The Pro's And Con's Of The Power Sector In Nigeria

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Generally, the power sector in Nigeria us made up of the power generating stations, the Transmission Company of Nigeria(TCN) and the distribution stations (DISCOS).

Power generating stations

 In Nigeria, we have about 6 fully operational generating stations ( the shiroro dam, the kanji dam etc) and statistics show that this generating stations have the capacity to provide the bulk of the country with stable electricity. So, I think that the power generating stations are doing just fine.

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)

 Having been to TCN, I can say for sure that the TCN is well equipped to transmit electricity to the right quarters. They have lots of transmission towers, lots of reactors, capacitor banks and a lot more. They also have staffs on stand by in case their is a problem that needs immediate attention.

The Distribution Companies Of Nigeria (DISCOS)

 It seems that most of the problems in the power sector today has been attributed to the discos and that is really true. Ever, before power distribution was privatised the government has done a really poor job in this sector, having run into enormous debts it seemed that they could not handle it themselves.

 With the private sector coming into a lot of debts incurred by the government very little effort was done in establishing a good distribution order. But the discos are not all at fault in this matter, the end users if the electricity are also involved in the sense that if electricity is being provided and the consumers refuse to pay for it, it becomes a huge loss for the discos themselves because they have to use their money to pay the debts. Also, those people who are found of tampering with meters are also at fault.

So my question is this: are the discos entirely to blame for the poor power distribution or are the consumers of the electricity supply also to be blamed?

The pro's and con's of the power sector in Nigeria - By Abayomi Ijalade - 2019-11-27 14:01:04

People are not really born as bad fellows, but we all happen to become conveyors and reflectors of the vicissitudes of our society, where we live, grow, school and work as well. Especially in terms of societal ill and challenges. So I think both parties have a crucial role to play, because what we are emphasing here is the progress and well being of our society. As result, if anyone is to take a blame, it should be both sides, but much more importantly, it still centers on those that decides what is to be done other than how it should be done.


The pro's and con's of the power sector in Nigeria - By Adeyemo Peter - 2019-11-28 16:02:11

Firstly., we need to consider the fact that Nigeria is a big country with over 180million citizens..Then we look at the diverse economy and we realise that Nigerias's economy has never really been stable.,the Power Sector being one of such.

Secondly., the Power Sector is not generating enough power to actually power the whole of Nigeria. Imagine a country of over 180million citizens generation Power of less than 4000MW of current..

If this gal can be bridged, I think we'll really be a step closer to generating a stable Power generating Sector and a better Economy.


The pro's and con's of the power sector in Nigeria - By Anjorin Isaac - 2019-12-01 08:46:59

At the moment, Nigeria is not generating enough power to meet the power needs of the growing population. From available statistics the power generated is not even up to a tenth of what is needed in Nigeria.  I think we need better private participation in the power sector as we do in the communication sector now. The people on board at the moment (gencos and discos) are not worthy of the task at all.


The pro's and con's of the power sector in Nigeria - By David Olaprinz - 2019-12-10 09:55:31

You can't really pinpoint and blame one person or government body for this. To me the problem lies with everybody. From the consumer to the Discos and even the government all have a part to play in this.

Most times and often, the consumer pays all well, but the discos failed them. In a society like Nigeria, we all need each other for things to work out .So the part of saying One person is responsible for this is really out of it.