Six (6) Kind Of People You Likely To See In A Company

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1.The Serious Ones: It is good to mind your business and focus on your work in office. These folks are the ones who doesn't really talk to anyone much even when a fellow coworkers say something funny it never gets to them, but trust me there observe and see almost everything.

2. The Hardworking Ones: These individuals can over work themselves,but it's not a bad thing at all, you always see them stay back at the office to work extra and the manager must close before they officially close for the day. Trust me these ones are best qualified for promotions.

3. The Playful Ones: These ones are the clowns of the office & are usually nice, they are always fun to be with, always exciting and make sure almost everyone especially their coworkers laughs, including customers or clients. They are close to the Cleaners & sometimes to get some new gossip topics to talk about. Sometimes they even make a joke during meetings. Trust me they end up been the ones with more issues in their personal life, but always laugh it out.

4. The Gossipers: These ones are always there in every firm, and are mostly common with females. These ones knows who's likely getting the promotion,these ones knows who Oga likes & think something is going on, these ones knows who's crushing on each other, these ones knows almost everything new.

5. The Fashionista & Hard Ones: These ones don't joke with their looks, the way they dress is always on point and they possess this Prudent quality in them, if you portray an attitude or manner of misconduct, they look at you as someone that is from the jungle or street. These ones are most likely to always disagree with anything or proposition been made. If they see any possible way to take their Oga's job they will eventually see to it.

6. The Religious Ones: These ones will always ensure they greet everyone whenever they arrive at work place,most times share cakes or something to eat,they are ready to hear someone & even want to take your personal problems as their own. For example 'CHRISTIAN' they always listen to Gospel Musics, Speak in tongues most times as the spirit leads,they always invite you for programs & they portray the Christ like attitude in them for everyone to see. 

Six (6) Kind Of People You Likely To See In A Company - By Chinelo Amaka - 2019-10-31 16:38:14

Well, these are essentially the same kinds of people we see everyday in and around the community and in society. Whether in the office or anywhere else, the important thing is to cultivate an attitude of respect, tolerance, compassion and inclusivity so we can all live/interact harmoniously.