Sowore Granted Bail, Says Nigeria S A Lawless Country

MR. Omoleye Sowore, The popular journalist and former presidential candidate who was detained by the Nigerian Department of Security Services on the allegation of treason after calling for a protest tagged #RevolutionNow has now been granted bail of NGN100M with the help of the lawyer representing him, Femi Falana

While he was being held, his wife led a protest in New York to release him on the grounds that he has fulfilled all bail requirements. DSS who held him custody claimed to have not received any court order to release him even when a court order was said to have been sent to them. Sowore, in one of his statements said Nigeria is a lawless country.

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  • Nigeria is actually a lawless country. Legislation is corrupt, Executive is corrupt and Judiciary which is the last hope of poor man is the most corrupt. Too much intimidation from Nigeria police and other security agencies. We don't see all those things in other countries. We're in trouble in this country

    - Onwa Matthew - 2019-10-04 18:14:48 Quote

  • Yeah he is 100% right in saying that. Imagine a country that cannot even defend himself, talk less of defending his own people. So i strongly believe in what he said, Nigeria is a lawless country.

    - Martins Adieza - 2019-10-04 18:38:47 Quote

  • Nigeria is actually a lawless country. But he should have known this before he tried to go against its government. God bless him for his efforts though. But Nigeria needs more than good intentions to get better. We need a person with good intentions who can actually do something about the country's situation. The likelihood of that happening is well, highly unlikely. God help us to help ourselves.

    - Alison Ugwuanyi - 2019-10-04 18:46:46 Quote

  • I weep for my beloved Nigeria ,we are completely a lawless country,there is nothing like rule of law ,the first court outcome was that sowore should be granted Bail but the DSS dismissed that 

    So pathetic 

    - Adenekan Akinkunmi - 2019-10-04 18:49:37 Quote

  • Yes he is right to say that,Nigeria is really a lawless country. A country where they arrest you for what you didn't do and they let the people that actually did it go Scot free

    - Idumwonyi iwinosa prosper - 2019-10-04 18:50:18 Quote

  • What Swyre said is actually the truth, Nigeria though practicing democracy seems to deny most of its citizens the right to freedom of speech, and as a result, it's leading to a decay in the political sector 

    - Orjichukwu justice - 2019-10-04 19:02:25 Quote

  • No one is above the law and we definitely aren't a lawless country, we have laws some people somehow manipulate the law but still the law definitely keep a lot of things in check

    - Egbeyemi Ireoluwa - 2019-10-04 19:05:00 Quote

  • Sowore is not far from the truth because Nigeria as a country is not practicing true democracy. It practices what I call psydo-democracy as the president assumes the total control of all the mechineries of government and does what he likes without putting the interest of the people into consideration. For instance, Sowore was arrested just because he organized a simple, peaceful protest as a Democrat and a human right activist but because they know that such protest will open the eyes of many people, the only option left for them was to arrest and detain him; that is not right as a supposed democratic nation like Nigeria. 

    - Joel Mejida - 2019-10-04 19:11:43 Quote

  • Nigeria is a country where by all activities arebeen controlled by money , sowore shouldn't have been out without that price tag "100m" it seems to me that the level of bankruptcy Nigeria has been is deu to inability to handle thier love for money. Nigeria is indeed corrupt.

    - Chidiogo ekechukwu - 2019-10-04 19:27:04 Quote

  • Truly, Nigeria is a lawless country.I don't see any reason why me.sowore was detained in the first place, he was caring out a peaceful protest which is never against any law in the constitution.

    - Samuel Chidobi - 2019-10-04 19:39:07 Quote

  • There are no doubts Nigeria is a lawless country and he should have known that before venturing into calling for a revolution thinking he would get justice if arrested.

    He should have known better. And he got it wrong with his title "Revolution Now"

    - Mohammed Abdulrafiu - 2019-10-04 19:39:43 Quote

  • Indeed Nigeria is a case of lawlessness. If someone like Sowore having a lawyer like Femi Falana could go through such lawlessness I wonder when Nigeria will entrench the supremacy of law and when the rights of a common man will be guided.

    - Durotimi Oluwatoba - 2019-10-04 19:44:31 Quote

  • Hmmmmmm in some ways Nigeria does seem like a lawless country but it's due to corruption that things are like this. The government system at times even seems rigged due to this corruption.

    I really hope Nigeria becomes a better Nigeria not just for we the citizens but for the nation I as well.

    - Babatunde Wuraola - 2019-10-04 19:47:29 Quote

  • Infact this country is somehow to me, if I could remembered during my secondary days, we taught about Civic-Education. That is when we taught about Government. Which means Government can be define as the  group of people with authority to govern a country or state. But is is somehow now a days

    - Oyekola Olamide - 2019-10-04 19:54:05 Quote

  • The fact Is that Mr Sowore is right, the country as it stands is a lawless country, from the executive down to the legislature, even the judiciary which was meant to be the hope of the “poor man” is sadly the most corrupt. I really feel for Mr Sowore, and Nigeria and the people in which the nation is in their control allows democracy to prevail, because even though we hide under the cover that we practice democracy, it is as though we are autocratic in our dealings. We hope for speedy release.

