Should Parents Be Choosing Careers For Their Children

It is not strange in nigeria or even in any part of the world that successful  parents would prefer and even want their childrens career choices to be similar or if not the same like their. 

Little do they know that they go about it the wrong way. They don't ask their children on what they are interested in, advice them and make them follow their passion but we can't blame them because some children don't have dreams or goalset of what they want to achieve in life.

This has affected many children into making bad career choices and end up doing what they don't like, something they are not interested in just to make mummy and daddy proud of them. Though it sometimes turns out to be a good thing for them and even the best.

So what is your take on this, should parents be choosing career paths for their children? 

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  • I think its best if parent sit their children down and discuss together instead of forcing law on them that will help the children to decide wisely, and they should always pray for them for God guidance in whatever they decide.

    - Otunba Abigail - 2019-09-25 14:11:37 Quote

  • I don't really think it is a good idea for parents to choose careers or make career decisions for their children because it may not reflect their children's intentions. This leads to conflict and confusion. 

    Most youths now are not enjoying what they are doing because such things were other People’s idea(s) especially their parents. People feel more responsible and work harder to achieve goals and objectives set by themselves. 

    - Onwuka Uche - 2019-09-25 14:22:11 Quote

  • Parents should desist from the habit of making decision for their children especially  academically, because children of now days has a special way of going about making choices they do things differently, so making that choice for them could be bad as a parent all you need do is to give them full support on whatever choices they made in life so far it's the best for them

    - Adebayo Gbenga - 2019-09-25 14:27:43 Quote

  • I don't buy the idea of parents choosing careers for their children.The fact that they gave birth to them doesn't mean they should follow the same part.Every individual has a desire and ambition and we are entitled to make our choice in life 

    - Success Emmanuel - 2019-09-25 15:33:32 Quote

  • It depends , if a child has set up a goal, the parent should guide him up on that line, they should support him financially, morally and spiritually, if parent has a carrier for a child and the child is not against it, they are good to go, but if the child against it, they should find out why the child refused, if he has a plan B for his/her self, they should try to reason with him and support him. 

    - Afolami Olalekan - 2019-09-25 15:33:50 Quote

  • I really don't buy the idea of parents choosing a career path for their children. The children should be allowed to make their own choices while the parents should play their path by advising, guiding, teaching, councelling  and praying for them in the choices the children have made. This should be done with love too which will in turn boost the moral of the children to do better. 

    - Amadu Patience - 2019-09-25 15:48:25 Quote

  • I'm not in support of parents choosing careers for their children. It mostly doesn't even make the child a better person like they hoped for, rather it makes the children rebellious and hateful. 

    If anything, the parents should have respectable and adult like conversation with their children and help support their goals and dreams 

    - Ifeoluwa Omoyanmola - 2019-09-25 16:22:02 Quote

  • It's not right and it's not advisable for parents to choose career for their children because they are not the one to study the course and who they are choosing it for might not have the passion to study the course and that brings to the child's falior

    - Nwosu Vincent - 2019-09-25 19:29:38 Quote

  • The idea of parents to choose career for their children is really bad. Every child knows what he/she want to become in life. I feel parents should just guide their children and give them full support because that alone gives the children rest of mind and also enhances total concentration

    - Adebowale Eunice - 2019-09-25 19:58:53 Quote

  • For me this is a big No-no. As a parent you should allow your child to do what they want career wise. The more you force what you want on them the more they become dispassionate about things and life and in extreme cases can lead to depression

    - Okafor Ifeoma - 2019-09-25 20:37:34 Quote

  • Its not acceptable at all.parents should never choose career for their child,they should look wisely on the career their child has and the should fully support him or her.choosing career for your child,leads to a big disappointment and it will really be a slap on them and they will not be happy

    So they should give their child to choose the best career of their life

    - Idiris Opeyemi - 2019-09-25 20:51:10 Quote

  • Parents shouldn't be choosing careers for their children. They are to guide and direct where necessary also offer support not to make the choice for them. They shouldn't use their children as a means to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams and remember they are teaching responsibility so how can they be responsible if they don't make their own choices.

    - Shalom Michael - 2019-09-25 21:24:39 Quote

  • Parents should not choose career paths for their children, it's not the best cos sometimes we might lead the kids to doing what they don't want or are not good at doing, which can become a things of disappointment in the future. The kids should be allowed to do what they love and have passion for when that happens you will see that they become successful cos they love what they are studying.

    - Idi Grace - 2019-09-25 21:44:01 Quote

  • Parents shouldn’t pick careers for their children, every parent wants the best for their children so they try to pick up choices for them which is wrong. Every child should be allowed to pursue his/her own goals and follow their passion, the work of the parents should be to guide the children into achieving their dreams.

    - Onekeneke prince - 2019-09-26 00:15:34 Quote

  • It's actually not cool when parents choose careers against their children's wish. Even if a parent would choose for its ward, it should be based on careful observation and discovery of it's ward's potential and not based on personal interests or ego. Parents should help children achieve their dreams.

    - Johnson Adedeji - 2019-09-26 05:37:51 Quote

  • Parents should not in anyway choose careers for their children ,they should know that career is a lifetime thing and the children should enjoy their life with the job they intend to choose not being forced to do what doesn't interest

    - Taiwo Itunuoluwa - 2019-09-26 13:03:56 Quote

  • Even if parents do not make their career   choice, they can at least guide their kids  to take a good decision. Parents are the  burning candle in the life of a student.      Support,Parents provide an immense.      support to their kids by guiding and choosing them a right career path.

