The Difference Between Learning And Imitating Someone

In the world today some people do things because others are doing them while some learn how people do things and apply it on what they are doing. We should strive to learn from people and not copy them because someone else recipe for success may be your recipe for failure. What I'm trying to state is that we all should have our own things doing and not doing what the next person is doing.

When you are trying to be someone else the best you can ever attain is the person's second but when you are yourself you are the original and not a photocopy. But there things you should take from people around you which will be useful for you to reach your goals, which doesn't necessarily mean you are imitating the person you are taking that from, you two might have different goals but still the person can inspire you; for example; A hard working engineer who archives his goals can inspire a student who is studying medicine to work hard in other to achieve his/her goal. You can see both of them want to achieve their goals but different goals but the same approach. 

So we should grab other people's attitude towards achieving what they want other than joining them to achieve their own goals while we keep our own pending. 

Please add your opinion on this, what you do think? 

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  • Learning and Imitation are two different things.

    Learning is an act of acquiring knowledge. We learn in different ways. Sometimes we learn by studying, by experience and by making researches. In learning, one gathers information and thereby improves base on it.

    To imitate is to look like or to liken to someone, something. In this case, one does a copy of what has been done before by someone. It is following the same pattern or model.

    - Samuel Willie - 2019-12-02 04:00:20 Quote

  • Exactly what young entrepreneurs out there need at this time. I love the part you stated imitating others makes you second to them so we should learn so we can be masters of ourselves. Learning to do things gives us advantage with or without the teacher but imitating others make us feel empty when they're gone 

    - Taiwo Abiala - 2019-12-02 05:28:20 Quote

  • In most cases, people destroy their destiny by imitation, we can learn from people to develop ourselves but not to imitate them and to do as they are doing.

      You can never imitate anyone and be like that person it is impossible even if you try to work the way they are working to eat the way they're eating you can never be like them.

    - Matthew Ayomide - 2019-12-02 08:23:07 Quote

  • In our contemporary society, people often view or see imitation as a way to bringing oneself to limelight, this is far from the truth and reality. If you want to standout, the only way to go about it is to maintain your standard. 

    What should be not forgotten is that, the more you try to imitate anyone, you will eventually loose your originality and that is what makes you who you are.

    - Abdullahi Surajjdeen Attama - 2019-12-02 10:59:24 Quote

  • Learning is far better than imitating someone because learning gives you adequate skill about one particular thing and the ability to be independent but in the case of imitating someone else altitude you might not be perfect about that altitude and you will not be able to think wide more than expected 

    - Afe Timilehin - 2019-12-02 12:34:22 Quote

  • Learning is the act of accumulating knowledge while imitating is the act of following or copying someone.

    Now in learning, you are accumulating knowledge to be a better and original you, while in imitating you are following or copying someone to be a second of that person not the original of that person but the second of such person, while copying someone you can't be yourself, you are not living your life but someone's own. So why copy when you can accumulate alot of knowledge from someone to be a better and original you.

    - Comfort Ogbuji - 2019-12-02 13:46:52 Quote

  • Learning is very much different from imitating and a lot of factors comes into play when we're talking about learning. 

    Learning is accepting and knowing that you want to be impacted about one thing or the order meanwhile Imitating is just forming or pretending to be learning one thing or the other from a teacher or from anything that impacts the knowledge  whatever it is the person is learning. 

    - HotYarns TV - 2019-12-02 15:20:16 Quote

  • Learning and imitation are two different things but I believe one should learn from people and not imitate cox imitation is limitation. U are limiting ur own abilities like u said u can't be like the person but second of the person. I believe everyone has a unique potential in them so one just needs to harness it.

    - Somadina Valentine - 2019-12-02 20:09:13 Quote

  • Learning is one of the key to success bcos every day by day we are learning and he who did not want to learn cannot succeed in anything but imitating friend is just the act of lazyness bcos you cant gain anything there on less you learn from what they are doing 

    - Ayan Aloyinlowo - 2019-12-02 22:49:17 Quote

  • Learning is simply acquiring knowledge ,while imitation is simply copying someone or something.

    By learning,one gets more understanding and is able to device his / her own strategy and doesn't need to be someone else's copy.

    Imitating someone or something completely is simply agreeing to be someone's copy. Although one can imitate someone's way of success .

    They are both different, hope you get my point

    - Ezike chukwuemeka - 2019-12-02 23:50:52 Quote

  • Learning can be categorise in different ways.. 

    You can learn from people, environment, children, objects and lots more. Learning is a continuous process and it helps to broaden ones knowledge about what they have known before or about to know. 

    Imitation is doing/ coping other people work. When one imitate it means the person is doing exactly the same things as others.. 

    It's not good to imitate other people work, rather it better we look at what they do and create our own style of doing something different. 

    - Sojirin Tolulope Adeola - 2019-12-04 11:18:50 Quote

  • Learning is the act of acquiring knowledge.we learn by making research,study asking questions and been curious about things around us.but imitating is the act of copying someone

    Doing what the person did to make people around you laugh and in the other way round mocking the person

    Learning and imitating are two different thing 

    - Chioma Ugwonna - 2019-12-05 10:55:17 Quote

  • When you learn, you are acquiring knowledge either for your benefit or to help someone. We all learn in different ways e.g. Experience, Making researches or watching how people do stuffs

    When you imitate, you are redoing what someone is doing. You follow the exact procedure, you do it the same way it was done before.

    - Toluwaniyi Boluwajoko - 2019-12-11 10:09:42 Quote

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