The Traffic Problem In Lagos.

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It's no longer news that the traffic gridlock on Lagos roads is alarming and hampering. You could be stuck in traffic for hours and then, when you get to the front, you still won't be able to pinpoint the cause. Lol. Every problem has a cause, and subsequently, a solution. Below are various causes of Lagos Traffic, (as we like to call it) and possible solutions.

1. Bad roads; are the primary cause of Lagos Traffic.( I believe I don't need to go on explaining this ) And, if the major roads are fixed with long lasting solutions, the traffic situation will improve.

2. Overpopulation: Everywhere you go in Lagos, is filled with people from all parts of the nation. According to research, more than 2 hundred thousand people come into Lagos on a daily basis. There really isn't any solution to this, as we all have our Freedom Of Movement. 

3. Only one effective means of transportation: The only effective means of transportation in Lagos, is Land. This is why the roads get spoilt quickly, leading to the everyday traffic jams. If the Ferry, and Light Rail systems were fully functional, there would be little  traffic on the roads.

4. Disobedience to traffic laws; is also a big factor. When traffic laws are broken, the flow of traffic is affected, hereby causing traffic. This can be avoided by simply obeying traffic laws, signs, and agents.


What else do you think causes traffic jams, in Lagos?

The Traffic Problem in Lagos. - By Solademi Olanrewaju - 2019-12-19 10:45:34

Reckless driving: Drivers should be very careful when driving. Reckless driving can lead to accident which can cause traffic. 

I think there's a speed limit to every means of transportation on land. If drivers should speed and mind their lane when driving. Traffic will be less on our road. 


The Traffic Problem in Lagos. - By Nwankwo Miracle - 2019-12-19 10:51:26

Another way traffic problem won't be address is lawlessness,

    Yes,  I say so because, most enforcement agencies that are in position to address the issue are the one collecting bribe, ones you pay them or you're one of the high class member of the society,  you're covered.. 


The Traffic Problem in Lagos. - By Gift Obiajuru - 2019-12-19 12:52:23

Lack of organization and too many cars allowed. There should be a law controlling the use of cars, for instance a husband and wife should ensure not to take two cars out but share one, because by the time every family members take all cars to the road, of course there will be traffic jam always.


The Traffic Problem in Lagos. - By Emmanuel Oluwadare - 2019-12-19 15:20:30

On the part of the people, impatient is another big factor. I feel if many can be patient things would go better on the way and we can have a better journey. So also government do all construction in time. The sluggish on the part of government in execution of plans is also a big problem.


The Traffic Problem in Lagos. - By Akpalakpa Azibanator Sokari - 2019-12-21 22:20:04

The major problem with the traffic I believe is the lack of alternative transportation system if the government can construct a railway to transport people and also make use of the water as another means of transportation I believe it will reduce traffic and enable individuals get to their various destinations faster. 


The Traffic Problem in Lagos. - By Henry Umenyi - 2019-12-27 02:05:36

1 Lagos has massive population 

2 there's a lot of bike riders on highway 

3 roads in Lagos are not enough,some need to be touched 

4 Long vehicles are the one the major cause of traffic in Lagos,those should have their roads or instead government should create enough roads 

5 lacking of obeying the traffic rules 


The Traffic Problem in Lagos. - By Obasuyi Orobosa Greatness - 2019-12-31 12:17:06

What I think  is mainly in  the aspect of not observing and obeying  traffic rules and regulations.. 

Also I think there should be an expansion  on roads so as to limit the rate of traffic.

A good traffic warden should be provided  and the government should  try to make sure good and long lasting traffic lights  are erected.. 


The Traffic Problem in Lagos. - By Mordi Isaac - 2020-01-10 15:03:32

I think one of the main reasons for the high rate of traffic blockages is poor planning. Let us all look at it, most of the roads in Lagos are not well mapped not even well structured too. That's why you see road A leading to road E and then road B leading to G. Basically put our road map is a mess. That's what I think.