    - Frank Bethel - 2019-10-04 19:55:37 Quote

  • He is not the first person to voice out about that. The rule of law looks like it is being hijacked.let the members of the legal luminaries talk.power belongs to the people.

    - Obika Foster - 2019-10-04 20:03:55 Quote

  • Everything about Nigeria as a whole nah just scam. How can one be granted bailed after paying all the money required of him in other to be bailed and the still deten him.

    - Nwosu Vincent - 2019-10-04 20:04:56 Quote

  • You know I've actually come to realise that Nigerians address our country as lawless whenever  the law isn't in their favour. And this is due to fact that our country have not succeeded in their fight against corruption. Let's just remember that no one is above the law, you break the law you pay for it. So when next you want to break any law, find out the consequences first. So you won't keep accusing our nation wrongly. 

    - Grace Emenike - 2019-10-04 20:12:38 Quote

  • It is indeed a lawless country, I don't really know why this people keep extorting money from the citizens and still blame their failure on past government...I cant imaging, #100million bail?????....we won't know where that one will go now????

    Nigeria is indeed a lawless country

    - adeniyi ademola ibrahim - 2019-10-04 20:12:44 Quote

  • Nigeria is depreciating every year the condition are getting worse for the common man the law are just there on paper the don't use them at all he is right Nigeria is a lawless country. 

    - Okpako Rukevwe - 2019-10-04 20:18:52 Quote

  • As people rightly says, Sowore is being pay back in his on coin. If we remember, the same Sowore (Sahara Reporter) was used to frustrate Jonathan led administration by this set of people (APC). It is now that he is realizing that Nigeria is a lawless nation when things is not in his favor. 

    - OPEYEMI FAJEMIDAGBA - 2019-10-04 20:18:56 Quote

  • Yes Nigeria is indeed lawless why shudsh he be detained why he has his freedom and liberty most importantly press freedom or else they are now making impression that we dont have rights anymore

    - Precious Achionye - 2019-10-04 20:21:15 Quote

  • I don't know how possible court wil Grant him bail and dss will pretend they don't know.This is not right after detaining him for months without being with his family.The allegations on him that he committed treason was rules out by the court what else do federal government want

    - Oloyede olamilekan Michael - 2019-10-04 20:21:43 Quote

  • It is absolutely a lawless country. Where there is no transparency, a country were you see e mbezzlers in the country. Sowore is very right in his word this is lawless country.

    - Okoro chidiebere Henry - 2019-10-04 20:30:52 Quote

  • Indeed the lawlessness on a daily is on the rise it's sad that the rule of law is non existence and the government does nothing but extort it's citizens, our survival is all on hods

    - COURAGE AGBONS - 2019-10-04 20:38:29 Quote

  • Nigeria as a country is just Like animal farm, until all the animals revolt against this act of anachy and imfringment of human right all may not be too well, Sowore is like an example to us, the condition given as bail for him is a bit so EFCC will begin to hunt after howsoever try it

    - Adeniyi Gbenga - 2019-10-04 20:47:20 Quote

  • Our dear country is indeed a lawless one, where every government official is above the law. This SOWORE of a person is not guilty for all the charges layed against from money laundering to treason and the likes but in a country of ours where the citizens didn't have a say even when they say we are under democracy not military. Only God can save us now 

    - Eklou Gbenga Tunde - 2019-10-04 20:47:40 Quote

  • We Nigerians know that law and order only exist on pages of papers, and not in reality. You may be surprised to see Sowore still in custody after his bail conditions might have been met

    - Daniel Edet - 2019-10-04 20:48:38 Quote

  • The supposed to have a been released since, I because he too has said it earlier that Nigeria is lawless country and i also agree with him on that statement. All conditions they said he must meet in other to be released is too high and i think that,they may not release him even he met all the conditions.

    - Bashir Toheeb Ibidapo - 2019-10-04 21:25:02 Quote

  • Nigeria is the most corrupt and lawless country, the law is say and never done in Nigeria, to all extend Nigeria only implement law for Implemented sake, no  law is guided any citizens.

    - Austin Chinedu - 2019-10-04 21:39:56 Quote

  • I see no reason why the court will givea person bail and the security agents will refuse to grant the person bail,that shows we don't follow our laws in Nigeria and it make the common man not to believe in the judiciary

    - Taiwo Itunuoluwa - 2019-10-04 21:52:25 Quote

  • Yes! The entire Nigerian system is corrupt, lawless and full of bad so called leaders. How can someone who is leading a revolution to change the current situation of the country without any form of secrecy be charged for treason. Our leaders are just insecure because of their guilt. They should please free this man for the people.

