The Nigerian Laws And Its Effects On The Masses

In Nigeria, the laws doesn't favor the masses. The elite class are so myopic and self-centered to the point that the cries of the citizens sounds like a melodious music. The ruling class makes laws that only favors them under the guise of security checks, environmental preservation and corny ways of making the people feel they are being valued and catered for.

Recently, the Federal Capital Territory banned the use of motorcycles, tricycles and cabs not painted the Abuja-color (Green) The effect of this has increased the penury of the general public, whose only means of transportation is public transports. The effect of this act is unemployment targeted at the masses, no one can argue that glaring fact.

Also, the Lagos State Government came up with another un-informed banning of motorcycles and tricycles in the State. This also, has the same effect on the masses as mentioned earlier. The Plateau State Government is about to implement a similar law in the State, guess who will still suffer the effects of such law? Your guess is as good as mine (The Masses).

If their major objective is to implement a security check, there are several ways to achieve the purported objectives without having to suffer the electorates. Motorcycles and Tricycles has provisions for plate numbers, why not compel the riders to register their Motorcycles and Tricycles with the appropriate authorities, with this being done, you can easily checkmate and regulate them, instead of rendering them jobless with no other option because, most of them only has that as their means of survival.

It is also alarming that, all this laws are being enacted without any other viable alternative to compensate the affected parties. Hence, inadvertently worsening the security system and rendering the fight against insecurity void!

Do you think our leaders are taking the right step in the right direction?

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