Undergraduates And Cultism In Nigeria

It is no longer news that a huge percentage of our youths have lost there lives through cultism which most of them actually indulge themselves in when they get within the walls of universities. 

Most of these youths trace the history of there so called groups as a freedom fighting group, I believe the freedom fighters and activists such as Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and so many others were against the operation put on the black race by the whites. Africa is at least experiencing civilisation yet our youths kill themselves like dogs in the name of fighting for freedom. What freedom then are we seeking?

Recently there have been massive killing in Kogi state and Benue as a result of these cult activities, sometimes innocent people are killed as mistaken identity. Is there anyway our youths can be convinced to come together and work towards making this nation a better one? Alot of people have been unable to graduate from the University because of cultism, some end up abandoning the degree for fear of their lives thereby increasing the rate of unemployed youths in the country. 

Students and little children should be enlightened more on the bad effect of cultism, an enlightened child will never fall victim to this evil, they should be thought what freedom fighting actually meant and what our leaders did for us. Nobody should be brainwashed about the activities of Nelson Mandela and several other activists, yes we know they agitated for freedom but they were not killing themselves on the street like our youths do this days.


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  • Cultism in NIGERIA today is something else, wicked people manipulating the minds of newly admitted students and forcing them into something they are not made for although some deliberately joined. It is a serious case that destroys the life of thousands of Nigeria youth every year. If it is not tackled the toll will increase. 

    - Madu Felix divine - 2019-11-17 17:18:05 Quote

  • The rate at which cultism is speeding up in various institutions of our nation is quite alarming. It's a pity how our students are being lured willingly or forcefully.

    There should be awareness and enlightenment for secondary school students going to the university, the causes, consequences, ways to avoid being involved in cultism, and how to stop the act from spreading.

    - Azeezat Abubakri - 2019-11-18 09:23:41 Quote

  • Cultism is increasing in a very fast rate in our tertiary institution 

    Although it can be eradicated it can still be cured by parents warning their children about the dangers of being a cultist and also tell them example of cultist that spoiled their life. 

    Government should give the right punishment to cultist and school management should sanitize their school and always warn their students not to belong to cultism. Any cultist caught should be rusticated and handed over to the police 

    - Olalekan Akinlawon - 2019-11-18 11:59:04 Quote

  • I think misinformation and ignorance is a huge contributor as to why youths join cults incessantly. They mostly do it for some sort of occultic powers or to be popular or rich or just one very inappropriate reason or the other. Never because of why they're actually in Universities, which is to study. The war against cultism has to start from the developmental stages of these youths, right from Primary schools, maybe even before, in order for it to be completely eradicated.

    - Mildred Agari - 2019-11-19 07:43:50 Quote

  • Cultism has gained itself in almost all the spheres of life. I was surprised one day when a boy of 13 in my church was trying to convince another boy to join his group. I was almost held out of words but I just have to talk. I asked the boy why he joined and he said, "I can now enjoy freedom anywhere I go and I have many big bros that give me money when I need it". From his words, I think it is now like cultism is a poverty-alleviating programme for some people. Nigeria Government needs massive response to the menace of cultism

    - Paul OGUNROLE - 2019-11-19 13:39:31 Quote

  • The government cannot help in curbing this menace but they can help sensitise our parents and encourage them in the fight against cultism. This is a national emergency situation ,anytime on the news one reads about their activities one cannot help but wonder how it really get to the point of a young man taking the life of another,its totally unacceptable.

    - Destiny Ehidiamhe - 2019-11-19 16:17:04 Quote

  • Yes, I agree this issue of cultism is becoming nothing to right home about any more, where am teaching as a corp member in a secondary school in uyo. The boys have turn terrorist, they go ahead to fight other school in some cases like this we have to run away from school then police will come with teargas..

     I wish something can be done about cultism becos even the younger ones are joining the cult without knowing its endangering their lives...

    - uzoamaka nancy Enibe - 2019-11-20 07:53:51 Quote

  • Cutism is getting more worst in our country and very strong, almost all the schools in the country both secondary and tertiary education are engaged in such mess. I wish the country leaders can do something about this to avoid the spread of innocent bloods in the country.. Because it seems its becoming legal act..

    - Ismaila Muhammed - 2019-11-20 08:03:58 Quote

  • Youths join cultism for various reasons mostly to get validation as recompense for mistreatment and misunderstanding by parents/guardians and the society. They are mostly outcasts with low self esteem, no self worth and pent-up anger. I believe it all starts and ends at home. If parents encourage and openly support their kids, they'd see no point in joining an insecure little club. 

    - Paul Stephen - 2019-11-20 09:40:36 Quote

  • Cultism has become a rapid thing in Nigeria economy system were they kill people anyhow they want and this cult group are being used by the politician to disturb the election and rigging it. So with prayer and pressure on the government they may stop the cult group and killings in Nigeria. 

    - Omisore Tosin - 2019-11-20 10:36:44 Quote

  • The rate at which young children, teenagers, youths n even adults join is massively increasing everyday 

    Not only in the universities but also in secondary schools most especially boarding schools 

    Activities are being performed there ,that even the parent of most children have no idea  what their child go through in school 

    Most times the pressure the students get are from some of the teachers 

    After all the threatening ,they teach the children bad things ,how to use  weapons ,Rob people on the street  etc.

    The government should look into this matter 

    And parents too should help monitor changes in their children 

    - Jennifer Blessing - 2019-11-20 14:32:55 Quote

  • The government should take action and apprehend those found in such act and make sure they face the law, and also provide programs to enlighten young children and educate them of the consequences of such act and the reward they and the entire nation get to achieve in an environment free from bloodshed by cultists.

    - Princess habiba Airede - 2019-11-21 13:36:17 Quote

  • Students join cultism for various reasons which are: power,  self contentment, satisfy their urging desires and so many others. In some schools we have a special group of students who created the anti cultist group to curb cultism and some some students from going into the edge of cultist. Government should also put some additional effect to curb cultism effectively and teach young adults on the disadvantages of joining this set of individuals in other to make this nation a better one

    - Azodo Judith - 2019-11-23 22:18:23 Quote

  • Cultism have bastardized our youth who are to be the leader of the socio economic. But they are been misled into cultism  through the promise of power and fame...but on the contrary their career is broken, their destiny is truncated and finally majority of them die with their God given potential without no fruitfulness or fulfilment.

    - Megwa Augustine - 2019-12-13 18:37:46 Quote

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