Things You Have To Know About The Football VAR

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Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is a football match official that assists the referee in decision making and also corrects the decisions made by the referee. The VAR started its operation in 2018 and was also used in the Russia 2018 world cup. Its main aim is to correct errors and mistakes made in football matches. There are certain things the football VAR are responsible for in football matches, things like:

​​Goal or No goal: The football VAR is responsible for deciding whether a particular goal was scored without any foul attached to the goal and it is responsible for deciding whether it is a goal or not. 

Offside or No offside: The football VAR  is also responsible for deciding whether a goal was scored while the player that scored the goal was offside or not, since it is a video, it can view the position of the player and display a line that shows the position of the player that scored the goal. Then decides whether it is offside or not.

Red card or No red card: The football VAR decides whether a particular foul committed by a particular player is worth a red card or not. The incident of the foul is reviewed to know whether it worths a red card or not. 

Penalty or No penalty: The football VAR decides whether a penalty was won in the 18 yard box of a particular team when a player falls. It does this by reviewing the incident over and over again till it is decided whether it is a penalty or not a penalty. 

Foul or No foul: The football VAR is also responsible for deciding whether a particular kick from a player worths a foul or not.

Hand ball or No hand ball: ​​​​​​The football VAR is responsible for checking hand ball and non hand ball, and also tells the referee that he has made a mistake by blowing his whistle for a hand ball when it is not a hand ball. 

During the process of the football match, if any of these listed above are to be checked, the VAR team contacts the referee to tell him about what really happened, they correct him on the decision he made and also tell him what has been decided by them about the issue. But in some cases, the referee will be the one to go and check the incident himself by watching the football VAR screen located at the extreme of the pitch, then decides what to do by the help of the football VAR screen. But, remind you that the football VAR is the referee's assistant, the referee is still the referee.  

Things you have to know about the football VAR - By Oluwatoyin Jacob - 2019-11-21 21:07:49

The VAR is a very thoughtful and good development in the world of football. There are many cases of wrongfully awarded goals, fouls commited, offsides due to the unreliable observational skills of the referees in a football match, which is very bad and most times turns the tides in a match which could be disastrous but with the aid of this technological advancement proper analysis could be done at anytime with the right verdict being given. 


Things you have to know about the football VAR - By Shodeinde Samuel - 2019-11-22 10:47:01

Var is just a wast of time in football..I could recall those days when watching football ,,it's usually straight and time efficient ..the referee blows whatever he sees and asks his assistant referees to include decisions..

I can still say there is still a cheat in the VAR implemented by FIFA


Things you have to know about the football VAR - By Adegoke Ayomide - 2019-11-24 10:14:12

VAR is sometimes a waste of time and sometimes help the team. 

The people who came together to bring about var thought well because VAR has helped many teams. 

VAR is still not that effective in premier league matches for example Liverpool vs Manchester city where Manchester city is suppose to be given a penalty but the referee didn't award the penalty. 

Again I can say referee decisions superseded the VAR. 


Things you have to know about the football VAR - By Nwaneri bright - 2019-11-29 02:01:50

The bringing of VAR in football is one of the best thing that has happened in the history of football..

VAR has helped most clubs win matches fairly .. it sees offside, handball, fouls and the rest that the referee himself can't see..

the referee is a man , he is not supernatural so he can't see everything that is why the electronic referee is very important... I say kudos 


Things you have to know about the football VAR - By Akande Ahmed - 2019-12-02 23:45:14

What I practically feel about VAR is this VAR is a good development in modern day football it was used in the world cup and champions league successfully but u see since the arrival of VAR in the premier league EPL has been nothing to write home about. Some decision the ref make which might be incorrect and has to b looked into but the VAR in EPL won't even look in to it so many scenario like that makes me almost lose the love I have for football

Akande  Ahmed


Things you have to know about the football VAR - By Adegbile Philip - 2019-12-07 13:00:13

VAR implementation is good thing though everything has its advantages and disadvantages. To me the introduction of VAR doesn’t make football thrilling like it used to back then. Very soon we won’t even be needing the referee again cause decisions now are mostly based on VAR