The Wife And The Maid

A wealthy man planned to celebrate his birthday for seven days, and pleaded with is wife that all he needs from her is too be in charge of the the cooking for that seven days Rather than the Maid. Out of love and summission, the wife joyfully agreed to this. 

For six good and stressful days, the wife made the cooking  all by her self, and look forward to take a rest on the seventh day after her chores. 

Finally the seventh day came, and this faithful wife perform her duties just like the other six days. Her husband enjoyed her meal with his friends with several burst that his wife is the best ever.

The party went well and night drew near. The wealthy man sent message to his wife to come forth to the stage so he can declare how much he loves her and grateful he his for her hard works and summission. She returns words to him that she is so tired and couldn't not show up cause she really tired. The wealthy man was highly instulted. He sent words to her over again and received the same reply.

This wealthy man decided to pay her back, so he choose their maid over her. The maid dressed so lovely and  came forward to receive her madam honor.


The question is; Who is at fault? "The wife or The wealthy man" 

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  • Both of them are at fault, my reason is, a woman has no right whatsoever to say no to the husband's call, even if he don't usually make sense, still answer the call, listen to the nonsense he has to say and go, though atimes there might be sense In some nonsense one has to say, it only depends if he or she didnt present it the right way, and as of the man, he has no right whatsoever too, to take the honor that belongs to the wife and give another, so long the wife is still alive and they are together, they both made mistake here but I pray God helps them through this piece.

    - Frank Ifeanyi - 2019-09-25 16:49:01 Quote

  • The husband is at fault. No matter what happens, the man has no right to choose his maid over his wife. To me this shows all amount of insufficient love for the wife because as a man you ought to understand your wife in every condition that is why the "U" in husband is termed as UNDERSTANDING. Understanding is very good in building a good marital home.

    - Etini Mbosco - 2019-09-25 16:51:03 Quote

  • The husband is at fault for stretching the wife with such load of work and yet expected her to come for honor, think of it, he did not tell her that he will honor her after that instead he chose to surprise her. The man is wrong I quote.

    - Sule Abdul - 2019-09-25 16:56:18 Quote

  • Both of them are at fault, the husband and the wife

    The wife has cooked for all these seven days without complaining about being tired, why would she complain at the last day where she would receive her honor

    And the husband is suppose to understand his wife situation and still give her the honor

    - Daniel Asomugha - 2019-09-25 17:19:22 Quote

  • The wealthy man is at fault, after stressing for 7 days for his comfort and happiness, he should have understood that his dutiful wife was worn out. Why didnt he carry the honorary ceremony and recognition to her room where she lay??? Women are highly emotional and touchy, he ought to have gotten the cue in her first refusal to report. 

    - Chinwe Williams - 2019-09-25 17:20:10 Quote

  • Both the wife and the husband are at fault. The reason being that, no matter how tired the wife is, she supposed to go and answer her husband's call first. And also since the wife sent a reply that she is tired, the husband supposed to understand that she has overworked herself and should have gone there to make her know why she should come.

    - Isomkwo Clement - 2019-09-25 17:21:40 Quote

  • From a reasonable perspective you'll see that the husband is at fault because after so much work he expected his wife to still come up to the stage however he should have consider the factor that his wife had really tried and she couldn't make it up to the stage instead of being so selfish and  retaliating by replacing his wife that's a pure act of ungratefulness depicting he's very much at fault

    - James Peters - 2019-09-25 17:28:34 Quote

  • If the wife had yielded to his call, she might have passed out on the stage, she was only following her husband's instructions and she got tired because she's human, what the man did was irrational. He could have gone up to her himself or made the toast in her absence. Teaching her a lesson after a great sacrifice is totally wrong.

