Software Problems In Mobile Phones

Many times, the phones we use can just break down or start to malfunction and we can not pinpoint any reason or explain why such a thing is happening. Although, phones can malfunction if it falls; the screen may break, or a major component in the phone may begin to shake and cause problems in the system of the phone.

Now, in a case where the phone didn't fall, or hit hard on any place, but yet it shows signs of faulty system, then it is no doubt a software problem.
Software is the opposite of hardware. It is the aspect that deals with the parts of the phone that are not touchable; they include files, data, system settings, database, obb files, you can only see them but you can't handle them physically. Hardware components on the other hand are the parts of your phone that you can touch, feel and hold, like the keypad, screen, speaker, boards, panel, but that is not our focus today in this article.

When a phone has a hardware problem, it is a common issue that most people readily know about, and in fact, can find a solution on their own, but it's not the case when it comes to software problems. Most people become lost when their phone starts to malfunction because they can not explain what is happening to their phone.

Causes Of Software Problem In Phones

First, let us discuss some signs that your phone will begin to exhibit that signals that your phone is on the verge of a software attack, they include signs like;
1 Battery drain abnormal
2 Frequent weird shutting down of phone randomly.
3 Random heating up of phone
4 slow response for app startups
5 phone hanging while working.

Now, that we have listed out some of the many signs that your phone will show you when it is having a software problem, let us now discuss what actually causes these glitches in our phones.

1 using a memory card that has exceeded the limit of the phone. Every phone has the maximum external storage card it can take, some take up to 32Gb, some take up to 64Gb, while some may take as much as 120Gb. The problem arises when we slot in an external storage card that exceeds the normal limit of the phone. The phone begins to hang, slow down and even shut down unexpectedly, some apps may begin to crash, (even some of the factory apps too may be involved). This is just like swallowing too much food, it will eventually result in vomit. So, giving too much to the phone is the same as giving it what it can't take, thereby causing the phone to misbehave.

2 Downloading virus affected apps, documents, music, videos, files, and pictures into your phone. Viruses are all over the internet, it is all over the sites we visit, the websites we log on to, and mostly some of the files we download have already been affected with viruses that will instantly poison the entire system of the phone. It is just like bringing an infected person with a disease that spreads into a camp of clean and healthy people; the disease will spread in no time and contaminate everyone and everything in the camp. This is where the anti virus comes in handy. That is to say, every phone must have an anti virus software installed in them to detect and flush out any sign of virus. This software will screen and check any app, file, music or video that you are about to download into your phone, and if it detects any virus, it will notify you immediately and warn you to abort the download.

3 upgrading the software of the phone once there is a new version. Every software of every phone has a version number by which it is named, examples are "version 1", "version 2.0", "version 3.5" etc. Now, each phone comes with a factory version (that is, the version that has been computed into the phone from the factory), so the company makes a new version of the software and you are expected to upgrade the old version to the newly reduced one immediately you are notified of the availability of the new one. There are provisions for new versions of software because there may be a doorway that can be occupy viruses so the comoany improves it to better the phone.

We must remember that during any upgrade of any kind, we must ensure that there is no power failure, that is the phone must not die during the entire time of the upgrade. Make sure that you have at least 70% battery or that your phone is plugged during that time.


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  • Upgrading is an essential aspect of our phones. Sometimes when our applications on our phone are outdated we are notified to upgrade, and if we fail to do so those applications tends to malfunction and might sometime cause harm to our devices. So software upgrade in mobile phones are very very important for proper functioning of our mobile phones.

    - Armstrong Francis - 2020-01-13 18:56:18 Quote

  • Software issues are a very nagging problem as very serious issue. Very few technicians have the resources and Know how for Software Overhauls on Mobile such as Rooting for Android phones.

    I've had an experience with a phone whose OS just slowly crashed and throughout money was wasted fixing hardware issues.

    This is not to say that all Nigerian Technicians aren't Software Savvy though as the Concentration of Software Technicians Varies from Location to Location based on the Pattern of use of the Mobile Users

    - Denzel Alilionwu - 2020-01-21 06:59:36 Quote

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