The Big Update Is Here. Please Take Your Time To Read And Digest

In the cause of creating a stable, legalized, legit earning and savings system for everyone, I have finally and officially put an end to any program that doesn't favour everyone as expected, including NNU activities and related programs. All I do now is to partner and promote the ones that I am 99% sure of and legitimately trying.


At the same time, I channel and focus my energy on our new modern cooperative society platform with FINTECH services "Seedershub." The following are the latest update, further development and the progress we have made so far.


Good News!


Partnership with Providus Bank Limited:

My executive committee members and I have further our cooperative services on a more standard level. We have now partnered with Providus Bank Limited by integrating membership bank account number for easy and secure wallet funding and receiving payment for your profitable savings system.


Issue Membership Prepaid Debit Card:

I am happy to announce the introduction of Seedershub Verve® Card through Providus Bank pursuant to a license from Verve International, which can be used anywhere Verve debit cards are accepted in Nigeria, including ATM, POS and Web.


In this regard, members now have more access to their earnings and savings withdrawal at any time of need. If you are already a member, kindly login to your account and request your card from the dashboard menu > Card.

If you are not a member, you should join us now to take advantage of what we have to offer as follows:


Seedershub is a modern FINTECH Cooperative society platform with the following unique and exclusive three significant values:

  1. Save and earn up to 18% interest as a cooperative dividend per annum; this is what you may not get on other savings channels.
  2. Access to a loan of up to 200% of your consistent savings as a member without collateral.
  3. As a member, we also offer you the opportunity to earn ₦1,000 per referral through your referral link or membership username if you wish. (Optional) 

Since we aim to grow as one of the financial institutes with a better service in Nigeria, we need more people to benefit from our services. 


Hence, we made the affiliate system available with more valuable features for you to clear doubters, including instant membership account numbers for flawless transactions to your savings wallet. Membership prepaid debit card and some other exciting features, including bills payment services, fund transfer services and many more.


Next in progress is the processes of getting insurance with NDIC to rest assured of member's fund safety.


If you are not yet a member, you are invited to try us today while you create your wealth and experience a financial service better than you had expected. Sign up at


In the same vein, I do not forget my NNU members who have trusted me for years, including old members on all my previous platform for over four years now—starting with Coolnaira till this stage.


Let me first appreciate you all for your trust and loyalty while following back to back. I also appreciate all other members, both active and inactive, including understandable and reasonable members and those who may not understand. 


I appreciate everyone who believes in me and my internet hustle with the cause of creating online earning opportunities for everyone till this stage, including those who see nothing good coming and those who abuse me and even call me all sorts of names. 

I understand your predicament, frustrations and grievances. It's normal for an ordinary human to react in whatever way they feel when things don't work out as expected.


It has not been easy, we have gone this far and have tried with little we can. So while I stopped here on those programs that don't favour everyone, I will keep trying as much as I could to make sure those who are eligible are rewarded for what they have suffered for, including pending earners.


Fast forward to my plan:

With the current NNU Income project, while I stopped all activities earning related. The two websites will keep running to serve their news update and social forum purposes. In contrast, we keep member's account details with an affiliate program for tracking records and reward the eligible ones from time to time.


From NNU. NG, we will start approving earning transfer to NNUFORUM. COM. In that case, all accumulated pending earning and reversed withdrawal will be in one place on NNUFORUM. So if you have pending earning on NNU..NG, don't lose hope yet, we will keep the site running with the database without losing any member's data. Make sure you have an account on NNUFORUM in other to transfer your earning and save it.


Your activities earning may be subsidized, depending on your accumulation. You will be able to use your earning for bill payment options, including top-up airtime and data. You may also get your Seedershub wallet funded with your affiliate earning to withdraw your money using your Seedershub debit card when approved if you are a member.


Reasonable plans like these are on ground to make sure you are rewarded faster if you continue with us on our new movement and be part of the cooperative platform. Otherwise, we urge you to exercise patience and follow updates as we gradually payout pending earners.


If you have any questions, my official phone number is always available via WhatsApp only. Save it and message me at any time. 08169787210.


Stay safe wherever you are amidst this uncertainty period. Also, try different online side hustle by investing little from what you have now to earn more and save the future. Be smart and do not spend on your money while in locked down. This is a trier time, and it will soon be a thing of the past.


I wish you all well, long life in good health. See you on Seedershub while we enjoy the new features, earn more money and save for the future.

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