Three Fruits That Cures Sore Throat


Many Nigerians have always experience sore throat on daily basis most people end up buying drugs but at the end of the day the drug won't still be effective. Well, here are common fruits that we eat daily but never really noticed their effectiveness and power of healing. These common fruits are very vast and effective if taken with the right combination can cure sore throat.

Ingredients: Bananas, milk, onion.

Banana is an edible fruit that is rich in starch, The banana contains smooth vitamins that are highly concentrated, these vitamins are: Niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin b & vitamin c 

These are vitamins that help stimulate the inner tissue replacement very fast.  

Milk: This is a white liquid Solvent that comes from mammals, most milk that we use comes from cow. The cow milk is very thick and oily, the oil part helps in soften your throat allowing it to be calm, moisturized with a calm feeling. Milk itself contains calcium that is good for your body and bone, your brain and teeth.

Onion: Onion is a common fruit that can be found anywhere in our environment, the onion are genus gallium species that helps in balancing blood sugar, it is rich in nutrients, it contains compound nutrients that can control cancer, helping the body to digest food very well, thereby boosting the digestive systems. 

Steps On Preparing Sore Throat Diet 

Get a clean bowl, big enough to contain your mixture, get your banana and slice them into pieces inside the bowl, pour in a moderate quantity of milk, make sure your milk is a raw or well made milk, if you can get a direct raw milk that has not been processed, this kind of milk will yield to fasting the process of healing your throat, after pouring your milk, now here comes your onion, you either cut them into pieces or you blend them, after adding your onions turn it till it mix up together, then allow it to settle for three minutes or more. Now you can enjoy your diet.

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