Big Kasava Or Cocumba - One Big Scam Virtually Everyone Is Scared To Report

There is a very big scam currently ongoing on the various social media platform. You will see adverts on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and what have you. The reason this caught my attention is because I have seen hundreds and possibly thousands fall for  this scam without mentioning a word to even their closest friend. They will rather prefer to swallow the bitter pill and move on.

What are we talking about? Nothing but the numerous adverts you see on a daily basis on how to improve your performance as a man during sex. How make your cocumber grow 10 times bigger within 7 days, say good bye to 2 minutes sex and all of that.

I am not here to spoil anyone's business neither am I trying to discourage anyone from buying what they want to buy. If it has been working for you, congratulations. Increasing men's performance and lasting longer during is a topic for another day.

The painful thing is that many guys have been deceived by the sellers of these drugs that is meant to make the guys last 15-20 minutes. But only after paying #15, 000 to #20, 000 you get the product and discover later that it was all a scam. It is not all about the money. Of course, #20, 000 is nothing to a lot of guys. It is about the trust and relief you had on this product. It is all about the false hope you had while buying the product. Imaging you where excited and enthusiastic when you got this product. You where very happy to meet with your nagging girl friend or wife who has being unhappy because of your poor sex life. Now you thought you  finally had the solution. But all you see is disappointment. 

The most painful part is the fact that this guy or man will never mention this to his girl friend or wife. He will rather endure the disappointment and coninue to live in misery. Sometimes, the guy goes ahead to try our several of these products with same results. It takes a lot of courage for man to discuss such issues with friends and colleges. It is even worse for single guys to open up. Afterall, which guy will want his fellow guy to know that he has a small cocumber? Or which guy will want to announce to the whole world that he is a 2 minutes man? 

So these are the fears that have made most guys or men to rather die in silence. To keep being defrauded of their hard earned money all in the name of looking for a huge strong cocumber that will make the woman scream for momore.

The question begging for answers is this; Is there really a drug out there that will make a one-hour man from a two-minutes man without side effects? Or one that will grow your cocumber 10 times bigger in just 3 weeks? 

Please let us hear your thoughts on this issue.

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  • This isn’t a tricky one! I’m glad someone spoke up about it! Herbs are truely good for such purpose, but the purposes and results aren’t now definite. Interestingly, the result is based on the Mindset of the user of such herbs. If you have a good conviction that it would work for you, it definitely would. So they make their money from your kind of mindset. Smart people.

    - Fasan Michael - 2019-11-05 23:08:27 Quote

  • I really appreciate the way you open up on these issue, for your question, "yes"  there are english drugs/cream that can enlarge your cucumber and also make your erection last longer to your satisfaction. 

    There is no side effects on these drugs depending on the products you get. Best products are always in supplement form. 

    - Musa Alaha ji Kwudi - 2019-11-06 15:06:15 Quote

  • The basic fact is, not all drugs works really well. Some are fake but there are roots and herbs that is good and there are supplement too you can take that will make you last for an hour too! It's left for you to get the right location where you can get this stuffs.


    - Igbinedion Jeffrey Uwuidia - 2019-11-07 16:25:01 Quote

  • Desperate guys actually fall for these. Yes. Just as there are drugs for building muscles without side effects,  there are also drugs to increase dick size and erection and also last longer. The truth is people take or the so called producers of such medications take advantage of ur desperation to exploit u. Don't go out to any how adverts to buy especially in  Nigeria. Most products in Nigeria are scam,  not as if am trying to insult Nigerian product anyway,  but its the truth. Go to amazon,  or search the net for such things,  laboratory synthesized erectile dysfunction drugs or penis enlargement drugs. 

    - Ever Ogenna - 2019-12-23 08:41:53 Quote

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