The Security Challenges In Nigeria, What Could Be Done About It?

The security challenges in Nigeria, What could be done about it?

Our  system of government, we claim to be a democratic country but we are not practicing it, we were meant to understand that democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people, This system of government allows his citizens to vote into power whom so ever they deemed feet for the office being contested for but in Nigeria here, what we see during election is always a tug of war, and during this election period, even the security becomes so porous because they are also being used by those already in power or influential for their personal interest.

                It is during this election period many at times that those that are being voted into power mobilize youths and gives them arms to use in ballot box snatching cum other social vices. They use the youths for personal interest. Then after the elections, those youths used as thugs are left with no option but to start terrorizing the whole nation with what they are empowered with during election. Now the government can do little or nothing because they are part of the crises.


I will be discussing on some remedies that will help our country in fixing security challenges. Our security agencies need total rehabilitation and overhauling.

  • The government should ensure a proper screening of officers and men of the armed forces. Many of these officers are not left out when it comes to those terrorizing the nation by providing them with ammunitions and information. I believe the government can set up a panel consisting of some retired and some intellectuals involved also to carry out a proper screening that will assist in fishing out those bad eggs in the system .By so doing our various arms of forces will not be that porous again which will now make their strategic plans on how to capture those bandits sealed and secured.
  • The government should create room for job opportunities; many of the youths involved in crime are graduates looking for a means of survival. If the government can provide job opportunities, many of the youths will drop arms and embrace the legit means which the government has provided.
  • In our various neighborhood also, we all should be watchful and vigilant, the security of the nation is not just for the security agencies but for all of us. Report any suspicious thing or movement you notice in your neighborhood.
  • It is also important that strict measures are taking to make sure that security agencies are deployed in our various universities to help the security outfits of the institution in securing lives and properties of Nigerian students. By so doing, the bad students who are already cult members will not find it easy to be malingering in the school searching for whom to initiate into their cult group thereby eradicating cultism in the higher institutions.
  • Strict method should be taking in fighting drug abuse in the nation. Many of the youths involved in those social vices indulge in consumption of hard drugs which makes them act abnormal. If the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) can deploy their officers into various areas and locations of the country, they will be able to capture many of those promoting these vices.
  • The last but not the list, the government should send their officers to training for further knowledge on security matters. Nigeria is still very far in security strategies thereby making our system porous. Other developed countries like the United States of America and Russia are good countries to look up to. There security system is a good instance on how a country security system should be.
  • Lastly, the insecurity in the country really needs Gods intervention and our prayers. So much hunger in the land, because there is no job for those graduates from the university, there is sickness, depression and frustration which is 70% reason many youths are now turning into a treat to the country. Therefore drastic actions should be taken to reduce these abnormal acts that have engulfed the nation.  

With these strategies, I strongly believe there will be a good secured nation we all can be proud of.

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  • You have highlighted the major remedies to this mess we are in, it's so sad that our leaders have no compassion for the masses. The root of all of these problems is mismanagement of our funds and bad leadership. But what can we do than to keep praying for God's intervention.

    - Boladale Bada-Ogunlami - 2019-09-27 12:37:14 Quote

  • Those strategies are good, government are implementing a lot of tatics to cub this but those law doesn't last for instance bill was passed that their shouldn't be illegal stop snd search which stopped for a while but later on they started the act again, the problem i see with the government is their inability to sustain law to keep the security in check 

    - Sesan Akerele - 2019-09-27 12:40:54 Quote

  • All you have said is true, and in this country we are living in, the government needs to sit up and do what they were voted in to do. They need to ensure that the citizens are well taken care of both financially and socially and they should protect their citizens. 

    - Okafor Chigaemezu Ifeanyi - 2019-09-27 12:58:08 Quote

  • The government has every resource at their disposal on how to curb insecurity in Nigeria

    But how can they do that when they themselves are corrupt and don't want to invest properly in security 

    The armed forces are paid small salaries which makes them not willing to do their jobs and also greed from the individual polive men and militaryi has caused this

    - Joseph Lawrence - 2019-09-27 13:02:38 Quote

  • Nigeria security can be strong when the use or put in technical appliance (Technology) in securing the country by making the security men to go for further training to make them more effective knowledge in tackling insecurity.
    And I think from there Nigeria will be a better and more secured country. 

    And job opportunities to many Nigeria to enable mass number of security. 

    - Ayuba Samson - 2019-09-27 13:08:21 Quote

  •      As you are even saying the government should do this and that, who do you think the Governor is, the government are the corrupt ones who you want to use to make remedy for their own self. This is my own advise for my fellow youths of Nigeria, the right thing you should do is struggle and make it and fly out of the country, not to south Africa o. Maybe when a solution is out, you can come back.

