The Day I Will Never Forget

This happened for the second time. I would have taken precautionary measure but was left with no choice for the fact that I had no money to propelled the process of making a change that was necessary.

I watched the rain falling from 2am to 5pm on Saturday the 12th of October, 2019. The flood was so much that the normal rain boots commonly worn was no longer safe. The water level kept raising till it entered all the rooms on ground floor. I hung some things that was on the floor on the wall, while some where flooring in the water, there was nothing absolutely I could do at that moment. I was in that water till that evening, catching cold like a Dove, unable to go out for food, wishing i could fly like a bird, because the flood was so much and terrify, just like a black ocean. 

Two days after we had a very hot sun. On that night another rain fell which almost made my BP raise abnormally, and I had already flee away from home pending when the water goes down.

If money were grass, I wouldn't wait to witness the third time. I would have gotten myself a house in a very safe and well planned environment, that one would not wish every season should be dry season, irrespective of the heat. It was really a terrible experience that I won't forget in a moment.

​​​​Share you experience, do you have any day you can never forget? share with us.

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  • It was a saturday morning, and I went out to buy food stuffs; on my way back I attempted to cross the road when I got hit by a motorcyclist who insulted me for my poor vigilance before crossing. I got minor injuries bit I thank God for my life and I learned a great lesson which everyone is familiar with "Look before you leap".

    - Zuokemefa Oyinmiebi - 2019-10-19 03:58:06 Quote

  • I remember when i was younger, 

    I decided to go swimming in the river close to home with my friends and my sibs. 

    It was all going well, i was at the river bank. Soon they urge me to join them in the water. 

    Brothers and sisters, water almost carry me comot. It was an eye opening day for me. 

    It taught me to never do what others do when i know i can't do it, just to fit in. 

    - Nelson Reuben - 2019-10-19 08:26:59 Quote

  • The day I will never forget is the day I got the chance to travel outside the country for the first time. It was South Africa. I literally thought it was a joke until the day I arrived at the airport in South Africa from Lagos. And trust me I really had so much fun there. It was an experience to never forget

    - Joy Adeshola - 2019-11-17 22:37:01 Quote

  • The day I will never forget, was the day my roommate fought with me just because I locked the room, and she didn't take her key along with her. She hit me Soo bad, she almost stab me with a knife. We never had any issue before that day. Her action that day really scared me so much that I couldn't even sleep in the room for days, for fear of not being attacked in the middle of the night.

    I've never witnessed that kind of weird behavior before.

    - Azeezat Abubakri - 2019-11-18 09:02:18 Quote

  • It was a Saturday evening when I and my cousin left home for a party despite several warnings from my mum.the party went well till my drunk cousin decided to drive us back home.we were involved in an accident where she broke her legs and had internal is a day I can never forget, It taught me to be obedient always

    - Faith Olure - 2019-11-18 09:06:01 Quote

  • The day I will never forget was when I was still in secondary school, jss3 to be specific. I was heading home and it began to rain heavily I started running to reach a shop nearby in the process one of my sandals cut lose and it didn't just end there I stepped on a slippery and muddy slope and I did a dance move called " rubber leg". I dislocated my ankle and I couldn't get up from that position. I cried for help and a class mate came to my aid.:)

    - Chigozie Ukwuoma - 2019-11-18 11:44:47 Quote

  • It was Monday, when my father was seriously sick me and my younger brother went school, on our way back from school we heard some noise coming out from our house, when we reached home we find out that our father was no more with us. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Ameen. 

    - Ashiru Salisu - 2019-11-18 12:49:49 Quote

  • The day i will never forget is my first day of travelling on the sea, it was nice when we first left at shoreline logistics company calabar until when we entered high sea the ship was as if it is going to turn upside-down my body condition changed and my stomach began to turn i prayed for safety till i reach my destination which is Cameron, it was indeed a risky trip and a day i will never forget. 

    - Ekechi T.A - 2019-11-19 05:30:15 Quote

  • The day I would never forget was my graduation day 6 years back in high school. I fell on the podium while receiving my gift because I was wearing really high heeled shoes my mum warned me not to wear! I was in pain for weeks and I still remember it just like yesterday.

