Should Man-utd Sack Ole Gunner Solskjear Or Not

Ole gunner,was appointed as Manchester United caretaker manager on 18 December 2018 after the clubs coach Jose was sacked. He won a 8 straight game for the club. Since the as been appointed as the permanent manager for the club. 

Man Utd is one of the biggest club in England but have been in mess since the beginning of the new season 

Since the beginning of the 2019/2020 the team has been performing woefully. After beating Chelsea ,the club rival 4-0,man-u as Not score more than 1 goal in their each game both league and Champions League.

Man Utd as Not score up to 10 goals in all competition .

Please I need your opinion 

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  • Firstly I think they should not sack the coach. What Manchester united needs right now is big name players that can dictate the game. Pogba isn't performing well because of the players he is playing with. Solksjaer is a good coach and I think if Manchester board can get some big player players during the January transfer window or next season, Manchester united will be back to challenge other clubs for the title

    - Ibrahim Olatunde - 2019-10-02 18:43:33 Quote

  • I don't think Ole should be sacked cos I don't see him as United's problem.To me the big players are not stepping up, the likes of Rashford, Pogba, Lingard need to play better and Ole should be given more time. 

    - Ogo Samuel - 2019-10-02 18:48:18 Quote

  • Ole Gunner should be given enough time, at least after next season when he must have bought good players when the transfer window for 2020/2021 season fully opens, and he is still unable to win any trophy, then we can be talking about sacking him, but for the main time, he should be left to continue coaching the Manchester united

    - Osas Nice - 2019-10-02 18:48:45 Quote

  • You know from the world of football and other games, all the peoples that they are investing their money they are expecting a profit which is mostly gotten due to the club performance. 

    If you can't depend yourself, you can't even win a trophy! How can the team keep with you? They are doing it for profits. So to my opinion I think they may sack him.

    - Najib Sani - 2019-10-02 18:49:30 Quote

  • I thinkSolkjaer is going to be booted out soon.I don't see him remaining in that role till the end of the season.To avoid being sacked,he has to invest more on young talents and do away with the ageing team he inherited.The likes of Ashley Young and Pogba should be shown the exit door.Pogba is really not old,but he has his mind set on a move to Real Madrid,he is not showing the needed commitment.

      I really feel for him(Solkjaer).I wish he could just get on with his winning start and avoid being axed.

    - Oloyinmi Olayemi Isaac - 2019-10-02 18:54:57 Quote

  • I think Man Utd should exercise patience with Ole Gunner solksjer. To bring Man Utd back to where they belong is something that will take a long and gradual process. Ole need more three or four transfer windows to bring Man Utd back and with the caliber of young talents they have I believe they'll still rise 

    - Ekemezie Sylvanus - 2019-10-02 18:56:54 Quote

  • The problem with Manchester united isn't the coach but the problem is that they lack team cooperation. A team divided against itself cannot stand. In Manchester united you see a team mate passing to a particular person. Tell me how such team can progress. Or maybe the players are misbehaving because they don't want Ole Gunnar as their Coach again. So I think Manchester united President should find a new coach.

    - Emmanuel Agbasielo - 2019-10-02 18:57:14 Quote

  • Rome was nit build in a day ole is trying to build a team full of youth with speed, strength and great passion. And this is going to take time...maybe two more years. Ferguson started poorly lost so many games before eventually building the great united side that dominated ole needs time..i think the team will be dominant again with time.

    - Christian Chukwu - 2019-10-02 18:57:41 Quote

  • Anyanwu blessing ugochukwu 2/10/2019 6:58

    I don't think man united should sack him because man united fault is not the coach but the players I think the coach should simple change the pattern of there football what I mean is the formation that's it nothing more.

    - Micheal Blessing - 2019-10-02 19:00:59 Quote

  • The manager should be sacked because he lacks the management skills of utilising the full potentials of his players. Take a look at Sanchez and Lukaku, in just less than 5 game in Inter milan Sanchez has performed better than nearly his whole season in Manchester United. With the manager's current performance the old Manchester United we know is no way near the way it used to be so Ole gunner solskjear should be sacked.

