The Different Between Chemistry And Compatibility

When you hear the word Compatibility or Chemistry, what comes to your mind? 

Do you find it confusing? or you seem not to understand it? 

Chemistry is the emotional connection between two people,the way you feel about them is different from what you feel with other people, sometimes it could be likened to you crushing on a person but  its entirely different from Chemistry, if its a Mutual feelings between both partner, then chemistry exist.

That little vibes you feel when you are around them, that love thoughts, goose bumps, and fantasy you both feel is what is called chemistry.

Most people are Attracted by what they see and as a result grows feelings for each other, it could be their appearance, the way they talk, the way they act, their vibes, them being jovial and the way you react to all that, bring about the chemistry.

Compatibility in terms of relationship means the ability of two partner to co-exist, live together, get along, cope and adapt with each other. Being compact able doesn't mean you guys won't have conflict at times, but compatibility help you resolve your differences. you could have chemistry and not be compatible. If you can't tolerate each bother the chemistry could die.

Compatibility is an ingredient to sustain and fuel a relationship.

What do you think, which do you feel is better.

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