    - Ime Henry - 2019-09-27 13:19:37 Quote

  • Nigeria security  will be good and okay when we use good technology systems and method..And also no how to maitamai the technology systems and we should be ready to service the country and be truthful in all things

    - Kamson Samuel - 2019-09-27 13:32:49 Quote

  • Our law enforcement agencies are very very porous and weak,they claim to defend live and property, but yhey are always on the run at the sound of gunshots,they collect bribes from even criminals that are caught,and these criminals end up returning to the streets,our laws are just like nobody cares about them, even the law enforcement agencies break these laws.

    Until our law enforcement agencies get tightened up,Nigeria will remain unsafe

    - Jeriel Onyema - 2019-09-27 13:35:27 Quote

  • Protection of life and properties is one of the sole aim of a good government. The issue of arms proliferation is a major challenge in Nigeria mainly due to the porousness of our borders.

    There are saboteurs which need to be flushed out of the system. There should be periodic reposting of security personnel across the country. Training is also essential to ensure adequate security

    - Olawale Odewole - 2019-09-27 13:53:52 Quote

  • My own opinion is that our government should implore the system used by other develop country like U.S. A and China in security aspect to strengthen the security of this country because life of many people are in danger Even Nigeria in abroad are afraid of coming back home due to the fear of there life and inadequate security 

    - Oke Olawole Luke - 2019-09-27 13:57:05 Quote

  • The federal government needs to relieve itself of some systems in order to allow states of the federation handle domestic security while the entire national defense system can be handle by the central government. We have been clamouring for state police which can be carefully and cautiously developed to meet the needs of the regions of the country and an infusion of technology is an added advantage.

    - emeka ofuonye - 2019-09-27 13:58:39 Quote

  • Firstly what we need is God intervention and the rest is to be done by our government.

    The need for sophisticatedammunition, our government need to provide well function and adequate ammunition for us to guarantee maximum security.

    - Adebayo Owoniyi - 2019-09-27 14:13:12 Quote

  • You have said it all our system of government is really bad where the people in power never consider the masses they claim to represent the only language the understand is there personal interest, our country needs serious prayers for GOD to change the heart and mind set of our leaders. to also put the masses the represent first in all things.

    - Austin Chinedu - 2019-09-27 14:28:50 Quote

  • We voted the president and governor for them to govern our state and country well... Security is one of the main reason... They need to protect lives and property... By posting different military men in various areas... Going for patrols also... Doing road check and so on.. It would help very much 

    - Favour Onyenibedi - 2019-09-27 14:40:25 Quote

  • You see in this country only God can deliver us from all these mess we are into imagine our security self turning to hired killers people that are meant to save are the ones killing only can save us and also, we can help ourselves through prayers.

    - Idowu Silas - 2019-09-27 14:59:43 Quote

  • Many times we have or provide  solution to our security challenges by our mouth and on paper , but to excute or take action is our problems.We cannot count number of soul that have died due to our securities challenges. IF we can implement all these identified strategies with passion and anxiety, with all God on our side, security challenges will be things of history in our Country.

    - Alalade Taiwo - 2019-09-27 15:06:52 Quote

  • All what you've said is true, but we have to give our forces and security a good ammunitions so as for those use as thug to fear them. And we also need to implore some develop country system in other to strengthen the security of this country also 

    - Emmanuel Omotoso - 2019-09-27 15:14:03 Quote

  • You made some salient point but as for me I thing we claim to practice a democratic and federal system but in actuality we practice a kind of unity system, the load of the federal government is too much there need to letgot of some things to the state for better and easy administration 

    - Michael Kasali - 2019-09-27 15:33:56 Quote

  • Am not a military personnel but I think security issues rise from the leaders  I don't know am not sure, but Nigerian leaders have to fix up their life's, 

    - Pam Isaac - 2019-09-27 16:42:01 Quote

  • Security issues are affecting the entire country especially our economy.  It is true that unemployed youths contribute much because an idle mind is the devil's workshop but Government can create jobs and make them busy. The politicians should not play a double standard.  They should develop the spirit of love knowing that the country is one. Security personnels should be monitored to ensure that they do not betray the government.  Influx of people from other countries should be monitored too. We should be security conscious and report suspected movements to appropriate quorters.

    - Nwokoukwu Jerome - 2019-09-27 16:47:25 Quote

  • The security issue in Nigeria is a very serious problem. The security system is rotten from the very stem and it will kor be easy to amend. Do not forget that this also stem from the incapability of the government to manage and control the agencies and parastatas responsible for security in Nigeria. All in all, what we need in general is good governance and cooperation on the part of the people.

    - Aliyu Gana Aliyu - 2019-09-27 16:59:03 Quote

  • Our security men and women should be paid well; Everybodyshould become security of his or herself. Those our leader in the government house should create jod opportunity to the unemployment one. Issue of security every where now.

