Struggles With Bodyshaming, How I Defeated The Monster!

Body-shaming is the practice of making critical, potentially humiliating comments about a person's body size or weight
It can be by telling the person he/she is too fat or too skinny
Both genders go through body-shaming everyday and trust me when I say it's part of the top reasons why most teenagers are depressed
It's a popular belief that females are the ones that experience body-shaming in most case scenarios and that is the truth, the males experience it too but it's mostly the female species dominating up to 80% of the victims

I am a victim of Body-shaming, I have experienced it first-hand from people (friends, relatives, neighbors et.c) whether intentionally or non-intentionally, and I must say it's not a good feeling.I would literally stand in front of a mirror for minutes looking at myself and thinking of ways I could have looked better. You know that feeling when you know you have a flaw, you're not up to standards and you keep beating yourself up for it everyday then have people reminding and telling you about that same flaw every time? Yeah! That's what I've been feeling since my early teenage years ( just to be clear, I'm still a teenager) . I know you guys are probably thinking, what is she getting body-shamed for? is she too fat or too thin? I will give you few seconds to guess.

Yeah! You guessed right, I was too fat and I hated it. So, I started stressing over it, beating myself up, going on ridiculous diets, exercising till I can't feel my limbs, thinking I would lose weight. Well, I did lose the weight but I gained it back whenever I made a headway, Every Single Time!

So, I gave up. I was always so mad at myself and the people around me weren't helping either. I hated myself for it
Not to be all mushy on you guys, I also have people who encourage me and told me to accept myself, that I'm beautiful just the way I am. People like my Dad, my Mum and my closest friends. That's it!
The rest? They always have something inappropriate to say about my weight

I was almost depressed but luckily got a grip of my sanity before I fell into that dark loop, I thank God and my parents for that...
Now? I'm just a fat, short, almost 17 year old girl, studying pharmacy at one of the best school in Nigeria (that's Unilorin by the way ?)
I have learned to love myself just the way I am, not to care about what others have to say about me. I'm still working out actually but I've learned to take everything slow, move at my own pace and beat all of my insecurities one day at a time!

To all the body-shamers out there, you all need to stop! Like seriously, just stop! Body-shaming doesn't make anybody look the way you want them to look, instead it makes the victim feel miserable and useless. It is an Inhumane act!

And to all the victims of this Inhumane act out there... You're beautiful, you are loved, you are amazing, you are the best version of yourself! Don't let anyone look down on you or make you feel less about yourself!
You all are Kings and Queens and wonderful people, Your flaws makes you perfect! Do what you love, spend time with your loved ones, don't fall into that deep dark hole of depression and anxiety!
Whether fat or skinny, you're beautiful! Remember you're created in HIS image, so You Are Beautiful!

Adjust your crowns and face the world, beat down your insecurities one day at a time, the journey of a thousand miles start with a step so, try hard! I know it's not easy, it wasn't easy for me too but You Can Do It!
When you love and accept yourself, the world does the same and move on, they're so quick to move on, trust me...

Stand up, dust off your coats, tie up your shoe lace, adjust your tilted crown and face that insecurity!

Please feel free to share your experience or thoughts about body-shaming in the comment box below.


Love you all!❤

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  • I personally don't like giving bad comments about the shape of people even when it's not in my interest. Everyone can't be the same, there will always be fat people and thin people so I think we are all special in our own ways, it just takes a little too much for the world to see it

    - Taiwo Abiala - 2019-11-04 10:26:27 Quote

  • The best way to avoid body shaming is being proud and bold of who you are, most times it isn't about body shaming sometimes your dressing, you not putting on makeup, you ugly, you too dark, you lame and all those trashy words, but if you careless and know that people don't have opinions about your life and you love your self then you ok, when you feel depressed always remember that you beautiful just the way you are, and somebody somewhere is craving for your body, lastly always know you are God's own imagine. 

    - FAVOUR ANN - 2019-11-04 15:44:40 Quote

  • Having high self esteem and positive comments about one's self goes a long way in preventing body shaming. That doesn't mean one should become obese. The society will always complain no matter how hard you try to please it. So do what makes you feel good and wear what also makes you feel good

    - Akachukwu Jaguar-Ofoegbu - 2019-11-05 14:48:37 Quote

  • Body shaming is a bad phenomenon and should totally be discouraged where ever it is seen or experienced. The Holy book has made us understand that we are all made in the image and likeness of God so no one has the right to abuse another person's shape or  looks, it's just disrespectful to both God and the person involved.

    - Victor Oyetayo - 2019-11-07 14:58:32 Quote

  • Be comfortable in your skin, no one has the right to tell you how you should look. Afterall God created us all different, so why should we be stereotyped to look in a particular way. Personally I feel so long as your body isn't causing a medical condition and you are comfortable. Have your peace

    - Love Inofe - 2019-11-09 09:12:58 Quote

  • No matter how fat, ugly, not good enough you think you look, never give room for low self-esteem about it. If you aren't too comfortable with how you look, you can always change it by working out, being on diet, considering lifestyle change and all. As long as it will make you feel better.

    After all, we all love to look good.

    - Funmilayo Adeeye - 2019-11-11 11:31:53 Quote

  • I don't like it when people body shame others because I believe nobody has a perfect body. Not only fat people go through that skinny girls also. What we need as women is high self esteem, self confidence and self love. Once you learn to love who you are no one, I mean no one can bring you down.

    - Onyinye Ugochukwu - 2019-12-07 06:15:15 Quote

  • Very creative and bold of you to write up something like this, a lot of people actually face this kind of stuff and they don't even know what to do about it and it leads to depression. It's very important that people should know that u shouldn't allow anyone to define you. It's not like they are perfect.

    - Ife Shade - 2019-12-11 18:51:03 Quote

  • Well, God created everything to be how it will be and also to be special... No matter how you re, tall, slim, fat, e.t.c, you re specially made by God.... Many that are slim today are saying, how I wish I would be fat and same goes to fat people, how they wish to be slim for them to do shakara... So no matter how you re, be happy, let nothing disturb your peace.

    - Stephen Ndu - 2020-01-26 22:45:05 Quote

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