The Exit Of Unai Emery And The Future For Arsenal

Unai Emery entry to Arsenal from PSG in May 2018 carried a lot of expectation, Arsenal fans were looking for someone to assure them that their woes were the fault of nobody of Arsene Wenger. The 47 year old Spaniard did not have the best of streaks lossing his first 2 games.

Although managing to carry arsenal to their first Europa league final in 2019, the team was utterly crushed by their city rivals.

He has not had the impact which was expected of him, rumours flying around say that he will be expecting a sack before the end of November and honestly I feel it is very possible.

The problem I believe is that Arsenal players aren't motivated enough, the players at arsenal have no international ambitions, if they end up in the top 4 or the buttom 4, they seem not to care enough. Although the fault isn't Emery's alone, it is quite obvious that he is the one being purnished for the inconsistencies of the team.

Now rhat arsenal is looking for a new coach, I feel a strategist of the caliber of Jose Mourinho would do incredible justice in raising spirits, personally, it would be a sight to see Jose as the head couch at Arsenal.


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  • Jose mourinho is already plighting his trade with the spurs which could be the best replacement for Emery. Arsenal team has a bunch of good players but to me, Emery is just an average coach that can't coach a big team. He need a team that doesn't care whether he lose or win, just stay in the league. Sacking Emery will solve little of the team's problem if they get a well experienced coach

    - Akorede Lateef - 2019-11-25 09:47:43 Quote

  • We must first of all understand that the Spaniard came to the Emirates with ideologies completely different from that of his immediate predecessor - Arsene Wenger and the fact remains that Unai lacks the ability to make impactful signings at the club. The only virtue which the Arsenal faithful been exercise for now is patience. 

    - Emmanuel Emeh - 2019-11-25 12:33:44 Quote

  • One thing we are failing to understand here is the fact that when a team have a coach that has been with them for a very long time and then decide to leave the club, it will be very difficult for a new coach to just come and perform magic. It happens to Man united and up until now since Ferguson left they are still suffering it. So Arsenal football club are also facing same thing, so in my own opinion whether Emery is sacked or not Arsenal will still be facing same thing 

    - Emmanuel Williams - 2019-11-26 09:11:25 Quote

  • I think that Arsenal have every right to be impatient with Unai Emery, he has not proven himself to be someone that can lead the team to Domestic or European glory, at least not anytime soon. If Arsenal are to sack him, i think that a tactician like Masimillano Allegre will be a good fit for the North London side, he has proven that he can win trophies like he did at Juventus,or Mauricio Pochettino even though they will have to overlook the fact that he has managed their city rivals. They have some quality players but currently, they need a little bit more than just quality players. 

    - Olawuyi Babatunde - 2019-11-27 01:32:47 Quote

  • Now that pochettino is being fired by toteenham ,i think he his best manager to replace Emery at arsenal , arsenal need a lot of managerial changes in other for them to make it out this season.and I think the Emery cant continue to make progress in the emirate staduim , arsenal need quality changes as fast as possible

    - Eniola Toriola - 2019-11-27 13:10:52 Quote

  • I doubt if Jose Mourinho will be able to coach Arsenal. Arsenal is not a team that spend a lot of money to buy players. But, Jose Mourinho does spend a lot of money to buy players and if the shareholders can't please the team manager, the team won't stand firm. So, it's best they use a better coach apart from Jose Mourinho.  

    - Joseph Christopher Ideye Ebohon - 2019-11-28 12:09:42 Quote

  • Emery first season at arsenal was impressive, until he started applying some tactics that is wrong which doesn't bring positive result. Arsenal shouldn't be club that should be in UEFA cup competition with the caliber of player we posses. It's a good development as he's sacked because he would cause more problem and I don't see him improving the best decision was taken by the board to sack him. We can look out for good coach out there I suggest Allegri former Juventus coach 

    - ugwueke uchechukwu - 2019-11-29 11:49:11 Quote

  • Emery has been a Good coach no doubt about that, but you can't be a manager to such a great club and lose 7matches in a row(4 home games and 3 away games). Even under wenger, it wasn't this bad. But Good one from Arsenal for acting fast, maybe they are interested in pochettino, who knows. Pochettino can either go to Bayern or Arsenal.

    - Daniel Sunday - 2019-11-29 12:15:04 Quote

  • I think Emery's downfall started when his relationship with senior team players like Koscielny and Ozil broke down. It's like a traditional in England for a team coach to have problems if he is not in good terms with the big players. Now I hope they will appoint a coach that is a motivator.