    - Ayanniran Boluwatife - 2019-09-25 17:30:18 Quote

  • Obviously the man is at fault for putting so much load on the maid and not being reasonable at all how will you ask your wife to do all does chores just to congratulate her has she not done enogen work to be congratulated already the man is not being reasonable at all so he is at fault

    - Goodness Emeka - 2019-09-25 17:30:34 Quote

  • For me l will say the wife  dshonored her husband in front of his friends. No matter how tired she was she should have first honoured the call. Remember the story of Vatsi in the bible. She refused to honor her husband's call so she was dethroned queen.

    - Henry Moore - 2019-09-25 17:36:30 Quote

  • Both of them are at fault, the wife has been so submissive for the past 6 days the day she should be appreciated for it she did not show up, it is her fault for not concluding her work but the husband should be blamed for choosing the maid over his wife he should have checked on her to know what is going on

    - Adebusuyi Precious - 2019-09-25 17:45:35 Quote

  • Honestly, I think the wife should have tried to show up. She faced the stress for seven six days and even on the seventh day. A little more wouldn't kill her, would it? Besides the woman's husband was calling her to recieve praise not to do anything more stressful. But she refused this twice. I dont really understand why the man felt insulted, maybe he is highly tempramental but he too should have understood her condition, or at least ask her before calling her out to know if she was up for it. So both of them are at fault

    - Okechukwu Ekene - 2019-09-25 17:51:17 Quote

  • I will say the two are at fault because no matter how tired the wife is she should at least answer her husband's call just to respect him and even herself in front of the guest and the man ought not have chosen the maid over his wife no matter what she's still his wife and he can punish her in other ways apart from that.

    - Cecilia Tolulope - 2019-09-25 17:54:32 Quote

  • Well, I think the man is at fault because he should understand what it takes to be in the kitchen for good seven days, although he called to praise him and not to be stressed more. Love should be based on mutual understandings and not personal 

    - Olaniyi Mustapha - 2019-09-25 18:04:06 Quote

  • In my view both made the mistake. The wife should have just gone to honor his call. Though, she was tired at least for few moment. 

    Though men have pride, but the man should not have done that and just understand what she was going through

    - High Bee - 2019-09-25 18:05:08 Quote

  • Her story is just like the well known character we have in the bible that she turned from being a  normal person to become someone very important in the society this a very lovely story just never look down on yourself 

    - Oluwadarasimi Jolaade - 2019-09-25 18:06:20 Quote

  • the woman is at fault why would she turn her husband down in public and the man shouldn’t have chosen the maid to take her boss honor it’s so bad of him 

    - salifu tobi - 2019-09-25 18:06:43 Quote

  • In my own opinion I think that they are both at fault.

    On the part of the woman, even though she was tired she would have still try to answer her husband when his call became persistent rather than keep him silent

    The man should have tried to understand his wife, knowing that she is truly tired and not dishonour her by giving  the maid he's wife position

    - Banigo Tamunomieokomibi Rowland - 2019-09-25 18:07:00 Quote

  • The same love she used to prepare a meal for seven good days should still be the same love for her to be able to answer her husband's call. She's at fault and the husband shouldn't have used the maid instead just cancelled the honor.

    - Ajayi Andrea - 2019-09-25 18:23:49 Quote

  • The woman was stressed out,she couldn't come down to the party,he also always give praises to the woman without her being there. She won't come and die because of birthday and the husband was very wrong to replace his wife. I say the husband is at fault and needs to apologise to the wife

    - Obi Chidera - 2019-09-25 18:24:45 Quote

  • Let me start here to ask, how will a wealthy man of his caliber chose to act like this, if it is not a sign of lack of love. Because for to cook for a day party is tough job to perform, how much more to tell your wife to go thal long, haba!

    In my own opinion if the man will deem it good for the maid to take over the reward of the wife labour well, I think there is some things we ought to look deeply into.

    - Joel Chinakwe - 2019-09-25 18:27:32 Quote

  • To Me I will blame the husband, how can you subject your wife to such stress for days? Even if is an animal it will rest, even a machine do breakdown after a long consistent use, instead of the husband getting angry, why couldn't he go and meet his wife, pet her to come out? Call her pet names, shower her praises.. She will stand up for you and by you even if tiredness is written all over her! So to me, the man is at fault! 

