Spare No Bandit – Buhari Orders Army

President Muhammadu Buhari has on Friday ordered the Nigerian army to identify all the bandits disturbing the peace of the country and eliminate them.

In a statement disclosed by his senior special assistant on media and publicity, Garba shehu, Buhari charged soldiers not to spare Bandits, noting that they have been killing, maiming and extorting innocent citizens.

I think this is a good call, what do you think?


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  • For me, I think he is now doing the needful in reducing the rate of criminlogy in the country which is a good move to make by any good president. Kudos to him.

    - George Amos - 2019-08-17 20:25:24 Quote

  • Yeah,it's a good call,these bandits and boko harams are great threat to man and his property. A lot of people has loved there families,loved ones and a lot of properties because of all these bandits.

    - Sylvia Dupe - 2019-08-27 16:23:53 Quote

  • Yes it is a good call. I am 100% in support of the president. You would never imagine the torture this victims go through in the hands of those bandits. 

    - Adamu Usman - 2019-08-30 13:51:27 Quote

  • Yeah,it's a good call,these bandits and boko harams are great threat to man and his property. A lot of people has loved there families,loved ones and a lot of properties.

    - Roland Chima - 2019-08-30 15:40:35 Quote

  • Nigeria soldiers have been call up to act once again, this is not the first time that no bandict should be spared by Nigeria soldiers, but I hope this will yield a huge success and reduce greatly the criminal activities going on in the country.

    - Joshua Ugochukwu - 2019-09-13 18:35:51 Quote

  • The army should make sure they are punishing an actual bandit and not an innocent passer by or someone they have a grudge against. It a should not be done in public before civilians and onlookers. 

    - Mofolu Ayo - 2019-09-16 18:24:59 Quote

  • of course its a call just like several others before now that never translate into action. Approval of minimum wage, to what extent has it been implemented? Fighting corruption. How many of our politicians that have been caught, tried, persecuted? What is being done with the money recovered from these looters? They walk freely and do their thing with impunity while the little yahoo boy that's been caught in a cyber crime is being castigated and defaced. What a country.

    - jbliss0071 Ewere - 2019-09-18 07:26:38 Quote

  • Yes it very good order for the army to make sure no bandit go scot free and also they should provide adequate equipment for the soldiers so as to work on insurgency all around the nation. 

    God bless Nigeria 

    - Yahaya Solihudeen Ajiboye - 2019-09-18 07:41:41 Quote

  • I concor. 

    There's is nothing as good as knowing u are in an environment where ur life and properties at secured. 

    I think he is rising up to his responsibilities. 

    May God cont to help him

    - Abiona Olawale - 2019-09-18 20:03:31 Quote

  • As a matter of fact this time a political statement will not be played gallery in dealt with those stubborn criminal in our society. If military has earlier got this kind of order, no politician would have had his way to politicize this menace.  

    - OWOLABI Ayodeji - 2019-09-22 06:58:47 Quote

  • This should have been pronounced a long time ago, but as it's now, it's not too late to swift into actions to ensure all bandits of any form are nip to the board. Enough of their maiem, unrest, insecurity in the land. 

    The general public should support this move to fish the out to wipe off these bandits and their menace. We need peace in this conutry, so l support the order.

    - TUNDE ADEWUYI - 2019-09-26 21:46:10 Quote

  • Yes. .its a nice one.. So happy with the president decision... At least the killing, kidnapping and so on would reduce in our country... We would all sit up... I just hope they eliminate the bandits from our country 

    - Favour Onyenibedi - 2019-09-27 11:30:16 Quote

  • I am very happy to hear this because there is no need for sentencing this guys to jail since they are evil perpetrators l, The best that can be done is what the Chief of all armed forces has just initiated which is going to go along way to reduce the killings and ritualism.

    - Oluwatumininu Abel - 2019-09-28 16:28:47 Quote

  • definitely its a good call, as we all hope for the better Nigeria, for matters not to get complicated all we have to do is pray that those tasks the presidents asigned be carried out with all their might, all for the glory of God and a better Nigeria.thank you

    - Anthony Egwu - 2019-10-05 20:11:30 Quote

  • This actually one of the things government is supposed to concentrate on. This is a good one but there are still some things the government have to make done to help the development of this country. At least now I can say the president is doing his job and not just spoiling this country 

    - Benedict Omoboye - 2019-10-21 23:51:18 Quote

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