    - Okeimor Success - 2019-10-02 19:04:34 Quote

  • Ole has to work on his team selection. Rashford has decided he doesn't want to score, A.Young i don tire for that guy, Lindelof makes silly mistakes, Pogba not a defensive midfielder, Lingard the worst man utd player right now, Tuanzebe should be benching Lindelof and Greenwood should be a started. Na only Wan Bisakka dy gimme Joy

    - Adams Danjuma - 2019-10-02 19:09:35 Quote

  • There isn't a much to discuss on that. The couch need to be sacked. I can't see any improvement since he came to the club they are just going worse every day and night man united need a better couch. I support the couch to be sacked as a loyal fans...

    - Olanrewaju Isaiah - 2019-10-02 19:11:54 Quote

  • If the players still like the coach, let him be allowed to stay for this season but if the players did not like his pattern of play, he should be sack so that another new coach will come and give the tram another pattern of play may be the team will pick up.

    - Sule Abdul - 2019-10-02 19:17:08 Quote

  • Solskjear is middle class coach, he made low low quality during summer transfer window. He was able to purchase average players at high price and unable to keep top player in front line such as Lukaku and Sanchez both departed to Inter milan. Let's wait until winter transfer window weather he can turntable around.

    - Adewuyi Adebayo Theophilus - 2019-10-02 19:24:45 Quote

  • I predicted this before ole's appointment owing to the fact of how others have fared

    Interim coaches don't do well when they have the job finally but I think the problem in United is more than what ole can handle 

    - Akinbade Ojo Adeleye - 2019-10-02 19:24:46 Quote

  • As for me,I don't think the coach is the problem, sacking him will improve nothing,it will just be that same as when Mourinho was sacked,the solution is for the team to overhaul all these players without zeal and buy ones who are hungry for success which they are already doing.Take a look at Daniel James and wan bissaka,compare their performance and attitude on the pitch to that of Pogba and rashford.

    - John Juwon - 2019-10-02 19:28:04 Quote

  • I don't know what wrong, immediately he got the job then he performed excellently but now I can't still figure what wrong. More so, the board need to give him more time. He did a mistake by letting two strikers moved without a replacement, if we said Lukaku is not good remember he performed sometimes like magic, what about Sanchez by letting him go without having another back up is too bad. God help him

    - Otukoya Omotayo - 2019-10-02 19:36:01 Quote

  • His team needs to be restructured..he needs tp know when certain players are need to be changed and use, if you look closely three of this big clubs chelsea, arsenal, man utd looking at this club this season they are trying to build up their teams faces all in the team and young players ....while man city and liverpool are still with their players...i think he should be given another chance to look for a new strstegy to move on this season.

    - Oghenefegor Enudje - 2019-10-02 19:39:48 Quote

  • Ole has the tactics & backing of the board....but i think the players are not giving in their best....especially the midfielders.....the sluggish nature in which Manchester United move the ball is boring....they can wim if they don't play well

    - French Mayor - 2019-10-02 19:44:52 Quote

  • He should be given another season to prove himself and if he his unable to he scan be shown the way out. I believe they should already have someone in mind before they do that.

    - Olawole Taofeek - 2019-10-02 19:56:17 Quote

  • His team needs to be restructured..he needs tp know when certain players are need to be changed and use, if you look closely three of this big clubs chelsea, arsenal, man utd looking at this club this season they are trying to build up their teams faces all in the team and young players ....while man city and liverpool are still with their players...i think he should be given another chance to look for a new strstegy to move on this season.

