The Concepts Of Service.

First of all Service is an Act of being of assistance to someone or something. Even Jesus.  Served, he served so much most especially for the benefit of the people. Just look at this,jesus left heaven down to earth for the people, because he wants man to come to heaven to enjoy with him, now that's purpose. Another fact,  have you ever seen a General that has not gone to War? Never and it's impossible, you must be willing to conquer fatigue and work and serve. You also serve in every aspect of life. For the women, if you serving with flesh and cliverages, you must look out for significant content in that flesh, because trust me there are things that cannot be for the palace. You cannot bring street or indecent character to the palace, because the palace portray or possess contents of prudent, principled and organized characters. 

Leaders: You need to serve, you cannot be great if you have not served or you are not serving somewhere. If you want to be great, you have to work at it. Think about this, currently somewhere someone is thinking of how to develop things and bring upgrade. Most of the greatest people are great because of the people. You can see or confirm through alot Great Men like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and so many more. 

Business: Visibility concept, you need to know how business works, just imagine someone just feel like doing anything he or she feels like, but you need to serve to know about things in business. Business is about service, business is what you do because you want to know and there's something unique you are bringing.

Marriage: In marriage what are you bringing to the table? Whenever you travel or you are not around does your wife miss you?Eveuin firms, Companies how significant are    you. Have you ever thought about this when a wife tells her husband not to do something and he does it, that thing is likely to fail, why because she's has a negative energy about it and doesn't want him to fall victim to it. So it's all about service and value. Invest in your children, because your children are Gods     own, you are just a Custodian. A food for thought, invest in your children because the day of weakness is coming. 


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  • The shortest cut to promotion and favour is service. Quality service mixed with humility is a key that opens doors. Life itself is measured by donation (service) to humanity not by duration. People are remembered for what they did or what they did not do. Your epitaph will read a summary of your services to humanity and eternally God rewards people based on services rendered, good or bad

    - MAXWELL CHUKWUNEME - 2019-10-28 13:30:13 Quote

  • The act of service is very important to those who want to become great leaders in the future,one must learn to work under pressure and would strengthen their leadership ability

    - Abua Favour Peter - 2019-10-30 14:53:47 Quote

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