Some Graduates Not Being Able To Recite English Alphabet- NYSC

The National Youth Service Corps have reported that some graduates partcipating in the scheme do not know how to recite the English Alphabets neither do they know what a bank statement is. This situation is really appalling and calls for immediate investigation as to the cause of this and therefore profer solutions as soon as possible.

Could this be as a result of the graduates not going through the educational process at all or the educational system in Nigeria needs to be investigated?

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  • That is so worst ooooo,for a graduate to be unable to recite the national anthem. They will now be shouting that there is no employment whereas they are dullards.

    - Gbadegesin Ajibola - 2019-08-16 12:18:18 Quote

  • Those graduates should be sent back to elementary school 

    - GIFT Mato - 2019-08-16 12:27:37 Quote

  • This is serious oo the government should do something about it , they should really look into the matter

    - Eneka Anna - 2019-08-16 12:46:21 Quote

  • I think his result should be questioned and the school authority because at least he did general course and there is general English there, how did he passed it

    - Olaleye Hammed - 2019-08-16 12:50:31 Quote

  • This is not good for graduate. I knew of some graduates' inability to construct sentences not that of alphabet.

    - Abdullahi Sanusi - 2019-08-16 12:54:19 Quote

  • knowing the alphabets is one thing, and reciting them is another. honestly, after jss1 you hardly find teachers teaching the students to recite the alphabets.

    The important thing is knowing, because in reciting, one is prone to skip some alpabets along the line not because he or she doesnt know but because of the mindset or because they have not recited it for a long time.

    Its not a joke that even reciting the national anthen alone, some people miss on the way.

    NOTE ALSO: Reciting of the alphabets is not inborn but aquired knowledge, therefore can be forgotten.

    - Lubem Terzungwe - 2019-08-16 13:00:54 Quote

  • Well it's not their fault, they can't recite English alphabet.

    - EGEDEGBE Divine Oghenejakpor - 2019-08-16 13:37:58 Quote

  • I'm really wowed,Graduates cant recite Alphabets?its really bad because that justeans they ain't worthy to be called a graduate

    - Michael Olatunji - 2019-08-16 13:40:50 Quote

  • That's very bad, how come they are graduate

    - Adewuyi Femi - 2019-08-16 14:19:10 Quote

  • Lol I think the management should be blamed for this great disgrace how can some who graduated from the university fail to recite the english alphabets

    - David Chinecherem - 2019-08-16 14:39:41 Quote

  • This speaks volume of the process that makes GRADUATES. I wouldn't be surprised if they are all first class students. 

    - Popoola Oluwashina - 2019-08-16 14:41:33 Quote

  • the education sector and the system is currupt it needs a serious investigation. i mean how can someone out of nowhere go to an institution and buy certificate from the authorities 

    - IBRAHIM HAFIZ - 2019-08-16 14:42:33 Quote

  • How on earth can this be possible, I for one do not believe in this. How can a person pass through school up to the level of NYSC and still can't recite the English alphabets, it's truly unbelievable.

    - Gerald Onyedikachi - 2019-08-16 15:01:07 Quote

  • The educational system needs to be checked because a victim of this circumstance most by off some academic management in order to acquire the said certification

    - Ephraim Iannah - 2019-08-16 15:09:14 Quote

  • Curruption is very bad because they sort to pass exam 

    - Onwe chijioke - 2019-08-16 15:47:56 Quote

  • Education system in Nigeria needs to be overhauled not investigated.

    - Rita Amadedon - 2019-08-16 15:52:23 Quote

  • His/Her primary foundation should be the cause... Not university level.

    - Odusina Pelumi - 2019-08-16 16:10:59 Quote

  • The only explanation to this is that these so called graduate did not pass through the educational system that's why they are like that.

    - Andrew Oteri - 2019-08-16 16:52:30 Quote

  • Gosh!!! Those are product of exam malpractice

    - Juliet Eziama - 2019-08-16 17:09:43 Quote

  • What do we expect when money buys everything in Nigeria.... Most of such graduates bought their way through school just like some of our today leaders. God help us oo

    - Gift Odumuko - 2019-08-16 17:51:05 Quote

  • The integrity of the schools that produced such graduates should be called to question. 