    - Ezeh Somtoo Emmanuel - 2019-10-02 19:57:29 Quote

  • Personally they shouldn't sack him they should give him more time. As a man u fan watching their games at times is painful but I see this as a down period and in time they'll improve

    - Prosper Ebubechukwu - 2019-10-02 20:07:21 Quote

  • with you hearing our opinion will never change anything and a big English club it will only like make you more stressful so all you need to do is to make your group in the social media let all your goodness all shall be out cuz me I would love to see allegrini or allegri has our next coach but we don't have maximum players that will be able to perform her spirit is that will need to be honest the spirit team is very down we need to build new ones 

    - Abubakar Sadeeq Salihu - 2019-10-02 20:07:33 Quote

  • From the beginning man united players didn't even like mourinho at all

    So as soon as a new coach can in they gave in their all to keep him and now that it worked the man has the job now they've gone back to square united have the players not don't know how to use them

    They've lost form completely

    They need a coach that can liberate the players and the team again

    - Joseph Lawrence - 2019-10-02 20:09:28 Quote

  • I don't really know the problem with Man.u,can we really say it is couch or observation is that the team is building on England players,they don't have creative players,no fighting spirit among.

    until they buy outside players who dedicated Manu will remain like sunshine star of Akure.

    - Ozidiah Isaac - 2019-10-02 20:09:30 Quote

  • If the board of manchester united can be patient and give him now till november then they should let him in one peace. He may be a good coach but maybe his strategy and tactics doesn't fit  the teams structure, style of play and methods.

    - emeka ofuonye - 2019-10-02 20:14:20 Quote

  • He should not be sacked. At least not yet

    He should be given more time. I believe he is doing his best to help the club reach the heights it should be 

    If there is no major improvement at the end of this season, then he should be sacked 

    - Olabode Abass - 2019-10-02 20:17:44 Quote

  • According to my personal view I am of the opinion that the club should consider sacking their manager due to his inability to function properly in order to move the team forward in the premier league and the inability to qualify for the uefa champions league

    - Funminiyi Iyiola - 2019-10-02 20:19:17 Quote

  • Well I don't think he should be sacked.he is not the one playing on the pitch,is own is to direct them.And moreover the season just started,they still have time to prove their worth.And all those players they sold out like lukaku,Sanchez and others really affected man u.

    - Tunde Bashiru - 2019-10-02 20:24:54 Quote

  •  I would love to see allegrini or allegri has our next coach but we don't have maximum players that will be able to perform her spirit is that will need to be honest the spirit team is very down we need to build new ones 

    - Odujirin Emmanuel - 2019-10-02 20:31:45 Quote

  • I think they shouldn't sack him now cause he is trying his best so we still need to give him more time and support him cause I know ole is very good at what he does. I believe mmanchester united management is the cause of the bad performance. The most graven mistake they this last season was selling lukaku who was very useful to us and also Herrera.

    - Jasper Tosin - 2019-10-02 20:43:03 Quote

  • Every club goes through a rough patch at a point in time. Manchester United is not balanced yet. When they get balanced, fruits will begin to emerge. I realky think Ole should be retained as the coach.

    - Ataminor Overcomer - 2019-10-02 20:44:45 Quote

  • Ole shouldn't be sacked yet. It's not his fault. It's the Management's fault or should i say the board's fault because they didn't help him with getting very good quality players and also the tactics he has, the players can't cope with it because their quality of play is low

    - Alabi Folashade - 2019-10-02 20:44:55 Quote

  • Well I don't really have much to say because it's not my club, but I think they have to change him and put a better person in his place

    Infact the whole team needs restructuring,yes the team needs the players to get enough training

    - Emmanuel Ayooluwa - 2019-10-02 20:46:45 Quote

  • I cannot even understand what Man UTD problem really is right now. Although OGS is a very young and promising coach but his current team lacks the creativity and good tempo to flourish in the EPL. Sacking him might not be the best option but if need be he has

    - Emmanuel Jacob - 2019-10-02 20:56:27 Quote

  • For me i dont think ole is at the wheel again.anyways this is his first time coaching so we cant really blame him. Allegri former juve coach has made his interest known he would like to coach man utd and he is already taking english classes i think he will be the right one with his experience

    - Oladipo Olatunbosun - 2019-10-02 20:57:47 Quote

  • Personally i think he is doing a good job so far, the team just need a little time to get themselfs well. Sacking him is going to the the club bad right now. Who do dey want to give if they decide to sack him? 