    - Mathew Paul - 2019-09-25 18:30:08 Quote

  • Obviously both of them are at fault, the husband could have respected her and not push further, the wide could have just come out for that one time and everything would have been ok. 

    - Christian Utsu - 2019-09-25 18:30:16 Quote

  • The wealthy man is at fault. Women are human beings their have feelings and can not work without any rest. The wife have work so faithful for all this days she need to rest. The wealthy man should not have use her excuse as a reason to call their house maid to represent his wife.

    - Joel Ibrahim - 2019-09-25 18:32:19 Quote

  • Both of them are at fault. The woman should never be tired of performing her duties although the body is not firewood, as they say. And the husband should also have been more understanding as to his wife's tiredness.

    - Ariyo Dorcas - 2019-09-25 18:36:52 Quote

  • Them man does not have sufficient love for his wife,  I think he have been admiring the maid before that faithful day,  no matter what happened the man is not suppose to choose the maid over his wife

    - Patrick Juliet - 2019-09-25 18:46:01 Quote

  • I think they are both at fault but the husband is more at fault, the wife shouldn't have given up to tiredness on the last day and the husband being more at fault should have given the wife the honor even at her absence , husband and wife are one and are meant to represent each other anywhere and anytime.

    - Silas Nweke - 2019-09-25 18:57:56 Quote

  • I would say both of them are at fault. Firstly, the wife showed the husband pride. Even though she tried  the past few days, she spoiled everything with pride. She should have honored the call but she did otherwise. Also, the man shouldn't have chosen the maid over her. Its highly ridiculous. Twas such a shameless act.

    - Adekoya Ayomide - 2019-09-25 19:26:36 Quote

  • The husband is at fault for being so insensitive and biase. I dont pray for such a husband for even my enemy. How can a lady sacrifice 7days and you cant understand she needs to rest

    - Charles Igala - 2019-09-25 19:27:37 Quote

  • The man is the one at fault, because he ordered his wife to cook and she did it so he has no right to take the maid over his wife, he should have find excuse for his friend 

    - Hismaheel Soliu Olamilekan - 2019-09-25 19:29:59 Quote

  • The husband is at fault .She has been stressing her self without mummuring. As her husband, he's meant to know that she would be really tired and he should understand 

    - Williams Timilehin - 2019-09-25 19:31:23 Quote

  • The both of them are at fault  ......but I will also say the husband's fault is greater matter Wat happened  he don't  have the right to take his maid over is wife...... Despite all the stress that the woman faced during the seven  days.. ..He shouldn't  have  done that at all

    - Kelvin ugbekile - 2019-09-25 19:36:31 Quote

  • I blem the both of them....the wife should have at least go out to listen to what the husband hav to say if though she was tired...and the other hand  the husband shouldn't have purnish her by allowing her to do the cooking alone....

    - Mfon Udoma - 2019-09-25 19:46:30 Quote

  • The man is at a very big fault,  why will he choose the maid over his own wife, the wife might have been very weak and him as a husband suppose to understand instead of paying her back with that. What he suppose to do was to cover up and keep her gift for her instead of calling on the maid. No matter what, what the man did was very wrong. 

    - Okwute Chinecherem - 2019-09-25 19:48:34 Quote

  • The husband's fault. Is she a machine? Even machines get tired . Can't he just award himself on behalf of his wife?.. chosing a maid over his own wife  is insulting 

    - Osikha Cynthia - 2019-09-25 19:49:32 Quote

  • I think they are both at fault. According to the write up, I think the woman is egoistic in nature. She would have been perfect but she ruined it all with her ego. Same applicable to so many people. And for the husband, he shouldn't have choose the maid. A maid remains a maid. 

