The Bad Effect Of Victimization In Nigeria

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Nigeria, if I'm not mistaken, is founded on skepticism. Due to the many cases of the insecurities of kindhearted, philanthropic and caring individuals being victimized, it is discovered that many people who are sincerely and genuinely in need of help remain unhelped from their situations.

We see them on the streets each day, the boys and girls, shadowed women and men; and we value them to be evil, bad, untruthful, wicked and deceitful. When we hear stories from true hearts that provokes the need that we revert them assistance or some aid in some place of their lives, we decide to feel and believe that these ones have hidden motives. We talk of how the street is suffering and the agony that treks in the lifestyle of dwellers of the slums but we never seek to help wherever, whenever our aid is needed.
What is our fear? Are you afraid of being duped for being too nice, as some simply call it? Are you scared of losing your life to death or terminal disease or being robbed in the process of helping someone?

Don't forget that the  commandment stated that if you must suffer at all, let it be for doing the right thing.

Help that local beggar along the road you walk everyday. Render a feeling hand when and wherever you can. Please don't nurse your intuition to always suspect a loophole in someone's plea for help. Pour yourself out and make a good history. Yet, do not be fooled.

What do you think?

The Bad Effect Of Victimization in Nigeria - By Sunday John - 2019-11-05 09:32:58

I think it's good to help and not refuse to help because you think of evil being returned for the good you do. God sees the heart and will bless a cheerful helper/giver. God will also protect you from the hands of wicked men who plan to harm you because of your kind attitude.


The Bad Effect Of Victimization in Nigeria - By Akinola Dayo - 2019-11-05 11:11:57

It is heart breaking that nowadays people don't even wants to help anyone again the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.Even the bible preached about giving and that is one of the key to success but it funny on how people now ignore that fact.


The Bad Effect Of Victimization in Nigeria - By Fasan Michael - 2019-11-06 09:13:36

It is okay to help, but one should help with the idea at the back of their minds that helping has put many people in trouble. Helping others in this country requires absolute wisdom! One should not go too much out of his way to help, else he would be the next person needing help. Just be careful and watch.


The Bad Effect Of Victimization in Nigeria - By George Oniovosa - 2019-11-06 15:06:16

It's a good thing to always help the needy. It's also a known fact that some people who have offered a helping hand those who are in need, have been badly hurt in way or another and it has been used against them too...

But, we can't keep ignoring the fact that there are those out there who genuinely need help or assistance all because we are scared or trying to protect ourselves from being hurt.

For how long would we continue to hide behind this reasons and letting this issue continue to eat deep in our societies. ItsI so saddening seeing people who truly need help in one way or another, but are constantly brushed aside.

Please let us not dwell on this factors or reasons for ever, we can still help with some measures of wisdom.


The Bad Effect Of Victimization in Nigeria - By Francisca Okpala - 2019-11-13 03:39:52

People who are victimized goes through a lot of pain especially in our country. We should help them whichever way we can whenever we come across any. Give them the little you have nothing is too small and we should stop making them feel the pain by reminding them of their troubles with our victimization. 


The Bad Effect Of Victimization in Nigeria - By Ngadi Friday Chinwe - 2019-12-13 00:49:23

A lot of people are victims of different unpleasant circumstances which is true but at the same time there are a lot of other people who are lazy and are trying to get people to pity them thereby coming up with fake stories of being victims to things that never happened.

There are a lot of people on the street today, both young and old who try to play on people's emotions so as to get money or benefit from them and in some cases people who try to help them might get duped or robbed in the process. 

Its good to provide help to the needy but the question is how are you sure you are not being played!?