    - Ndukwe Ikechukwu - 2019-10-04 21:53:03 Quote

  • Yes is true Nigeria is a lawless country so far they don't have any law in this country at all where they politicians do go against the law day by day they do what they are not supposed to do in the country

    - Miracle Boniface - 2019-10-04 21:59:13 Quote

  • A country ruled by dictators, where's the law. He wasn't even granted speech to the press. That is supposed to be his right. He wasn't wrong when he addressed the country as lawless

    - Soromtochi Chilaka - 2019-10-04 22:13:02 Quote

  • Actually Nigeria is a lawless country if not they are supposed to have released him immediately after the court have given other to do so but instead they were saying another thing,and if you look at it critically you will understand that lawlessness is the major problem that Nigeria is having today,may God help us.

    - EZE OGOBUCHI EBI - 2019-10-04 22:20:35 Quote

  • I have been reading a lot about sowore detention, this is very bad of the nigeria suppreme court to detain someone that has been granted bail. At least he deserves his freedom for now despite the fact that they have already granted him bail 

    #free sowore 

    - Mordi Christian - 2019-10-04 22:58:10 Quote

  • Since the election of 2015, Nigeria has moved away from democracy to autocracy and dictatorship.  There is no rule of law anymore.  We are operating with fears all around. We cant say our mind anymore even though we have the right to do so. Nigeria is truly a lawless country 

    - Babatunde lateef - 2019-10-05 20:16:21 Quote

  • This is very true.

    Nigeria is a country where laws only apply to the poor.The rich are getting richer and they have their way around everything without passing through protocol. Corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of our government. The rule of law is no longer practised as some special persons have become bigger than the law. God help us

    - Christopher Peace - 2019-10-05 21:59:59 Quote

  • Yes Nigeria is a lawless country nothing good comes out of this country at all. The three arms of government is nothing to write home about. The lawyers in this country can not stand for justice and peace, but prefer bribery to cover-up the truth.

    - Francis Emmanuel - 2019-10-05 22:14:44 Quote

  • Mr sowore is perfectly right, in saying this country is lawless. The corruption of this country has now, eaten so deep into the so called judiciary. The judiciary is supposed to be independent of external influence, but reverse is the case in Nigeria. 

    - Onekeneke prince - 2019-10-05 22:56:56 Quote

  • Well Nigeria is a lawless country if critically viewed,but at the same time with the lawlessness whoever go against the government must  be punished accordingly. Anyway if a country is lawless then no one should arrested. 

    - Babatunde Olaniyan - 2019-10-05 23:03:33 Quote

  • That's right Nigeria is a lawless country. Imagine a country where laws is set up to govern people's behavior and some body is set up to regulate and govern the set up law yet those body are the one that always violet the law which is not good enough

    Nigeria law is not on justice but on supremacy which is not good enough 

    - Oretan Ayomipo Micheal - 2019-10-06 00:35:39 Quote

  • Sowore may not be far from the truth going by the number of court judgement passed and the refusal of the executive arm of Government deliberately to honour the judgement delivered. This shows clearly that Nigeria does not have a constitution. People are been detained for months without trial while some are being locked up in DSS and Police cell without being charged to court. Looking at all these and many others, one can easily agree with Sowore that Nigeria is of course a Lawless nation

    - Akese Francis - 2019-10-06 07:24:18 Quote

  • Actually he's right Nigeria is law less. But he should understand the fact that this is our we do our thing is different from this is how you do ur thing, al country have their advantagies nd disadvantages so our point of praying is that may good god bless our country nigeria

    - Opeyemi Pelumi Abiola - 2019-10-06 09:44:13 Quote

  • He is very right on his statement calling Nigeria a lawless nation. I hope some day the youths in Nigeria will rise up against this government impunity against her citizenry 

    - Charles Igala - 2019-10-06 11:46:51 Quote

  • Their is Still law in this country, what apprehend him is a law. If Nigeria is a lawless country I belief he wouldn't have been remanded for what he did

    - Olabooye Olalekan - 2019-10-06 12:19:10 Quote

  • Yes he is correct nigeria is lawless they dont follow the constitution anymore the political leaders are above the law no independent of the judiciary,executive nor legislature we hope for better tomorrow

    - Francis Udoh - 2019-10-06 12:57:08 Quote

  • I wonder what this country is becoming, one doesn't have the right of peaceful protest again in this country.we claim to be democratic but we infringe our citizens rights. They should release him

    - Emmauel Chukwuemeka - 2019-10-06 14:31:35 Quote

  • Law in Nigeria only favour the people in authority, working against the poor. A poor man that stole 1000 naira for survival rotten in prison without trial and our leaders who stole public fund, billions of dollars are the celebrity of our land.

    It is only in this country that snakes and monkey swallowed money without surgical operation for the monkeys and snake.

    Sowore had not committed any crime, he does not carry guns nor weapons. Law is there as a traps set to catch the poor.

    - Omosowon Albert Olurotimi - 2019-10-06 18:41:24 Quote

  • Freedom of speech in Nigeria is not actually Freedom of speech. 

    The #revolutionnow movement is a dream if everyone thinks it will be achieved peaceful. sowore's case is nothing compared to what the "top" is willing to do to the 'bottom' if this comes into reality. I personally think revolution now demands cannot be achieved "now" but gradually with a different government in power!

    - Jonathan Joseph - 2019-10-06 19:30:14 Quote

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