Steps On How To Use Ginger To Burn Belly Fat In Two Weeks.

Ok! Nowadays protruded(big) stomach is very common not only to the aged people but also to our youths, young girls even complain of having belly fat. Different Methods can be used to cures this, but one of the simplest method is using ginger, galic and lime.

Here are the steps in making it

1. Grate the ginger, use two large size then grate in a bowl 

2. Grate your galic, used 4-15 normal size grate and add it to your ginger

3. Cut and press out your lime, make sure the lime is squeezed properly in to a cup then keep aside

4. Boil your water and then pure it into the grated ginger and garlic. 

5. Sieve it to avoid swallowing the particles. 

6. After it has cooled off for a while add your lemon into the warm giner and garlic mixture and drink 

Note :this should be drank at once for immediate effect and this is also applicable to guys. 

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  • Since I saw these post I have been working on myself to kill belly fart and I just started using ginger really its working, I have heard a lot about ginger, and I can actually give you a cool way of living a medicinal healthy lifestyle with ginger

    Mix ginger, galic, lime orange, in a small conterner/ bottle allow it to melt for days. After ward boom ur infection killer is here

    - Israel Sukari - 2020-01-04 03:02:09 Quote

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