    - Edidhala Benard - 2019-08-16 23:02:57 Quote

  • Education system in Nigeria need to be investigated because sorting is every where in school now. Most especially our lecturers are the cause of it

    - Christiana Nwabuzor - 2019-08-16 23:56:17 Quote

  • This is so funny but what do you expect when while in school they are the ones who pay people to write their term papers and exams for them. Some of this people didn't apply to higher institutions to learn, they applied to get the qualification that they need to get they want.

    - Oluchi Raychelle - 2019-08-17 05:23:23 Quote

  • Graduates of nowdays dont focus on learning and personall development. They just want to acquire the certificate.

    - Olanrewaju Uthman - 2019-08-17 14:09:47 Quote

  • Best thing best the government should take serious search on the graduates before allowing them to serve our father land because this in return will affect the little one's especially to those who will be send to schools to teach.

    - Albert Audu - 2019-08-18 09:45:43 Quote

  • Honestly for me the educational system even from the primary schools  needs to be investigated because most people graduate from nursery and primary school where there are no qualified and well educated teachers and this affects the child because the foundation of a child really matters.

    - David Oyebade - 2019-08-18 13:24:51 Quote

  • He/she have poor educational foundation 

    In my environment people with fake result are employed as a school teachers not because there is no graduate but they have god father, he/she most be thought from such teachers/school

    - ABUBAKAR mallam - 2019-08-18 15:07:44 Quote

  • This is the result of examination malpractice and most of this is encouraged by some lecturers and teachers. 

    - Mujidat Lateef - 2019-08-19 13:36:31 Quote

  • No matter how much you try to settle lecturers and pay your way out just to graduate, it will still tell on you. You go through the school and the school goes through you. When you go through school and the school didn't go through you this are some of the results. You can't go to school and not study and expect life to be easy, it will affect you in the labour market.

    - David Isaacs - 2019-08-19 14:48:23 Quote

  • This is so bad..i wondering how they all reach where they are now.. They should be sent back to elementary school, it's not funny, institutions should b investigated and and this is also a cause of exam malpractice 

    - Nora Chidera - 2019-08-21 04:08:27 Quote

  • This is so alarming. For a graduate not being able to recite the alphabet and they will be saying there is no job, the government is not trying while they are the ones with the problem. who would like to employ such a person in his company or organization. Nobody

    - Samuel Eze - 2019-08-21 05:46:56 Quote

  • Most of our lecturers in the University are after money. Once they get paid you have your mark. But I think parents should be aware of their children performance from creche to university 

    - Chinwe Igboh - 2019-08-22 14:57:30 Quote

  • Well,let's all correct it from the top,I mean,how do such scale through secondary school,University even the closest primary leaving certificate there is no shortcut.serious screening should be done

    - Ademola Aderongbe - 2019-08-22 17:39:07 Quote

  • The lectures are d problem because they do collect sorting money so if u like u read if u don't like u leave it with ur money they will still give u ur A,B,C

    - Miracle Boniface - 2019-08-24 16:53:25 Quote

  • The educational system in Nigeria is very Disappointing because I see no reason why an NYSC member who we can refer to as a Graduate will not be able to recite English alphabet not to talk of giving a public speech, the educational system in Nigeria needs to be properly investigated so as to be sure if this Student who graduated are the ones who write this exams while in School.

    - Obagunle Paul Kehinde - 2019-08-26 22:41:25 Quote

  • The educational system in Nigeria is very Disappointing because I see no reason why an NYSC member who we can refer to as a Graduate will not be able to recite English alphabet not to talk of giving a public speech, the educational system in Nigeria needs to be properly investigated so as to be sure if this Student who graduated are the ones who write this exams while in School.

    - Obagunle Paul Kehinde - 2019-08-27 07:24:38 Quote

  • One of the two must be the cause of this its either they have been sitting at home all their lives or the issue may be from the institutions they attended. This is really serious. NYSC membwrs?

