Things To Know About School Of Nursing

School of nursing,they said is more stressful, more expensive and more time consuming and many people wants to get admission straight to the university , which is not supposed to be so.

They are some basic things we need to understand about school of nursing

School of nursing are more of practical based,that is they have more experience than those if the university 

And also they got job easily than those in the university once they go for their specialization.

The real discipline of a nurse is impacted on them,they know the right and make use of it strictly,they abide by the rules and it shows in them 

So my point is that if you are in school of nursing ,never see your self as inferior to those during bsc in nursing at the university,the way you class yourself matters alot.

So, should school of nursing be cancelled and people should only go to the university to study nursing ?


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