28 16:11:25 Quote

  • Barcelona is one of the best team in the world. Under Ernesto vervalde the try their best but could not win the champions league. Last two season Barcelona were defeated by Roma  in the quarter final and last season where been defeated by Liverpool in semi final. Even this season at the first Barcelona  were even not performing .well. Barcelona  need players especially I think he should be sack.

    - Abednego Samuel Angyu - 2019-09-28 16:30:54 Quote

  • i think Valverde is performing to the best of his abilities. It's so easy to blame the coach when a team is not playing well but we need to remember there's only so much a manager can do. In last year's champions league semi-final, all the right players played for Barcelona yet they bottled it and came out losers. For all the money these players earn, they should be able to dig deep and give their best if really they want to win. After the match, the Barcelona players themselves admitted they didn't play well as expected. So I think Valverde is not to blame, he should be given at least one more season before removing him.  

    - Chinelo Amaka - 2019-09-28 16:36:38 Quote

  • It’s not that FC Barcelona doesn’t have the players to compete for the Champions League, they actually have one of the most complete rosters in European football today.
    The problem lies almost exclusively on the manager, Pep Guardiola or Luis Enrique’s case were isolated incidents.
    These two managers were smart enough to create a system within the squad that actually worked for the players they had at the time.

    - Godwin Nwachukwu - 2019-09-28 16:49:37 Quote

  • Valverde has done really poor over the previous years. I think whatever Barcelona has achieved in his tenure is only based on the individual brilliance if the players. Imagine last year he bottled a fine aggregate against Roma and this year he bottled another huge aggregate against Liverpool. He's just not good for the club 

    - Okpegoboroh Oghenefega - 2019-09-28 17:51:54 Quote

  • Valverde should be sacked he has drawn barcelona down and has made them lose value due to his poor tactics.  He makes a lot of mistakes like not starting key players for example  dortmund vs barcelona, he benched Messi,  Barcelona vs Granada he benched Arthur melo and brought in Arturo Vidal that commited an handball..  In my opinion hr should be sacked

    - Daniel Orobode - 2019-09-28 18:34:37 Quote

  • I honestly don't think he's their major problem. Barcelona's main problem is their over reliance on Lionel Messi. We can all see that they can't perform well when he's not playing up to expectation or not playing at all. So the faster they resolve their one man team issues, the better for them

    - Kingsley Onyebuchi - 2019-09-28 19:07:03 Quote

  • I don't really think sacking valverde is the solution to barca problem cause even if a new manger brought in and  his still unable to rectify the problem which I believe 'is to build a team that won't depend on messi' there won't be any change 

    - Michael Azeez - 2019-09-28 19:22:09 Quote

  • He broke my heart straight two times on the same occasion and with an advantage in his hands. He has tried though but I think we are tired of winning laliga we want the champions league. But I will give him this last season. Barca for life

    - Samuel Anthony - 2019-09-28 19:24:17 Quote

  • I fear for my club Barca... Ever since the departure of Pep Gudiola, Barca has not remain the same as it used to be although they've been consistent with wining... I don't think this coach pattern of play would fit into the existent pattern the club is used to.

    - Ijomah Rocky - 2019-09-28 20:02:22 Quote

  • I fear for my club Barca... Ever since the departure of Pep Gudiola, Barca has not remain the same as it used to be although they've been consistent with wining... I don't think this coach pattern of play would fit into the existent pattern the club is used to.

    - Ijomah Rocky - 2019-09-28 20:02:25 Quote

  • In my view, he should not be sacked yet. Though he has not won any champions league for the team, not all defeat of a team should be blame on coach. Valverde is really trying for the team and I appreciate that a lot. He's tactics and formation that works out for the team, if the management can look into the players there are players like Suarez that should be on bench and let their new signings take over for the team main time 

    - Olaniyi Mustapha - 2019-09-28 20:04:51 Quote

  • I see no reason why he should be sacked he's has done well and he's doing and going to do better what i see wrong in Barca now are some of the players if they can improve their playing standard the top won't be their limit only but seeing them winning the champions league.

    - Stephen Opukeme - 2019-09-28 20:54:39 Quote

  • To me Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde needs to be sacked or he shouldn't be allowed to sign any contract again because I think he's a failure leading Barcelona team to two consecutive elimination from the champions league back to back after he has won the first leg of the tie... This means he's not destined to win the trophy at camp nou so he shouldn't be allowed to stay 

    - Ayanfeoluwa Adeniyi - 2019-09-28 21:45:54 Quote

  • The current Barcelona coach doesn't deserve to be the coach of the team. He has literally good knowledge of how that tram works. The team, despite its reenforcements has yet kept suffering defeats and hard fight to win even less advantaged trams, his time is considered over 

    - PETER MMADUEKE - 2019-09-28 22:46:32 Quote

  • In my opinion I think he shouldn't be retained. As a die hard Barcelona fan, I can categorically say the current coach hasn't done anything to improve the calibre of players he has in his position and he always plays some players out of their natural position which has led to the detriment of the team. 

    - Kingsley Mgbeowu - 2019-09-28 23:02:34 Quote

  • I actually think barca should consider changing their coach which is valverde. He has been in charge for four years now yet he could not make a world class team like barca win champions league. In fact, most times when Barcelona lose out of this prestigious competition, it's usually when they have advantage or against a smaller team that can beaten. So, I strongly suggest Barcelona should change their head coach 

    - Gbolahan Adebayo - 2019-09-29 01:18:29 Quote

  • Ernesto valvade is a good couch but not for Barca ,they need someone who can lead them to win the uefa champions league we all know that he good in in domestic cup but in international he not doing well so yeah they need new couch

    - Ugwuozor John - 2019-09-29 06:52:29 Quote

  • I think Barcelona needs a new coach,as we all know, this coach called Ernesto Valverde is not well experienced,apart from that,he doesn't have what it takes to lead Barcelona to glory..we are all aware of his flaws

    - Jacobs Bolaji - 2019-09-29 10:11:50 Quote

  • Valverde has shown that he is tactically inept. Barca are now a shadow of what they used to be. Weak and unable to hold the ball for long spells or string complex passes together. Barca needs a change at the helm

    - Joachim Ojimesike - 2019-09-29 10:34:40 Quote

  • Ernesto valverde has had his amazing track record int he past. This current Barcelona team is really incredible with the forwards he should be doing a better job. These players are already finished work he just needs to get his game right. Granada dealing with this current Barcelona team is a huge disgrace to we laliga fans

    - Oluwafemi Olukoya - 2019-09-29 10:47:56 Quote

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