    - Stephen Danladi - 2019-08-27 12:12:03 Quote

  • In as much as the educational system in the country is poor, let us not blame the whole problem on the poor education we have because even in this poor educational system, some people were still able to succeed this is because they were consistent, disciplined and ready to learn while others were not attentive and never cared. You can learn the alphabets from internet videos so let's not fully blames the schools.

    - Emmanuel Samson - 2019-08-27 16:48:40 Quote

  • We have really gotten to this terrible situation in Nigeria and it calls for serious concern. 

    This is the result of raising half baked graduates. 

    As parents and future parents here, we need to discourage paying your way through examinations of your children, even from primary school. 

    The worst of all is GCE, WAEC and JAMB exams. It us the result of special centers that we are seeing in these people who can't recite what they were being asked to do. 

    - Tosin Ojumu - 2019-08-29 07:10:04 Quote

  • That's seriously serious. NYSC? No no no no. It's impossible for one to go through primary to Tertiary institution without knowing how to recite the English alphabet. They need to be investigated because something is wrong somewhere.

    - Samson Adamu - 2019-08-29 08:49:02 Quote

  • This is really bad,pls o how did they manage to reach NYSC level, Nigeria's educational system should be well investigated abeg, the only way they could have reached that level is by the use of expo and bribe...the use of Expo and bribe have become high in this country,most students are highly dependent on it nobody wants to study hard again,it is ruining the country

    - Olatunji Samuel - 2019-08-29 09:37:48 Quote

  • Wow !that's shocker, in a case like this  educational system in Nigerian schools and universities need thorough investigation and inspection to see if official staff are doing the mandatory 

    - Matthew Ajewole - 2019-08-29 11:55:22 Quote

  • This is just so disheartening to hear. This is because of the way Nigerian education is done so many persons are admitted into courses that they can study and most of them don't study at all. 

    - Joseph Chukwuneke - 2019-08-29 17:13:29 Quote

  • This is not the fault of schools.Students choose to know what they wish to know.The school can't force you to know what you should know.They can only play their role and leave the rest to you

    - Emuobo Tony - 2019-08-30 17:20:33 Quote

  • This is the height, that kind of person should not be called a graduate because in this case a nursery school student is better than the so called graduate. How the person went that far is still baffling

    - Sosanwo Grace Adenike - 2019-08-31 17:23:46 Quote

  • With most people not being able to even spell their names yet they get higher grades than others who really worked hard in the University because they are from rich families who could pay lecturers to pass their courses, I'm not really surprised at this revelation at the NYSC camp.

    - George Belema - 2019-09-03 17:36:24 Quote

  • This is so bad for a graduate not able to recite the English language alphabet. Well, Nigeria education is going so bad due to lack of incentives needed by the students and the teachers or Lectures. Though must students buy their ways through, such as giving money to the lectures to pass exams. 

    - Omoniyi Oluwaseun - 2019-09-11 20:49:02 Quote

  • I would say both are to be done cos we have some people that doesn't pass through university with Bsc certificate all in the name f there's nothing money cannot do

    And we have some that pass through university and the school doesn't pass through them those are the people that use money to get mark too just to move on to the next level

    - Ladega Babatunde - 2019-09-12 15:49:18 Quote

  • So disappointed to hear such news that a whole University or polytechnic graduate cannot recite Alphabet, this is because 70% of student gaining admission to tertiary institutions engage in exam malpractice to write their O level exam which  give them access to write Jamb  

    Well the solution to this lies on Nigerian educational system to do check and balances on the educational system.. 

    - Yahaya Solihudeen Ajiboye - 2019-09-12 17:00:36 Quote

  • This is to say that the Nigerian Government and teachers have a lot of work to Do on order to provide Basic Education for Nigerians who desire to learn but Don't have the opportunity or means.cause most of this is caused by lack of Basic Education

    - Victor Enoch - 2019-09-13 12:07:22 Quote

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