Using Conference Call Or Group Chat- Which Is Better?

Conference call is a very good means of communicating among more than two people. Conference call derives its name from the word "conference", it implies that you can make calls with more than one person as you normally do. It involved 4 or 5, 6 or 7 people who intended to discuss a common topic.

Group chat is also a means of communication among many people too, in fact, more than two hundred personnel can discuss a single topic in just one group. There are social media platforms like whatsapp, telegram, facebook Messenger etc that allows many people to create a group and discuss commonly.

Now, in an anonymous research that was conducted early last year, 2019, it was discovered that 60% of people referred calling to chatting, while 40% of people are of the opinion that chatting is faster, convenient for them, but then, let us think about this; when we want to discuss something important and urgent, is it advisable to do it over a chat? Is calling to speak and hear the person's voice better?

We must know that there is a place for conference calls, as there is a place for group chat on social media platforms as mentioned above. Despite the fact that both mediums can not be overlooked, one is still better than the other.

Conference call is not for jokes. It's normally a medium through which serious matters are addressed by a group of people. Research revealed that 70% of people in a large and modernized city in the United States of America have never communicated with their friends before by using conference call, while 80% of companies confirm that they use conference call as a means of communication to reach their workers who are out in the field.

Conference Call is used for business purposes.
Personnels in the office use conference calls as a means to reach their people who are outside, in remote places. They use it in meetings, client meeting or introduction to products, also, they use conference call when they are making a general upgrade to everyone on board, presentations of projects and even regular meetings, but most of these things can be done in a group chat right? but no matter how fast and easy it may sound, is it really appropriate for most of the reasons it is being used for? Would you ask your client to talk through your social media platforms where your workers normally chat and gist?

Have you considered carrying out a project presentation on a whatsapp group chat, or facebook Messanger's group chat? Not only that, it is not very great to advertise customer products too.

Most people do know know, but conference call is way more official, modernized way of communication about many people. It is also a corporate way too. Unlike social media group chats platforms where no matter the rules, some kind of people still manage to stumble in and spam the group with unnecessary messages like scam advertisement, broadcast messages that are not in line with the topic being discussed. In a conference call, only an added number will be allowed to join in the conversation, thereby, no intruder can disturb the call.

Also, we must not neglect the fact that conference call is video or audio type, so it is more efficient and better than social media platform group chats. A kind of conversation where you can see each other's face, hear each other's voice is better and understandable compared to texts only. Even though some social media platforms now have the conference call featured with video and audio compatibility.


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  • A conference call gives a more professional feel and is very advisable for discussing business. Chatting over social media is more relaxed and might not be very advisable for discussing important business. Seeing the person and hearing of the voice which is available on a conference call would make the business discussion more effective. 

    - Oderinde Yetunde - 2020-01-19 20:49:27 Quote

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