    - Adeniyi Victor - 2019-09-25 20:18:30 Quote

  • By understanding a home is built and by wisdom, it is established. This answers the question. The man is at fault, his wife is not a machine thus, she gets tired too. His action was unwise

    - Bright Fred - 2019-09-25 20:34:19 Quote

  • Both the wife nd the weathly man are at fault,first it the wife duty to cook,ND serve her husband not the maid,it her duty to look presentable when ever he want,she has become so lazy to do her duties coz of the maid...ND the man he should have bear with her trying to understand the stress she has gone through

    - Bunmi Bamidele - 2019-09-25 20:35:53 Quote

  • The wealthy man is at fault. He should have discussed with her before the day of what he intended of doing into her before her friends. Because the nature of the wife shows her humbleness and moderate life living. The man is at fault for not getting her mind prepared for such before the time.

    - Olawumi Paul Olufemi - 2019-09-25 20:39:32 Quote

  • Is the man's fault, the wife was tired, he would have just told them, "My beautiful wife has been the one cooking for the whole days, she's really tired, i wish she can actually come here, but let's pardon her, we are all humans" but instead he choose a maid over her, it's totally wrong. 

    - Richard Ngirigwa - 2019-09-25 21:11:51 Quote

  • The man is at fault. So because his wife is tired he chose to honor his maid instead?? On no account should a maid consent to such. He had seen his wife all these days and how stressed out she should have been, he should have understood.

    - Okorie Chidinma - 2019-09-25 21:15:47 Quote

  • The fault is from the man. He is too proud of his self and should not have made that kind of decision. For the fact that he is wealthy dies not mean that his wife should not have her time.

    - Chidiebere Uzo - 2019-09-25 21:19:24 Quote

  • some people will say that the wife was stressed.It is the wife that should do the cooking in the house on a norms.What of if there wasn't a maid.any way,i like what the man did because the woman was to big to her maid which is her representative accepted it in her absence. than you!!

    - John Jenyo - 2019-09-25 21:31:46 Quote

  • The husband is at fault. How will somebody submit to your wish, make you happy and at the point of glorifying her you choose someone else. Wherebis love and the romantic way you used in approaching her during courtship. There is no big deal if he walks down his wife down to the stage. I know she wont object her husbands presence should he have come himself.

    - Grace Adeyemi - 2019-09-25 21:39:27 Quote

  • I blame the wife because what on this world could make you try to disgrace your husband just because you are tired. You should at least summon your last power to stand up for the honour

    - Ayobami Faruq - 2019-09-25 21:48:24 Quote

  • Sound familiar to the story of Esther in the Bible. The king summoned his wife...she failed to show.. Thereby humiliating her husband. And the king had to choose a new bride. It's totally the wife's fault. 

    - Chiedozie Anaekwe - 2019-09-25 21:56:15 Quote

  • I think the fault comes both from the man and the woman, but mostly the man. The wife should have tried to show up even if it's just for a couple of minutes and the man behaved childish in giving someone else the honor that his wife really deserved. I mean she worked for 6 days, that very stressful. He should have been more considerate.

    - Irene Obasuyi - 2019-09-25 21:57:35 Quote

  • You people don't know something o, the main reason women get upset at these kind of things is that your not appreciating them. Am not talking about saying thank you and that's all, treat her as if she has done the best thing in your life. If you do that for those six days there is no way she would be upset like that and embarrass you too.

    - Ime Henry - 2019-09-25 21:58:54 Quote

  • The husband is at fault,he has no right to perform such a thing, it is so bad,the wife is been stressful,no matter the situation the husband shouldn't have done that,even the maid should be scared to go on.

    - Aina Mariam - 2019-09-25 22:00:16 Quote

  • The man was at fault because de hole responsibilities of his birthday party was given to the wife and she took care of everything perfectly, and he tried calling her after all since the lady had said she was tired the man should had considered the hole hard works she has passed through for seven days and had kept the present for the next day. 

    - madali dumebi - 2019-09-25 22:01:53 Quote

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