    - Agewu Ayuba - 2019-09-27 17:07:08 Quote

  • President Buhari and government needs to sit down and deal with this issues bedevilling our country which insecurity in the country. There are five major security challenges our president needs to tackle.

    Boko-haram, herdsmen clashes, The islamic movement of Nigeria, Niger Delta, Nigeria regional giant. All these are the major problem bedevilling the country and if dealt with this country will be a better place for everyone both here and beyond.

    - Okoro chidiebere Henry - 2019-09-27 17:39:10 Quote

  • I don't mean to promote voilence but for us as Nigerians get good security and other basic rights we have to take it by force. We have to let our leaders know that enough is enough. We have to fight for our security and even other fundamental rights as Nigerians. This article has been an eye opener though thanks so much.

    - Favour Ode - 2019-09-27 17:54:07 Quote

  • Every step needed to be taken to address the situations were all highlighted, but it also remains not the least to do. We need security reform bills that will improve the activities of our security trams nationwide, and also the recruitment processes should be done with high level of confirmations and screening, to ensure healthy minds and qualified persons are on board. 

    - PETER MMADUEKE - 2019-09-27 18:20:18 Quote

  • Security is a very wide issues and our life depends on it. I think the government should set up mechanism to check the activities of the security personnel in aiding the insecurity in the country, and also create job for the youth by reduced the amount must of our leaders are collecting as salaries to fix the issue of basic amenities and the welfare of the security personnel so that they will focus on the strategy of how to eradicate insecurity and give us a better environment to use our talent to improve our economy.

    - Sule Abdul - 2019-09-27 19:42:43 Quote

  • In security or any other bad vices in this country was rooted from Bribery and corruption, if this two things are tackle in Nigeria, Nigeria will be great,. Remember if you carry some illegal good or drugs, if you can give bribe to the security personnel along the road, you can just go freely, so you see samething with insecurity issue, where are they gotten their arms? They must follow through road, of which no matter being the arms carried, if you bribe them,  you don't have a problem.

    - Najib Sani - 2019-09-27 22:17:33 Quote

  • The government are really the cost of our problems in this country,politicians only know and work for themselves and their families even their generation yet unburn,even the money allocated for safety and security of citizens are hijacked .the only way forward is for our leaders to lead with truth and honest,redeem their plagues etc and our country will be  better and insecurity will be thing of the past.

    - Santos Frankfurt - 2019-09-27 22:20:57 Quote

  • Our country is in a mess today is because of our government, they train they on how to move on an operation, they will also be the one to complain,but they are the one that is going to kill him. We need God's intervention.

    - Ifeanacho Amaechi - 2019-09-27 22:46:56 Quote

  • Nigeria has security but I think the government should improve it, and they can do this by application of the international best practices.they should also provide the security agents with all the gadgets and weapons they need to protect lives and properties.

    - Marvellous Chukwuemeka - 2019-09-27 22:55:20 Quote

  • The security issue in Nigeria is something the government really have to look into now they're having difficulty doing so because they mismanaged funds that where given to them to perform such duties so the government should look into it security is one of the most important thing we have to look out for in this country Nigeria nowhere is safe for that reason our security has to be maximum the government should really try their best to make security the number one priority in this country

    - Aikhomu Daniel - 2019-09-27 23:51:57 Quote

  • Your strategy on developing the country security issue is really nice am pretty sure the nation will change for better if the country can apply the strategy. I believe the level of insecurity in the country was due to high rate of jobless youth out in the nation that have nothing to do with free time than to go into drug shit and cause unnecessary violent issue in the society so the Government have to work in youth job empowerment and also build up training to develop the knowledge of Nigeria security agency 

    - Oretan Ayomipo Micheal - 2019-09-28 00:21:50 Quote

  • The moment our leaders put their masses in their shoes things will be better, because none of them goes out without a squad that guilds him or her so let them put passionate security in every part of our country it will really help us so much

    - Okeke Favour - 2019-09-28 00:50:55 Quote

  • Nigerian government has a good security but it depends on the person that's controlling it most of the military generals and not doing their work well and most of them are not supposed to be there that is what that is causing the problem of insecurity in the country

    - Ezike Ikechukwu Samuel - 2019-09-28 13:50:03 Quote

  • Government should increase their salary so they can be happy while carrying their duties.nigeria government don't pay the security officers well that's why they collect bribe from almost anybody incuding terrorists.

    - Victor Anodoro - 2019-09-28 15:07:04 Quote

  • There should be  adequate security personnel in every state and local government.

    Every individual should be security of his or herself.

    Our political leaders should be warned based on what they are doing.

    Proper salary should be paid for the workers and unemployment be should be giving work to do so that there will be  peace in our country Nigeria.