    - Uwaila Isaac - 2019-11-19 14:12:42 Quote

  • The day I wold never forget was when I scored my first goal as a footballer and gave my team the winner goal i was so happy that I scored the goal because i was angry and pieced so I played hard refused to pass the ball and took a shot straight to the net 

    tho i gave myself an injury 

    but it was worth it 

    - Ike Samuel - 2019-11-19 14:38:25 Quote

  • The day I will never forget. It was last year December my dad bought a sheep and we tie it and when it get to the day we want to kill the sheep then we find out that the sheep have escaped from where we tie it we did not see it in two day 

    - Ogidiolu Adebayo - 2019-11-19 16:39:34 Quote

  • The day I will never forget is when I was coming back from  church, suddenly my aunty was calling out my name so loud in dismay, my mother was cut in the vein in her leg with one of her catering material.....i was so afraid that something bad could have happened to her, thank God she survived and walking normally now! 

    - Divine kamso - 2019-11-19 16:52:40 Quote

  • The day I will never forget is the day I went to visit my dad in the hospital who was just recovering from Stroke and he said he does not know me my mum introduced me to him but he still did not remember and could not even pronounce my name tears rolled down my cheeks as I stared at him speechless but all thanks to God he's ok now

    - Ebikeme Ebifeme-ere Favour - 2019-11-20 10:43:19 Quote

  • I just got a job through someone that knows the manager of the Company. So to me I was like the fact that it is through someone I shouldn't rush myself that it is still my job whenever I got there, my job is always waiting for me...

    They asked me to resume 8am I got there 9:30 the manager asked me to go back home.. I pleaded but she still refuse

    - Sophia Yekini - 2019-11-20 11:44:58 Quote

  • The day I won't forget in my life was the day,was the day I left church annoyingly without finishing the service because I was not given food ,on leaving the church as I wanted to cross the express road never knew a car was on a one way.i got hit by the car and I fell unconscious on the floor the next thing i saw was that i was admitted in the hospital with both of legs broken.a day I won't forget in my life

    - Eniola Toriola - 2019-11-20 13:45:14 Quote

  • The day I will never forget was on sept 14th 2018.I was pressed right from work but I decided to keep it until I get home since I have few minute more at my place of work.immediately after closing I drove down home with the intention of visiting the gent as soon as I arrive home,but unfortunately I couldn't see my key.I searched everywhere ,I called someone to help me check my office and the key was not found.After an hour plus that I have got stranded outside I found the key I was looking for.Ask me where do I see the was my wife that came in and said ,iis it not the key that am holding with the car key?

    - Adebayo Olalekan - 2019-11-21 13:15:30 Quote

  • As for me , i could remember being in nursery School, after closing hours I headed home with some friends on the way we saw a mad woman who had been in the area for years and then one of my friends just provoked her , unfortunately for me I wasn't so fast , even had to drop my bag as we all fled... It wasn't funny at all. She didn't get me tho

    - Adeniran Edward - 2019-11-22 23:55:53 Quote

  • One of the days I can never forget in a hurry, was the day I almost drowned in a swimming pool. Because of my adventurous nature and ignorance that the more further you go, the more the depth of the pool. I struggled in the water for over 5 minutes, until a swimmer caught my attention and came to my rescue. 

    - Michael David - 2019-11-26 12:33:52 Quote

  • The day i will never forget , 23rd Sept 2015 , i sat down on the chair , lost in thought , thinking of how I'd survive alone ,  with tears dripping down my cheek  death took away my beloved mom,  on that faithful day ,  i couldn't do or say anything,  i watched as people trooped into our house just to sympathies with us. I remembered  walking up to my mom,  called her ,  lifted her hands but she didn't respond,  just then i heard a voice which was familiar (my mom's voice) called my name.....Precious,  i turned but didn't see her behind me,  i looked at her again.....i smiled cause she said her final farewell to me by calling my name....since then i remained strong for her sake....This is the day i will never forget.

    - Precious Udoudo - 2019-11-27 16:21:31 Quote

  • Uhmmm, the day I'm not likely to forget anytime soon was... the day I saw some of my friends writting a formular at the back of their laminated course form, and well I thought it was a good idea cuz that formular seemed difficult to understand.. so I wrote the formular at the back of my course form too. Then I went in to write my exam... I was done writing and was about to submit when an invigilator walked up to me to heart was beating so fast that it almost left my body. I was close to being suspended from the university at 300l, but thank God I wasn't..that was the first and last time I'll ever try such nonsense again! I thank God I'm a graduate today. 

