The Perks Of Being An Introvert

Extroversion has always been a preferred personality for some people. No one wants that dull, shy or weird person as a friend, everyone wants to feel among and not be tagged as boring. Extroverts are usually popular and may appear to get all the recognition and fun. They may appear to be the most successful people in the world and so, everyone wants to be an extrovert. A lot of people change their personality just to suit the group of friends they often hang out with and feel like they are in the world. They want to belong by all means, they want to be the "life of the party" they always want to be where it's happening but it doesn't have to be so. Why change who you are to impress other people? 

A Little Story Will Help Buttress My Point. 

My siblings often mocks me because of the number of friends I have. They always say,  "You have only 45 persons on your contact list, whereas I have 245, I have 302. Your Instagram followers are just 72, whereas I have 2,000, I have 1,500. Your social life is boring, you are an "introvert". I was always pained whenever they tell me these things, I really wanted to have over 200 contacts, thousands of friends and followers on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. I didn't want to be that weird one in the group who doesn't always get an invitation to the party and I tried to change that. I began posting more often on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page to gather more followers, I gathered the contacts of different people I didn't know from group chats, I became loud and spoke unnecessarily and some people would say i was 'off point'.

At that time, things did change, I gathered about fifty more followers on my Instagram page and my contact list increased to 102, at least I could brag about this to my friends. In reality, I don't talk to more than half the people in my contact and after about a week or so my Instagram followers dropped to 68 as I couldn't keep up with an active account. I was often reprimanded by some people for my character. 'You have changed' was what I kept hearing. I lost some of my closest friends. On several occasions, my Mom called me for heart to heart conversations on my behavior and at that point, I realized that a lot of people who value me appreciates my personality and wouldn't want to see me any difference.

I never considered myself an introvert, I didn't even want to be one. I honestly always saw myself as the life of the group chats, my class and other social groups. As a student in the Art department aspiring to become a lawyer, I wanted to be social. I thought lawyers were more of extroverts, sociable, talkative, expressive or so I thought. I was none of this no matter how I hard I try to be and this made me feel like I wasn't good enough to become a lawyer. 

Turns out, about 60% of lawyers are introverts. I didn't need to change myself to fit in. I am bold and outspoken when I need to be, I have won class debates and other competitions. I didn't need to have 2,000 followers on social media platforms, I didn't need to change my personality to prove to myself I have what it takes to be a lawyer. Irrespective of what anyone tells me, being an introvert shouldn't make me feel less of a person. All I needed to do was appreciate who I am and stop trying to be who I'm not.

There are actually a lot of good perks of introversion. Introverts are good listeners, they are very creative because they are able to really focus and think. Their originality is top notch as their ideas are often as a result of a focused mind. They are polite and independent, less clingy and obnoxious.

In conclusion, who says you need to be talkative, sociable, lively, outgoing or assertive to feel like a person? Who needs 500 faithless and false friends when you have one faithful and true friend? Who says you can't be successful because you are an introvert? Isaac Newton, Bill Gates, Eleanor Roosevelt among others are all successful introverts and you can be one. You shouldn't feel inferior because of your personality rather appreciate yourself, work on making the most of yourself and most importantly, love yourself. All personalities are beautiful and we all came to the world for specific purposes. Everyone can't be an extrovert or an introvert. We all matter so love yourself.


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