    - Michael Akano - 2019-09-26 14:14:27 Quote

  • It is extremely wrong for parents to choose careers for their children

    All dey have to do is to guide and advice them on every decisions their children make

    Then they should support and pray they are successful in everything they choose to become

    - Adebayo Feyisara - 2019-09-26 20:46:23 Quote

  • I am not of the opinion that parent's should choose a career for their children. They decision parent's may take will tend to affect the children in the future, so rather than choosing a career for them it's better they advise and guide them on the career they will choose.

    - Trisma Ezekiel Yaki - 2019-09-27 06:12:34 Quote

  • I don't support the idea that parents should decide what their children should study, the child is entitled to make a choice about his/her field of study, no parent should enforce a course for their child to study

    - Jephthah Calmday Solomon - 2019-09-27 07:56:57 Quote

  • There are times in which our parents choice are of the best interest, but I still think the best approach in terms of career choice is for parents to sit their wards down and have a heart to heart discussion of what they like to do or be in the future, giving advice where necessary

    - Elizabeth Daniel - 2019-09-27 08:57:10 Quote

  • Nope its nt the right thing to do all that needs to be done is just to sit he or she down and give him some lectures that could help.

    - Micheal Alabi - 2019-09-27 11:02:06 Quote

  •  No I don't think parents should choose a career for the ward it's better if they have heart to heart discussion with their children in that way they can talk it out and the child will b able to do his or  her choice of career

    - Nicholas Usiahon - 2019-09-27 11:06:48 Quote

  • Parents not suppose to choose carrier for their children, nowadays every child come to this world with their talents. Parents suppose be a guidance to their children thorough orienting them on ways to achieve to their dreams. 

    - Abubakar Abdulrazaq - 2019-09-27 11:49:10 Quote

  • this is why I love my parents so much.. they will just free you like a bird to do or become anything you want in life, nothing is more better that an understanding parent. 

    - Nwali Obed - 2019-09-27 12:21:21 Quote

  • I strongly believe that  parents  should not choose a career for their children,but believe that when the children get to a certain age,they should be asked the question on what they want to become in future and why.

    For those who don't have an answer to the question,they should be asked how they want to contribute to the society.From this a child will then know what he wants to become.

    - Elijah Ogboi - 2019-09-27 15:36:26 Quote

  • Parents should not choose the career for their children. They should only suggest, guide them, tell them the pourpose and fuctions of the careers their children are interested in and allow them to choose. 

    - Maxwell Marcus - 2019-09-29 06:49:50 Quote

  • It not proper for parent to choose a career for their children.As long as d child is old enough to decide,parent should allow d child to decide.. What parent can do is to be praying and guiding the child not to take a wrong step.. Parent can advice and share experience with the child, not enforcing or mandatory a career for a child..

    - Oyeleke kemisola - 2019-09-29 07:16:29 Quote

  • It is absolutely wrong for parents to choose career path for their children. The role of the patents in terms of career choice is just to watch their children closely and ascertain what they are good at and help them build that in to reality.Children have the right to choose which course that the love to study then the patents are now to guide them towards achieving success in their dream career.

    - Santos Frankfurt - 2019-09-29 13:02:25 Quote

  • I don't think parent should force a career on their children.Every child's dream and passion is different,so I'll advise that parents should watch the child closely, check for their area of functionality,ask the child about their dreams and support it if it's in line with their passion ( if it's not,give them advise and exposure on other career choice) and help them towards achieving it.

    - Shalom Awopegba - 2019-09-29 15:33:04 Quote

  • Truly every parent want a successful career for their children and they always want to monitor them at each step but future career should not be determine by the parent but the child, because he/she is the only one who understand what he/she is upto, the duty of the parent is to pray for the child to succeed and monitor or advice but not force 

    - Muhammed Ahmed Olayode - 2019-09-29 19:15:55 Quote

  • Plain truth,  the thing if parents watch their children closely they can depict what the child is likely to become,  but a child's decision,  passion and interest is very paramount,  the parents can't take sole decision of a child's career,  to avoid regrets. 

    - Ruth Oyeleke - 2019-09-29 20:55:33 Quote

  • Gone are the days in the early generations of tge Nigeria people whereby parents choose careers for their children but we thank God reverse is the case today cause no child today would appreciate such today in today's generation. Of course our ancient parents were fully wrong choosing careers for their children then. 

    - Ugo Manuel - 2019-09-29 22:30:52 Quote

  • I don't feel it's right for a parent to chose a career path for their kid rather they should counsel their kids on the career path of which they are interested in. if it's not good enough there are always other options in which the child may have interest in

    - Odion Glory - 2019-09-30 10:13:04 Quote

  • parent should not be the one to choose their children's career because the children might not like the career picked for them and parent should only advice and train them

    - Adebiyi Afolake - 2019-10-01 18:48:36 Quote

  • Parents are the best counselor a child Can have, if a child lack understanding of what to do it through parents duty to come up with different techniques to advice and see how he or she becomes great not forcing their own idea into the child.

    - Adewumi Eunice - 2019-10-03 14:25:54 Quote

  • No way parents should be the one to choose a career for their children simply because it's only the children that knows what they are good at and what they want to choose for their career 

    - Ibrahim Olatunde - 2019-10-09 19:16:52 Quote

  • No parents should not choose a career for their children because they are not the same as their children though they gave birth to them it is only the child that knows what is good for him or her

    - Oaikhena Destiny - 2019-10-13 15:26:42 Quote

  • It's not really advisable for the parents to choose a course or career for their ward because they don't know what the future holds for that child and might end up ruining the future of the child.The role the parent have to play in this aspect is to advice their ward/child on tips of choosing a course to study and also to support them in whatever choice they make but not in the indesent part

    - peace promise - 2019-11-21 09:16:35 Quote

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