Tired Of Eating Yam & Egg? Try This Ugwu Sauce Instead.

I love the yam and egg combo so much I can't do without it in a week. 

Just recently I developed an unusual dislike for the egg on my yam, so I decided to try something new( I cook a lot...lol). I asked a friend of mine who is a chef about some other things I can add with to my yam, Then he brought an Idea of me sprinkispr ugwu leaf on the yam.

Well I visited the market bought enough ugwu, got home and prepared my yam then forgot to add the uguw. Then I got the Idea to try the sauce.

Ingredients used:

Ugwu leaf, groundnut oil(ororo), Maggi, salt, pepper (ata rodo precisely), fish stock...

Ho to prepare

Pour a little quantity of groundnut oil in your hot pot, then add the pepper, let it steam for 40sec then you add the Spices, add your fish and so on, then add the uguw and begin to stir it up until you are satisfied with the look and smell... Then enjoy your uguw sauce.

Didn't get to snap it tho, but try it and tell me what you think about it... Thank you 

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  • I totally disagree with you on this one,i really do prefer my tomato eggs sauce to the ugwu or vegetable egg sauce because it's more tasty and delicious than the  other veggies sauce, and i think it last long enough than the vegetables sauce because the leaves and ugwu in the vegetables sauce could start to sour

    - Abua Favour Peter - 2019-11-18 08:58:06 Quote

  • I think this is highly nutritious and a very good variant from the usual yam and egg sauce. I would suggest if you want a more protein based meal, you may substitute the veggies for some boiled, deboned and mashed Titus fish. It's delicious! This is delicious too and I can't wait to try.

    - Mildred Agari - 2019-11-19 17:17:29 Quote

  • I totally disagree with you on this one, to me i prefer the egg in the fried tomato sauce,i know you would say that the sauce with the ugwu and vegetables is more nutritional than the egg sauce but it can be clearly seen that the egg sauce is much more tastier than the counterpart

    - Abua Favour Peter - 2019-11-20 20:26:20 Quote

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