What Do You Think About Piggyvest Insvestment?

PiggyVest Insvestment is a program that has been designed for people to start investing gradually, it was founded by Joshua Chibueze in January 2016 which it has been running uptill date.

With PiggyVest, you can also safe money that may be on risk of spending if it is with you, the program gives you 12% return on every investment you made and you can safe your money securely on the platform. You can withdraw your savings base on the terms that you select before putting your money into safelock, the least period you can wait is 10 days but there are so many other options. 

People have been saving and investing on PiggyVest for over 2 years now but the question is, is PiggyVest sustainable? I personally ask myself this question but I think sharing it on a forum like this may help to clear my doubts about that. If I'm to ask for your opinion.

What do you think about PiggyVest Investment? 

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  • Piggy vest is safe to me because I have been using it for a year now. This platform is called by some people their personal cooperative. A lot of people have been able to achieve alot through this platform and I strongly recommend this to anyone who is having issues saving to use it cause it is sustainable

    - Nicholas George - 2019-11-26 07:23:54 Quote

  • I so much love piggyvest and I started using it around August and since then it has really helped me in savings and I also saw the investy platform but I've not really gone into it but for the savings it has really helped me a lot and then when I needed the money I could withdraw it easily so I so much love piggyvest

    - Micheal Joseph - 2019-11-26 11:28:45 Quote

  • with piggyvest now, you can automate your savings, that way, at a particular day and time, the amount you want saved will be moved from your regular account to your piggy bank. Once you register you get an account number registers under providus bank. You can always decide to give out this account number instead of your regular bank account number so your money is saved automatically.

    - Oluchi Gali - 2019-11-26 11:54:00 Quote

  • piggyvest is very great, i use it and my sister uses it infact she referred me and got 1000naira free and when i referred a friend i also got 1000naira the good thing about piggyvest is that it is legit and your money is very safe and they also give you interests and so many options on how to save your money.

    - akpanuwa Udeme - 2019-11-26 20:32:40 Quote

  • I have used this piggyvest for a month now which is not bad but also bad. When you keep saving money in there to be withdrawn at a particular time,it is good but the hard or bad expect is the safelock whereby u get to refer 1 person and get 1k. Me personally referral 121 pple but I didn't cash out 1k,I asked my friends who also referred, dey didn't cash out 1k. So my advise is that people shouldn't go for safelock but when u keep accumulating money ur sef to be withdrawn later,ur gonna enjoy piggyvest. 

    - Promise Aderoju - 2019-11-26 23:01:54 Quote

  • Piggybest has helped me with a lot of debts that I could have had if I spent my money rather than saving it. I started using Piggy Vest this year and since then it has been accountable and they are efficient in sending the money back to me when the time is due. I mostly use safelock and I enjoy using it because they take my money and give me back in some time with interest while doing that they also award piggypoints when you perform an activity. And piggypoints are equivalent to naira, they can be converted when you want them to. I would recommend piggyvest to anyone who saves or wants to save for any reason. 

    - Sugh Esther - 2019-11-27 08:00:21 Quote

  • Piggyvest is a very good saving app. They have about 6 different products. The piggybank where you can save any amount of money anytime, the investify where you invest in some products or services, there is another product where you can save in dollars, there is another one that you can lock your savings till a particular specific time which will be set yourself. The app is so good which makes you disciplined on how to spend

    - Raheem Adeleye - 2019-11-27 10:24:53 Quote

  • I trust Piggy vest because Piggy vest is a registered microfinance bank based in lagos, they help to improve my saving culture. The saving options ranging from normal savings, saving towards a goal and even investment. The intrest rate is good and they pay it at the end of every month. I like the way withdrawal is scheduled. The new app is exciting to use because of the new options added to it. 

    - Ebenezer Gometi - 2019-11-27 12:04:31 Quote

  • This is a very great platform that would really help Nigerian citizens especially the youths to save money for the future Rather than spending it on unnecessary stuffs which would yield no good return. And it also gives them the platform to invest in major stuffs like agriculture etc . This is really great, kudos to the founder. He really did great.

    - Akuchie Emmanuel - 2019-11-27 12:52:21 Quote

  • Piggy vest is a very nice initiative that is created for strictly saving, to promote and encourage saving habit in people's life. Piggy vest has made saving easy, as you can saving manually and automatically, if set as that though. I actually started using it when it was piggy bank, and I most say, it has helped me save a great part of my annual earnings. The great thing about piggy vest is that, you get interest on your money, and it is 100% save.

    - Kareem babatunde Lamina - 2019-11-29 10:29:39 Quote

  • I mostly use safelock and I enjoy using it because they take my money and give me back in some time with interest while doing that they also award piggypoints when you perform an activity. And piggypoints are equivalent to naira, they can be converted when you want them to. I would recommend piggyvest to anyone who saves or wants to save for any reason or so .

    - Joshua Oluwadare - 2019-12-05 13:08:28 Quote

  • Piggyvest is nice!..They would help you save for the future and would also discipline you in the sense that if you are a too much money spending type, it would curtail your misbehaviours and put you to the right track...The only problem is based on referral..if your referral doesn't pay ..You won't earn!

    - Amah Ferdinand - 2019-12-12 18:09:50 Quote

  • Piggy is very good.  At first I was afraid of putting my money in the piggy bank and it took me 2 weeks to start saving after my friend sent the referral.  

    It's nice, you'll learn to save efficiently plus you'll get referral bonus of 1k, and interest every month. It's just so cool 

    - Noah Balo - 2019-12-16 23:59:40 Quote

  • Piggy vest is nice and splendid, it help me to save in advance. I can never forget the day i needed money to carry out emergency test, i just went to piggy to withdraw my money though i paid fine for  the withdrawal because it's not  my withdrawal date.

    Another thing i love concerning piggy is that once you fill your withdrawal pay out form your bank account will be credit immediately. 

    But the refer and earn 1k is not real, because i haven't received none till now but i will still recommend piggy to any of my friend because it's very nice.

    - Atewojaye Oluwamuyiwa - 2019-12-19 07:50:09 Quote

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