    - Agewu Ayuba - 2019-09-28 16:24:45 Quote

  • Tonsolve this problem, it cannot be done overnight which means alot of steps will be taken.The first step according to me that should be taken is proper education to the Citizens on security matters and there should also be the creation of State Police which is present in most of the developed Countries.This will be like division of labour between the Federal Police and State Police which will make the execution of their work easier

    - Lawal Ajibola - 2019-09-28 18:00:42 Quote

  • To honest and straight to the point, we are really capablrt of handling all issues affecting this country and make it a better place of living for every individual, its just so unfortunate why the people up there just care about only themselves and the people who put them there  and not the people who actually did sweat and blood to make the country a better  place, who no like better thing?

    - Aladetan Justina - 2019-09-28 20:56:59 Quote

  • The security situation in this country has gone beyond what I thought really; as the day goes by it’s only getting worse and we the citizens are quiet about it. I believe one of the major starts to a change would be us using our voices to do something; let’s not just use only social media rants and talks, we need action to make the government know we’re seriously not comfortable with this situation. Public offices should go on strikes; any firm supplying revenue to the government should go on strike, let them hear our voices and do something about this because as we’re quiet they’re at peace and are not even bothering themselves to take any action. 

    - Omosivwe Jonathan - 2019-09-29 12:09:35 Quote

  • The people on top knows how to handle the security of this Nation but tribalism will not allow them to ,the president of this Nation once said attack on bokoharam is attack on the north and nobody has challenged him to explain what he mearnt by the word ,up till now nothing has been done on bokoharam menaces, God help us

    - Ukora Kenechukwu - 2019-09-29 13:22:12 Quote

  • We need to purposely live truthful lives and not to live in wickedness and selfishness, we should love each other and protect one another that's all. God over everything.

    - Kadann Kudann - 2019-09-29 15:54:06 Quote

  • Greed is the cause of insecurities in Nigeria. Once the problem of greed is solved and the electorates/ voters are able to have basic amenities as we're promised during campaign, then insecurity problem in Nigeria will become a thing of the past.                        Poor Nigerians are not happy with their leaders. This is the problem. Government should make life comfortable for Nigerians. 

    - Light Udoyo - 2019-09-29 16:28:47 Quote

  • All what you said is true about our Government.They used to promised to build a bridge where there is no river. We are just going to plead to them, we want our Government to protect their citizens around the country, and Take care of the youth on the issue of Academy also.

    - Oyekola Olamide - 2019-09-29 18:18:08 Quote

  • what's the essence of fishing out the bad eggs when the government itself is rotten, i employ that what was done in Ghana should be done here, we are tired of been played around, been lied to, we are tired of this hardship, Nigerian's life is nothing in to the government,  they only care about their pockets, we are a pawn in the hands of the government 

    - Boluwatife Fashina - 2019-09-29 20:21:16 Quote

  • Most of the crimes being committed in this country is successfully done by youth and is mainly as a result of unemployment,so to tackle it the best way to follow is to provide jobs and opportunities 

    - Abubakar Akilu - 2019-09-29 21:41:12 Quote

  • The Nigerian security menace has become a national disgrace in all forms and sections of the country. For years now, present and past administration all bring false promises in tackling the security issues but all in void promises.only God almighty will deliver Nigeria. 

    - Ugo Manuel - 2019-09-29 22:21:13 Quote

  • I dont know, if there is any thing more dangerous than a man decieving him self. Nigeria we all are the problem. when a woman knows that her son is the reason why people are suffering and she is protecting and covering up, how can the society be free? What so ever a man sown he shall repe. 

    - CHRISTIAN IFEANYICHUKWU - 2019-09-29 22:30:47 Quote

  • I think when we unite as one nation we will be able to bring back peace in our country. Nigeria and Nigerians are so divided we don't have one voice because of our selfish need, we need to put greed aside and work for the good of our country. We need to be security cautious and be our brothers keeper

    - Idi Grace - 2019-09-29 22:33:14 Quote

  • The ideas stated in this writeup will really be helpful only if the government can actually see to it's implementation. Nigeria needs to free herself before we can move forward. Terrorism has taken the country over a decade to tackle yet no formidable result. The chibok girls now are history and we say we have a government.

    - Ndukwe Ikechukwu - 2019-09-29 23:03:48 Quote

  • Let all Christians consistently pray for Nigeria. The government needs to be sincere and value the lives of Nigerian citizens. The government need to equip the military with better weapons and upgraded weapons to defeat terrorists groups official or unofficial ones alike. The government needs to sincerely investigate and bring to book the patrons of terrorist groups and occultic groups. The police f

    - NDU-ELUWA CHIMELA - 2019-09-30 00:47:07 Quote

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