Tired Of Writing Jamb Annually? Here Are More Options You Could Take For Better Education

Yes, it's a well known fact that education is a big set back in Nigeria.

The corruption in the educational sector in this country is awe-inspiring, and petrifying at the best. Thus, one needs to be wise in affairs such as this.

Since the Country seems not to fancy the youth anymore, the youth have to think for themselves to avoid 'stories that touch'.

There are opportunities that aren't displayed on websites, that aren't advertised for all to see, but rather are kept on a very low level of awareness, now some of these options might not sound inviting to some, but with the necessary thought, these options would appear best, especially in this economy we find ourselves. 

Now, there are educational institutes and schools that give additional benefits apart from the regular certificate and accolades.

Some universities assure their students of a paying job immediately after leaving the School, most even pay a sum for allowance for students in the School, examples of these schools include POLAC - Which means Police Academy, which is located in Kano, wudil. Now in the case of this institute, it isn't mandatory to select the Academy in your Jamb selected institution, but instead, you can apply for the school by simply buying a form and filling all necessary detail, which would include Jamb score, O' level results and sundry items that can easily be attained. The benefit of this is that, you can apply for your main institution of choice and also have a 'plan b'. The benefits of these academies are ethereal and desirable, given the state of the economy at this moment in Nigeria.

Other Institutions like this includes the Nigerian Army University, Biu and the NDA - The Nigerian Defence Academy. 

Information pertaining to these institutions can be attained from their various websites:




We need not to wait for opportunities in the educational sector, let's go and grab the few we can get our hands on, the sacrifices we have to make in these institutions are peas compared to the benefits we can derive from them. Let's stay woke Naija!?

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