    - Iyiola Dolapo Hezekiah - 2019-11-30 03:44:18 Quote

  • Unai is a good coach but with the players arsenal have now its impossible for him to thrive,look at the top six squads far better than arsenal's.if they really want to compete for epl they should buy quality players and reset their button if not they will not be able to see the quality of any coach they hire

    - Saeed Umar - 2019-11-30 09:03:59 Quote

  • i believe the club needs a motivational coach for the team and if not, some players need to be flushed out of the team. I will advise the new coach to also look in the mid field that feeds the front line for more balls and a drastic action needs to be taken on the defence line...

    - Adedeji Olaleye - 2019-12-02 10:33:45 Quote

  • Jose mourihno wouldn't be a perfect replacement for unai emery, Jose is more of a defensive coach as we all know that was why he was successful in clubs like inter Mila,chelsea and Porto never implementing that at Madrid or man u.I think pochettino would be a perfect option or Luis Enrique people who are attacking minded rather than defensive minded

    - Ekene Stanley - 2019-12-02 12:48:49 Quote

  • Unai Emery tried his best. It's very obvious that Arsenal's problem is from the players. They are not motivated enough and their mind isn't made up for winning. They need a coach that can stand up to them and ginger them and I don't think that this appointed coach is up to it, But who knows????..... Since Pochettino is still free, I think they should go for him and give him a good budget for few players. The players in arsenal has what it takes to reach the top 4, they just need a coach who convert someone like Xhaka and Ozil from Average players to Non Averge players because they have something more in them.

    - Chidera Uzochukwu - 2019-12-02 18:51:27 Quote

  • I blame Emery when he first came to arsenal he performed good..don't forget different tactics will be used coaching different clubs he wanted to use the same with a completely different team.He should have gotten better defenders at the rate he bought pepe ..we don't have a solid defence that should have been addressed but it didn't and it caused his downfall... We can't even keep a clean sheet.. We just hope for better replacement

    - Bisola Adeyeye - 2019-12-05 07:41:13 Quote

  • the problem with arsenal is not the coach but they are not recruiting the best players that are fit for the task instead they tend to use small boys who are not matured ,we all know emery to be a good coach who has won trophies with different clubs ,sacking him is not gonna change anything if they don't buy the players required and matured for the task... The likes of Manchester city, man united ,chelsea and Liverpool do spend money to buy players and we can all see how things are working good for them ....

    - Moses Nicodemus - 2019-12-05 13:08:20 Quote

  • Emery or no Emery the club has been behaving reluctantly ever since Arsene Winger left the club. They depended more on him instead of thier team work. Sometimes team ability to win or not is more of the team first. They could have cooperated together to build a strong team. The coach isn't the one playing the football it them.

    - Adedayo Adekugbe - 2019-12-09 20:54:44 Quote

  • The Exit if Unai Emery was a Big Blow for Us all, Arsenal is a Very Big Club and Emery as we know has Coached Big Teams In Other Leagues Also. I Personally Feel He could have Gotten Better if he was Given a Chance to Prove His Worth Once More.

    - Nonso Nwanegbo - 2019-12-11 22:10:31 Quote

  • Unai emery is a coach from a big team paris saint germain. He lacks communication and it has affected him at p.s.g and also affected him at arsenal. He had the quality players but unable to achieve anything in Arsenal. The numerous poor match results affected the players and make them lose form and currently the team is struggling. The players are not at fault, they are exceptional and will perform greatly under a motivational coach cause that's what the team needs.

    - Adetunji Kehinde - 2019-12-13 01:36:38 Quote

  • There has been lots of speculation about who Arsenal want as their next permanent manager but I am not really bothered specifically who that person is, more about the set of values and qualities that they will bring.

    I want someone with charisma. A good communicator and a motivator, who can bring the right balance to their style of play.

    Above all, though, Arsenal need a winner. Someone with a long-term vision for the club, and the ability to see that vision through.

    - Ismail Toyeeb - 2019-12-14 08:43:13 Quote

  • Unai Emery was supposed to be a better successor to Wenger. I think he failed at the beginning of the season when he began selling good players from the team, those who have played for years and adapted. The new players he'd sign won't just blend in easily so that led to his poor performance

    - Ubonabasi John - 2019-12-29 16:07:08 Quote

  • Emery deserves the sack since he sold some of the best players that would have blend with his game plan...His new signings didn't blend with his style of plan (slow game) instead of the tiki-taka team we knew...The only difference between Arsenal and Barcelona is d finishing alone and the defence which Emery didn't really work on...

    - Udeh Josiah - 2020-01-01 10:25:35 Quote

  •  mourinho is already plighting his trade with the spurs which could be the best replacement for Emery. Arsenal team has a bunch of good players but to me, Emery is just an average coach that can't coach a big team. He need a team that doesn't care whether he lose or win, just stay in the league. Sacking Emery will solve little of the team's problem if they get a well experienced coach

    - Bolarinwa Olowe - 2020-01-02 11:17:49 Quote

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