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All  men  on  earth  are  born  with  their  respective  default  abilities,  no  matter  how  minute they are, no one is ever born without a specialty. But as we all grow in life, we become more relevant in the society than each other and it isn’t as a result of the differences in our talents and abilities, but dependent on how well we have developed them and added other skills to our innate abilities for the betterment of our society. After birth, the inherent abilities in individuals are expected to be developed, some develop theirs and some don’t, which most times aren’t intentional but circumstantial. The best and only tool needed for the development of these innate abilities is Education. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “Education is the knowledge, skill, and understanding that you get from attending a school”.

The necessity of Education in the life of an individual cannot be overstated, just as food is a basic need of life for survival, so is education needed for the relevance of such life in the society. Education is all about acquiring of knowledge and developing of individual’s skill. To educate means to be enlightened with new ideas and to develop ideas.

Education, in its real sense, furnishes a man with the right mentality of turning the society to a new and better one by taking away the darkness of ignorance. Being educated is not the same as being literate. Being a literate means being one that can read and write while being educated means being refined in all ramifications, with great knowledge capable of changing the world.

The German Physicist, Albert Einstein, once said that “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one learnt in school”. Education isn’t restricted to the four walls of a classroom, but extends beyond formal to informal settings. Learning is a continuous and unending process which commences from birth, continues throughout a life time and ends at death, and its necessity cuts across all spheres of life. Lets’ consider the essentialities or focusses of education: for a change and for development.

Firstly, Education is a catalyst for change and an essential foundation because it gives knowledge about our world and enhances our perspective of life. Through education, life has being technologically advanced and gone through several changes for man’s sophistication or comfort; and this is because education gives room for more study birthing new discoveries. By implication and recommendation, a society that will change must invest in Education.

Secondly, Education is an instrument for the development of innate abilities and skills. It also makes a platform for creativity and for the marketing of these abilities. As such, Education should compel to one to promote ones talent and not what one is impassionate about.

Conclusively, the nitty-gritty of Education is to equip individuals with fresh and necessary knowledge and to develop inherent abilities for the development of our society.





The Nitty-Gritty of Education - By Joshua Eze - 2019-09-25 06:11:51

The school environment also prepares one for the competition in the real world, the stress and pressure one faces in the real world. Many people that didn't stay in that school environment find it difficult to survive the pressure of the work force .


The Nitty-Gritty of Education - By Onekeneke prince - 2019-09-25 21:42:38

Yeah the school prepares one for the topsy turvy of the labor force. The school however has failed in the area, of equipping the students with a business and independent mind of survival which is needed critically in this era.


The Nitty-Gritty of Education - By NDU-ELUWA CHIMELA - 2019-09-26 08:11:02

Well all these important education is a very important tool for change but in a society that is fused with serious unemployment after sun has been educated to be employed in the workforce, even in the midst of the skills in which he might have acquired in that form of education he finds a  no-level playing ground to make use of those skills to enrich himself. Well I believe that the only thing that is lacking in education is the ability to make someone wealthy


The Nitty-Gritty of Education - By Dairo Idowu - 2019-09-26 19:21:27

Hmmmm, this loaded. But permit to add this, education build a giant in one's life. What I mean I the sense of saying this is that when you are educated, it gives you confidence to go some place that an illetrate will be scared of going. It gives sense of belonging.