Things You Should Consider When Buying A Phone

Here in  Nigeria phone are been bought by everyone both young and old rich and poor educated and un educated.ok let's do like this you are using a phone right now and you need to change it maybe due to something maybe space or camera quality. so this are the things you should know so as not to buy your new phone and still discover that you don't like something in it again.

So let's start 

No 1 we all know that I the country we are in now we don't usually have light 24 hours and we need to use our phones. so the first topic is: 

Battery life some of us are not phone addict we could manage a phone without a good battery for a whole day or two without it loosing it life but most of us use our phone almost every minute so if we want to get a phone with a good battery life we should look for a phone with about 4000 milliamps hour what we know as mAh that is 4000mah,5000mah,6000mah and above this type of batteries last for a very long time. 

Memmory we have two types of Memory which are the Ram and Rom the Ram is the phone processor while the Rom is the phone storage.

When going for a phone we should go for s phone with about 2 gig and 16 gig and above that is for some of us that are light users while heavy users should go for phones with about 3-4gig and about 64 gig rom. 

The next one is Camera quality most of us think that cameec with larger megapixel is the only criteria for better images. that's not the only criteria other criteria is the iso level aperture  u can go for a phone with 12 or 16 mp apperture with about f/2.0 or lower will give you a good result or a phone of 8 - 12 mp and f/2.2.

Another is the Phone processor let's not allow these jargon of quad-core, octacore or snapdragon decieve us it doesn't matter we just need to check thr Gigahertz (GHz) the higher the speed the faster the processor. 

Next is the Display phones with screensize of about 5.5 I checked HD or QHD is a good option not too big or too small will make you enjoy the phone.

Operating system which is the next point dosent matter it depends on. What you want but will your kind of specification. 

The last point which is cost  don't allow your budget to affect the phone of your choice if ur specification is above your budget then look for more money in order to avoid future regret.  


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  • Most people just rush into getting a phone just because of the name, getting a phone is very tricky. One, you need to look at the price then the quality, the camera quality, the processor speed, operating student, the storage and all other important details. 

    - Precious Precious - 2019-10-28 10:26:52 Quote

  • I appreciate the last bit of advice. making a choice of phone based on the amount might be being penny wise and pound foolish at the end of the day. especially if the phone is meant to be used for monetary means of earning. you should invest in what would not warrant complain unnecessarily and cause hicupps in your job.

    - Rita Amadedon - 2019-10-28 14:32:49 Quote

  • Many people needs these education about phone because many people just buy what they see not knowing it's functions , capacity or memory..  there are different kind of phone meant for different kind of things

    - Famuyiwa Oluwatobi - 2019-10-31 10:52:24 Quote

  • Personally,I think things to be considered when buying a new phone should depend on many factors like:One's Personal taste,Available Money,One's Lifestyle,Job,One's Locality,etc.All these factors should be put into consideration first before the features of the phone.

    For example;Someone whose job involves processing many things on his phone will require phones like samsung,iPhone,etc or other brands with high processor and RAM.So,choose wisely

    - Anthony Charles - 2019-11-06 09:34:28 Quote

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