Some Reasons Behind Religious Discrimination In Nigeria

Religion is the belief in the existence of God or gods and the activities that are connected with the worship of them

Religious discrimination is the practice of treating someone or a particular group of people less fairly based on their choice of religious group 

In Nigeria, Religious discrimination is common and here are some reasons why 

  1. Violence;  When there's violence or conflict in a particular region due to terrorists or criminals who cause harm to others in the name of religion. Most people will begin to develop hatred towards that religious group. 

  2. Hatred; We're all human's and at some point we all feel like what we do is better than what others do. Thus we try to force people into our various religious groups. Some hate others because of the religious group they've choose while some generate hatred from those that discriminate against them. Alot of people have been deprived job opportunities because of the religion they belong to which is very bad

  3. Bigotry;  Some individuals just find unreasonable reasons to discriminate other religions based on their personal beliefs and opinions.

Advice;  we should all try to tolerate one another irrespective of the religious group, ethnic or complexion we belong to.  Let's try to stop discriminating based on religious group and ethnic groups. We should also stop condemning others in the presence of others.

So has anyone of you been discriminated against one way or the other?  If yes drop your story by replying 

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  • Over time, I have found that those people who do these things lack common sense. I'm right doesn't necessarily mean you're wrong and this is all what they fail to understand. Religion has stunted the growth of this country and that's why we have more churches and mosques than schools and hospitals, religion is now an enterprise. Only common sense can bring back what we've lost. 

    - Segun Adeniyi - 2020-01-01 10:24:50 Quote

  • What I think is that they don't really obey and believe their holy book. The Quoran preaches peace really but the Muslims don't want that. They want to use war to get everyone to be Muslims and Christian's on the other hand, some don't look at these Muslims with the love of God and show them love. They just see them as sinners

    - PROSPER IGHOSOTU - 2020-01-02 23:26:41 Quote

  • I don't see why religions should cause problems in Nigeria. After all we all said we worship the same God, and that's what we should always try and focus on and if we do this there won't be anything like discrimination or religions fight. 

    - Akinmoyede Damilare - 2020-02-12 03:58:57 Quote

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