    - Temitope Ogungbemi - 2019-10-02 20:59:52 Quote

  • I'm not a Man Utd fan but the problem with Man Utd is not only with Ole, but with the players as well. Ole on his side lacks technical approach, he doesn't know when to bring in a player and when to change the formation of play. Man Utd players on the other hand doesn't look like a team with a focus, they just play as if its Watford playing. If you look at that game against Chelsea very well, you'll see they were just lucky to capitalize on Chelsea's mistake and utilize it. Since then, they've been lost in the league. Ole still has a lot to deliver in Man Utd, so sacking him now is not the answer. 

    - Ikenna Henry Onyemekesi - 2019-10-02 21:03:00 Quote

  • in my own opinion I guess he should stay till the end of the season before that sack home because sacking him will result to time wasting, money wasting and all but man u are trying this season what they need is to put in more effort 

    - Osho Olawale - 2019-10-02 21:11:44 Quote

  • They should not oh. Manu problem is with the players not the coach. How many must they change before they realise that. They need to buy quality players and sell some excess players. Selling lukaka was a mistake 

    - Okereka Destiny Efejeror - 2019-10-02 21:14:44 Quote

  • For me i don't think sacking him now is the best option. I mean this is his first season as man united manager, i think they should give him more time it's too early to be considering sacking him, they should give him time to organise and get the team together. If we take a better look into the EPL it has not been quite a good start to most managers. So i said he should be given more time.

    - Jeremiah Efosa - 2019-10-02 21:18:51 Quote

  • I think Manchester United should sack ole Gunner solskjear because he didn't buy those players Manchester United team need most and it has been affecting them,they need to buy midfielders.

    - Abdul-quadri Akinkunmi - 2019-10-02 21:24:46 Quote

  • Sacking the coach won't bring any sudden glory to the team, and the best thing the fans can afford to do now is to support the coach in his efforts to make the team competitive and stable. In the last few years, Manchester  United has had different managers for the team and it does affect the mentality of the team and their performance too. 

    - PETER MMADUEKE - 2019-10-02 21:39:36 Quote

  • As a matter of fact I don't think sacking ole is the best option for man United ,they should try and build a better team rather than sacking the coach, it's a no no for me.

    - Abdulmumin Isah - 2019-10-02 21:42:40 Quote

  • No need to sack him now , they should just give him till January to see that kind of players he will bring to the and forecast the future of the club he also made a big mistake letting Lukaku go to inter which affects his attack due to low rate of goal scoring, there is no better striker all he needs now is to get a good goal scoring striker for the club with experience and they also need midfielders 

    - Giwa Gafar - 2019-10-02 21:45:24 Quote

  • Even though I'm not a Manchester united fan I suggest that ole shouldn't be sacked. Teams face difficult situations at times, like this one. He just needs to restructure or possible change the playing tactics of the team to achieve better results.

    - Ndukwe Ikechukwu - 2019-10-02 21:46:30 Quote

  • I think they should back him up with finance and also publicly back him up then there performance will change because managers from when Ferguson retire kept complaining this same about man u

    - Akinade Taiwo - 2019-10-02 21:47:53 Quote

  • I think Manchester United should sack that coach. When Morinho wasn't doing well, they sacked him. They should do same to this coach. Manchester United is a big club and has good reputation. Manchester United has big name when it comes to football both in England and Championship. I think the management of the club should go back to the drawing board.

    - Onwa Matthew - 2019-10-02 21:48:54 Quote

  • Manchester united issue is not from the manager but from the problems the players are causing.And also Woodward ain't doing great in terms of players issue, Manchester United can't just sack him because he's making a lot of revenue for them.Sacking Ole is not the best,they just need to restructure the team entirely.

    - Adebayo Segun - 2019-10-02 21:49:25 Quote

  • I don't think theu should sack him. He should get a little more time to prove himself worthy of his post and I f he doesn't he should be shown the way out.

    This might be a kind of setback time for Manchester United so maybe in the future they'll be able to rise up to how they once we're.

    - Babatunde Wuraola - 2019-10-02 21:50:58 Quote

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