Sports & ICT A Vital Tool To Economy Development Or Not

It is no longer new to anyone that the sporting world has evolved over time. 

Sportsmanship or showmanship like I prefer to call it is one of the best, active and assured way of elevating our beloved country Nigeria to the position we all want it to be.

However, to achieve this governmental bodies and NGOs have a vital role to play in ensuring that Nigeria is forever at the forefront of every international competition by providing all necessities.

Considering the likes of Anthony Joshua, John Obi Mikel, Austin Okocha, Joseph Yobo, Teslim Thunder Balogun to mention but few are all skilled persons in their field. 

Considering how excellent and influential all of them are not just in Nigeria but in the world at large I think its a wake up call for our government to realise understand that investing in human resources is the best way to grow our economy.

Let me point out here that for every professional sportsperson is a full fledged company capable of employing  as many people as possible by so doing elevating others from poverty. 

on the other hand, the fastest growing profession is Information Technology and Nigeria just like the rest of the world is growing so fast in this aspect.

permit me to state here that in the next couple of years many profession will be defaced by ICT where too much man power will no longer be needed in carrying out a particular job but by a push of botton.

Now is the best time to start building a future in ICT, governmental bodies need to step up their plans and invest more in this area.

I urge and appeal to every capable hands out there not just the government.but other NGOs, well-to-do individuals to look beyond what they have termed Nigeria youth as and see that Nigerians are very skilled. All we ask for is the opportunity and support as it is said that a tree can not make a forest

in line with the above I also want to encourage us youths not only to develop academically because we too like school for Nigeria but also venture into ICT. Expensive though but very lucrative.

We are Nigerians, we are strong, adaptive, bold, intelligent and skillful.


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  • Most of the leading men in the world in terms of finance are all in into I.T

    The rate at which Information Technology generates income is evidence enough to support the fact that Nigeria can grow it economy if it focus much on it. This is due to the fact that the world is fast growing into a global village.

    - Lewis Confidence - 2019-12-18 12:51:02 Quote

  • These two factors are very important to our society today.

    Sport which brings about employment and career takes the mind of youth into doing something great for themselves.

    While ICT which is computatwof data can store relevant information about a particular thing.

    These and many more can add to the development of the nation.

    - Nisan Johnson - 2019-12-18 20:17:13 Quote

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