Should We Pray For Climate Change?

Consider a simple experiment  kick a sliver spoon, tell me would it be logical enough to ask me why it moved ? Or would it be considered wise to pray that the spoon moves back to its original position ? 

Life operates  under certain principals and laws that freely exist with logic and thought ,the law of eventuality answers a lot of life's questions which are in no way philosophic but rather pure logic reasoning that an average mind could easily understand.

From the above stated experiment of kicking a sliver spoon even a 5 year old boy would rightly agree that the spoon moved cause of the external force applied on its body which caused about it's change in place through distance , and the only best possible way of getting the silver spoon back is lifting it back to its original position or kicking it back .

Now here's what am driving towards ,if the above concept of understanding that what comes is determined by what is done now , the world would be a better place.Why should we plant oranges and pray for apples ? God isn't a magician his work through science and reasoning speaks highly of things being Independent. Take gravity for example , its possible for someone to fail from a tree at church meanwhile gravity was created by God ,this indicates two things ,God let's gravity operates freely and expects people to be careful and responsible .mind you, we won't put in consideration the flip side of a mistake ,cause climate change, pollution etc are in no degree a human mistake .  so should we pray for rains ,when the plastics and carbons emissions from cars and industries where made by us ?
Should God take action cause of our own irresponsibility of taking care of the environment when we can even do something about it ? 

Should we pray for rains ? 

This is a funny question ,my answer is No ,if you ask why ,it's like telling me to pray for the spoon in our above scenario to get back to it's original position ,now let's think critically God solved a lot of problems when he gave us the mind ,God only comes in when the limit of our thoughts is stretched  Jesus raised Lazarus that was the last point where an ordinary man's power and thought couldn't take no action .
During my training at MOGI our provost said 
"Some problems are not prayer problems they are strategic problems - Mike Oladipo
The wisdom around the quote is that its not everything that you should pray about 
And down the echoes of my memory, I do remember my high school friend told me, 

"Prayer doesn't Change the world it changes you to change the world "
Its sad that ,so much do we want change and don't want to change ourselves ,thank you to all those we fasted and prayed for the rains but if you didn't plant any tree my brother and sister ,your prayer is pointless God works with people who work , Noah's ark never created its self.
If we learn to wear the garments of responsibility and start to reason that the world today is only a product of our greed ,power ,technology and advance ignorance ,then can we change ,so let's not pray about it ,let's work , meetings of discussions or protest on climate change are a bit useless let's just go out there and plant trees !
Prayer can't pray the role of Trees , in no way am I saying prayer is bad or not needed ,but God won't answer cause he expects us to work and use the natural resources he gave  us carefully, so let's not pray for rains let's pray that we have wisdom and use our minds properly 
Global warming ,pollution and climatic change are not demonic but rather an impact of humans careless thirsty for dormancy and blind civilisation 
Surely to dust we return

The world today is only a catalyst to make us die faster 
So don't pray for rains ,go plant trees and stop wasting your time.”
And let's not destroy our only home by taking good care of our environment, let's reserve and do away with the plastics on the land, chemicals(smoke) in the atmosphere and that bad being in ourselves, then get ready to see a very beautiful place we've never seen before.

Open for correction.

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  • I do really believe that a lot of things lies in our hands and when we fail to do them we will definitely run into problems, however prayers comes in when we cannot handle situations, considering the differences in  our abilities to handle situations. In any case as individuals, we should learn to do the right things and others will work well.

    - Agnes Onyema Olusola - 2019-11-25 09:33:26 Quote

  • Yes we can pray for climate change if we really need it. An instance happened like that in the Bible. Joshua did it, he said that the sun should stand still and the moon should stand still until victory is won and God heard him. Sometime when we have to go on an occasion or convention, we do pray that God should give us a good whether, so it is part of controlling the climate. God bless

    - Timothy Dayo - 2019-11-25 11:41:13 Quote

  • I do really believe that a lot of things lies in our hand,but in other hand God Almighty is the director and creator of everything, that's why we can pray for climate and rain, because we are under it,we has Dominion over it, only when we are righteous

    - UGWUOTI OBINNA - 2019-11-29 03:31:56 Quote

  • There's nothing too  small or big for GOD to do, and we should not underestimate that. If we pray for a stop to climate change, HE'S willing and able to do it for us. 

    Prayer changes everything, if it is GOD'S plan at that time. Don't think little of a little prayer. 

    - Charles Njikonye - 2019-11-29 19:53:13 Quote

  • In my own opinion,  a lot of things lie in our hands so it all depends on how we decide to use them.... On the other hand,  we all know that God is in charge and wen we call he answers us ...  So if you think we need the climate change you pray and definitely He will answer

    - Victor Ifeanyichukwu - 2019-11-30 08:09:02 Quote

  • I do really believe that a lot of things lies in our hands and when we fail to do them we will definitely run into problems. Sometimes I actually wonder why as Nigerians we have to pray for every single thing that happens to us. 

    The problem of climate change doesn't need prayers, praying for that is like a waste of time. 

    That's the more reason why God gave us senses, the problem of climate change starts with us and ends with us, prayer doesn't solve any thing at all.

    All we have to do is just change our actions to nature and I guess the world would be a better place 

    - Arenekhai Victor - 2019-12-03 14:28:18 Quote

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