    - Edozie Tochi - 2019-11-28 20:38:54 Quote

  • The day I will never forget was the day I was warned not to play on a wet tiles. It was on Wednesday that faithful afternoon. closing time to be precise. Heavy rain fell and the whole school was wet. As a small boy that I was , I gather some of my other small friends and decided that we should go on a race on the tiles. They agreed, they all said yes. We started the race, I ran with full speed that I lost control of my legs and fell with my mouth hitting the tiles. I broke my teeth. I lost my smile that day... that the day I will never forget. 

    - Emmanuel Oyemolan - 2019-11-29 16:30:29 Quote

  • That day i will never forget was the day i was falsely of stealing in a shop close to my house, the woman, Iya Alaje as she's fondly called insisted i took the money she left on her table and from no where tears began to fall from my eyes.... Thanks to God her first son came back early and told her he took it while he was going out

    - Ashonibare Adedotun Ridwan - 2019-12-01 21:06:55 Quote

  • The Day I would never forget is the day I wrote my junior waec last paper, it was on the 26 of July 2012, I was just about to go to school that day when the rain started, I had to go to school that day under the rain to avoid failing it was very horrific.

    - Jeremiah Paul - 2019-12-02 13:32:07 Quote

  • Mine was years back, the joy of coming home from boarding school for the mid term break was something I always loved.

    That day, mom was on a short leave from work as well. As Dad dropped me home, he went out immediately. Then I went into the house to see my mom resting on the couch ready to welcome me.

    Only for me to see a cute little white puppy starts chasing me around the house, I still had phobia for dogs then.

    I ran every ignoring the words of my mom to stop, which lead to me having a great fall from the staircase

    I don't know how it happened, I found myself injured badly and was rushed to hospital

    Since then, I hated that dog since, although it still lives with us. 

    - Adeola Opaleye - 2019-12-03 15:35:57 Quote

  • I will never forget how I ran into a mad man on the road at night and he nearly bite my hand off so I had to hit his leg and ran away it was a very bad day cos I lost my voters card while struggling with the mad man

    - John Charles - 2019-12-05 10:35:07 Quote

  • I was going to church on Sunday which I had an important opinion to say with the youth, when I was going,I had to play song on my phone with earpiece which I was just so focused,I didn't hear the sound of Horn of the bike,until he moved close to me and gave me slap publicly, I was disgraced, I can never go the street again,Whenever I pass there am always talked about.

    - Akande Daniel - 2019-12-11 09:19:35 Quote

  • I was young back then. My aunt took me to visit one of our neighbors that moved to their new house. When we got there we had fun and all, so I wanted to use the toilet , then I looked myself in the toilet.... Then I was done I wanted to open the door that was how I couldn't open the door... I cried and cried no one heard me . until it was evening when my aunt wanted to leave then their came in search of me and tried opening the door but still couldn't.... After few hours the door open... Ever since that day I haven't forgotten the incident.

    - Faramade Adeyemo - 2019-12-11 10:07:49 Quote

  • Hmm the I can never forget, I was traveling from Lagos to Ilorin and the driver was driving so recklessly we cautioned but he don't listen then the vehicle started acting funny we had to stop at Ibadan to repair the vehicle after that we continued our journey then the driver saw his colleague and he stopped the vehilche to speak to his colleague after they finished interacting we continued our journey then he started driving very fast the speed was too much that it looked like the vehicle was flying suddenly it started raining and we the passengers told him to slow down but he don't listen that was how he lost control of the car and the vehicle turmbled to the other side of the road I thought I was dreaming but it was real we had an accident but thank God nobody died I and the guy sitting beside me was the only one that had a minor cut hmm I was so grateful to God that day. 

    - Akanbi Zainab - 2019-12-20 00:02:27 Quote

  • I can never forget when arm robbers came to attack us on Monday night during July 4th that night was a very terrible night for me they tied All of us  and they told my father to give them the pin to his account which he did an they took up to about 1.5million in order for them not to get caught and they took my life savings that was about 25 thousand I can never forget that day

    - Treasure Igbins - 2019-12-28 11:10:20 Quote

  • When i started my poultry farm newly,i attended to my chicks and left for work. Around afternoon time a heavy downpour started i had to rush home to take care of the chicks,on getting home the rain has flooded the cage and brought all the chicks outside the compound.

    - Anagui Nmachukwu - 2020-01-10 10:51:38 Quote

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