The Philanthropy In Blood Donation

Often when philantropy is mentioned,people think of Bill Gates,Afe Babalola or somw other great givers in contemporary times because these names are synonymous to giving and helping of the less priviledged. The substance of philantropy is mostly thought to be money as the assumption is that only wealthy people can be philanthropists ,So PHILANTHROPY (from the greek phil meaning love, and anthropos meaning man) is an act which is borne out of love for humanity and enegages in deeds that promote human welfare.Therefore,the essential requirement to become a philanthropist is the inclination to help someone in need as AARE AFE BABALOLA wrote recently in VANGUARD Newspaper column poverty and the Nigerian attitude to giving (2), "the most important requirement is the possession of the spirit of giving - willingness and the readiness to help others in need especially the poor and the less priviledged"

So many people need help,but there are not many helpers out there.Just  a bit of statictics ! one in every 100 women die ms=ay die from pregnancy and childbirth in NIGERIA .One in every 10 children is at risk of dying before they are five years old.The leading direct cause of maternal death is massive bleeding (haemorrhage) while liitle children often die from moderate to severe lack of blood (anaemia) in sub sahara africa  due to malaria ,hookworm infestation or malnutrition ,

Nigeria has pne of the highest rates of road traffic accident - related mortalities in the world.again due to bleeding.These are just few examples and death could happen to anyone or our loved ones.The fantastic news is that we can prevent some of these deaths.

Blood tranfusion is a gift that someone healthy gives to another person(s) who is ill or suffered injuries.Averagely.the total volume of blood in an adult is approximately five litres whilr a pint of blood is about 450 millimetres .SO,a pint of blood ia about one portion out of 10,which does not cause any harm if you give to someone in need.In nigeria,we need about 1.8 million unit of blood annually, but only about a third of this is collected per year.This means most people who need transfusion will die for lack of one.Therefore,there is an urgent need of people of good will to give blood regularly to help people who need it.

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  • Donating blood without any incentive is an act of generosity and a philanthropic act cause it's rare to find someone who willingly give up themselves to donate blood. Not everyone can donate blood as some criteria has to be made which are : a donor must not be a smoker, a donor must have a particular blood percentage PCV, and lastly a donor must not be infected with any virus. 

    - Adenigba israel - 2019-11-07 17:12:36 Quote

  • The one who donate blood has gift out a life, even in my religion, donating blood is of the greatest genorisity of the highest order. It's classified under sadaqatu l jariyyah (ever lasting act of genorisity). So we should cultivate the act of donating blood without charges or incentives.

    - Mohd Bashir Abdulyekeen - 2019-11-08 07:55:55 Quote

  • Seriously blood donation is very good but its just so rare to find people who can donate their blood without expecting something in return. Blood donation also has its benefits, it helps to kick against some sickness like if you are feeling feverish and you donate blood you have let out the contaminated one for a new one to build up and run in the body.

    - Mathias Harley - 2019-11-08 12:17:49 Quote

  • Donation of blood is a great act of generosity but blood must not be donated anyhow. The donor must be properly screened to know if it is safe to donate blood. The equipment used must also be sterilized to prevent infections. Donation of blood is important and it should be encouraged. 

    - Inioluwa Fadairo - 2019-11-08 13:21:51 Quote

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