The NCC On The Launch Of 5G In Nigeria

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In line with the 2020 set date for the turn out of 5G in Nigeria, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) will take a gander at three key regions of intrigue that will be valuable to the nation. These regions incorporate improved versatile broadband applications, the low ultra-dependable, low inertness applications and the Machine to Machine application. 

As indicated by NCC, Nigeria and other countries of Africa will buy in rapidly to the upgraded versatile broadband application.An Official Executive of NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta, while reacting to inquiries at the simply closed ITU Telecoms World in Budapest, Hungary, said the explanation behind this was on the grounds that African nations are attempting to turn out broadband framework for broadband applications. "So this will spike us on to guarantee we set up the essential framework," he commented. 

As far as status of the Landmass for 5G development, Danbatta said Nigeria and different nations inside the district are attempting to hold the range for the turn out of broadband services.Specifically, Danbatta said in Nigeria, the emphasis is on 26, 38 and 42 GHz. He noticed that these frequencies exist and are not authorized for some other application. 

As per him, the nation is hanging tight in expectation for the institutionalization procedure to be finished at the World Radio Correspondence (WRC) in Egypt, at that point we will perceive how we can go ahead with authorizing process in the three frequencies.

The NCC on the launch of 5G in Nigeria - By Rufai Kaliq - 2019-11-08 09:42:41

Seriously I do t think that will be good, presently we are using 4g but it not more like 2g and people are not enjoying it now 5g. Everyday with it own problem, to my thinking the idea is not convincing and I think it not what we need now. 


The NCC on the launch of 5G in Nigeria - By Oga Charity Uleko - 2019-11-08 15:44:08

NCC are only taking this step just to enrich their pockets and not for national interest because many villages are still struggling to have full access to 3G, and 4G is still fluctuating in many cities. Here in Nigeria, 4G is working at only at the speed of 3G. Upgrading 4G to it maximum speed should be their best move now


The NCC on the launch of 5G in Nigeria - By David Okafor - 2019-11-11 00:13:31

Have not dwell in 4G for too long now 5G is out or coming soon what will then now happen to our phones that is 4G built will it be upgraded automatically from the data base or are we now going to start buying  new phones over again we need change not change that will be against us but for us