What Is The Problem Of FC Barcelona The Players Or The Coach?

FC Barcelona has being Giants of Laliga for couple of years and still counting,they have preformed excellently in previous seasons, because they played as a team united for Glory.

This season seems to be complicated ,they win lose or draw matches which is a sad event for the camp nou fans .

The suffered a heavy defeat their previous match against levante 3-1 levante 3 FCB 1  which was unexpected.

 Moreover, they played well like they did in every game but still left with a point..which is saddening to hear barca beaten 3-1when a five time ballon d'or winner is there and one of the 'GOAT 'of all time.

They are currently at the top of the log with 22 points after 11 matches played. 

 However, As a die hard camp nou fan , I'll love my team to always be at the top.  and we have a champions league match coming up,though we won narrowly our  previous  UCL match. I hope they Show their class like they have always done.

My questions are

Can FCB lift the UCL trophy with their current status

Our losses is the coach to blame or the players.?

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  • As a Barcelona fan I think if we are going to lift the champions league title this year then the coach has to change the pattern of formation he use, because we can not just keep on losing home matches and think of winning the trophy. To me the matches we lost, the coach is to be blame for that, i think the coach does not understand the players very well and he finds it difficult to put them in there right wings. I think the coach needs to understand his players first and work on the formation he uses in matches. 

    - Ibitoye Michael - 2019-11-05 11:17:53 Quote

  • I think the problem is from both the coach and the players.....many of these players are already getting old and their pace are getting slower.Barca should try to buy young players as regards the current situation of the club.....then with our current situation,i don't think we can win the UCL this year.

    - Oyeboade Joseph - 2019-11-05 16:30:12 Quote

  • The faults are from the players. .  The coach ave drawn down a formation..  Told them what to do..  And had enough time for training but yet those players of griezmann, Suarez and Messi are still yet to find dat connection.. It may seem as if they found it today, but nah d following day they will still end up messing up..  Perhaps with time all things will be handled. 

    - Princewill Ojukwu - 2019-11-06 10:33:39 Quote

  • People will always say the coach, but I'll rather say the players, because the coach has made the selection, gave the formation, he's not the one playing the game, he's not in the pitch, moreover, the Barcelona we know are well to do even without a coach, so the blame shouldn't go to the coach

    - Alex Onyeka - 2019-11-06 11:15:29 Quote

  • I think the real problem of Barcelona fc is not about the coach alone. I think the whole team are actually depending on Messi which is very bad. The statistics of the team's match without Messi is very bad. Barcelona fc will only get themselves right when they change their mentality.

    - Oladele Adetunji - 2019-11-06 14:10:43 Quote

  • In this case of Barcelona. The problems are both from the coach and the team players. Because if the coach gives a bad format unknowingly it is left for the players to use their discretion to make it up right and if the players don't make use of their discretion they get weakened during the game and play with less effort. 

    - Feranmi Samuel - 2019-11-06 16:30:05 Quote

  • Barcelona's form right now is very critical, whatever the players do, the coach will be at the receiving end. He gives instructions and sets the formation, the players are to play to instructions, some times it work and some times it doesn't. I think they need to adjust, like something is missing in the team. I don't think we should blame anyone for now.

    - Animashaun Yusuf - 2019-11-09 08:23:12 Quote

  • I'm  a true Barcelona fan.  Enersto Valverde is nt playing the Barca pattern any longer.  He is nt even playing with recognized pattern of play...  We see horrible displays from players week in week out through all bcus they are nt stationed in thier right position...  So I would say the coach should go 

    - Amure Al-ameen Babatunde - 2019-11-09 14:15:47 Quote

  • The reason behind barca's average performance is as a result of recent changes in the team. The new players are yet to settle into the barca style of play. And also the coach need to adjust the team's  formation and balance it up.  As to the point that the players are getting old, the coach should make sure there are capable hands as substitute.  Up Barça. 

    - Safee Ade - 2019-11-13 08:50:22 Quote

  • Actually, from my perspective, the problem of fc Barcelona lies on the coach. Ernesto valverde doesn't know the right tactic to use,even the right player to use in a given position. Barçelona's last Match against slavia Prague, the commentator even confirmed it that FC Barcelona has the ability and skill in them but there is a poor strategy and tactics. As a fan of fc Barcelona, I just want this so called valverde out.

    - Busayo Victor - 2019-11-15 12:57:09 Quote

  • It's obvious that Valverde doesn't have any tactics and he doesn't even qualify to be a Barcelona boss at first, the barcelona board too are to be blamed for his stay there upon all the bad record he have at the knockout stage of the champions league, I think we don't have Barca again, we only have MESSI

    - Adegbesan Adewale - 2019-11-17 21:37:10 Quote

  • The real problem cannot be the players. Barcelona has one of the best squad in the world and even with the most talented player in the world there they are really impeccable. The problem is the coach, from what he is doing one can say that he is just gambling by exchanging the players positions during matches. This has led to a lot of misfortune on the barcelona side. 

    - Agboeze Desmond - 2019-11-27 15:22:34 Quote

  • I think the problem lies with the coach and not the players because looking at the current form of players especially Messi and griezman they do not have any problem but the coach does. he doesn't play good tactics and most of all has taken players for granted in this season. from the looks of it it shows that he needs a break at Barca.

    - Ezeugwu Christopher Chikamso - 2019-11-29 04:03:45 Quote

  • Messi is the fault of Barca.The faults are from the players. .  The coach ave drawn down a formation..  Told them what to do..  And had enough time for training but yet those players of griezmann, Suarez and Messi are still yet to find dat connection.. It may seem as if they found it today, but nah d following day they will still end up messing up..  Perhaps with time all things will be handled. 

    - Adedayo Oluwarotimi - 2019-12-06 11:49:01 Quote

  • The current problem I  think fc barca is facing now is there coach lacking experience on when and how to remove or put player in a match and that is also there problem for not playing too well in their last matches although dey tried but it is not up to the limit dey supose 

    - Kenneth Jonathan - 2019-12-12 12:07:28 Quote

  • The problem of Barcelona is not the players, because they have many world class players with the like of Lionel Messi the 6 time Balloon D'Or Winner, players like Luis Suarez, Marc Andre Ter Stegen, Gerrard Pique and many other world class players, the problem of the team is their coach Ernesto Valverde, maybe we should say he is a Racist, he do bring out a wrong formation and a very bad tactics. he should be replaced

    - Sulaiman Al-ameen - 2019-12-18 11:55:23 Quote

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